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Saturday, May 30, 2009

  Disposable Paper Pillowcases for Those Crazy Nights!

This online auction if for 54 packages of 50 white disposable pillowcases. The possibilities are limitless with this many paper pillowcases. You could open up your own phsych ward, sanitarium, hospital, nursing home, nursery, or use a different pillow case every single day if you suffer from OCD. This auction is ending soon and let me tell you, the current price for this item is a whole lot less than what you would normally pay for so many paper pillowcases. There are so many paper pillowcases in this auction that you can wallpaper your house or even use them for some eclectic artistic purpose! You can find out more about this and other auctions by clicking here.

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  2003 Ford E350 Van Will Help You Get Those Tough Construction Jobs Done!

This soon to be ending online auction is for a 2003 white Ford E350 work van. Ford is a standard in American automotive ingenuity. This van is no different. The American van is one of the most practical and affordable vehicles ever made on these beautiful shores. You can use this for your construction job, your band, your kids, moving, delivering, or if you were so inclined, you could even live in it. Although I wouldn't recommend the latter, you do have a number of inventive uses for a van like this. You can find out more about this government auction along with many others right here.

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  2001 Chevrolet Suburban Will Help You Dominate the Urban Jungle!

This online auction is for a 2001 white Chevy Suburban. This large SUV has an 8 cylinder engine and 4x4 capabilities. The Suburban is truly a monster SUV and will let you dominate the road no matter where you are going. If you live in a major city with a pumping night life there is nothing more awesome than pulling up to a club in your Chevy Sub and rolling in there heavy with all of your friends. This truly sweet ride currently has a minimal number of bids on it and is at a very affordable price. The auction itself will end in the beginning of June. You can find out more by clicking here to activate your free trial.

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  Dewalt Nylon Tool Bag for the Tools That Make You Drool!

This auction is for a Dewalt nylon tool bag. This tool bag will help you transport tools from point A to point B. You don't have to try and fit all of your stuff into your pockets or in that shopping cart you took from WalMart. You can now carry your tools around like a civilized gentleman. This black and yellow nylon bag may be just what you need. Who knows, you can even transport different items in this bag as well. Plus the black and yellow design would make it look like you are carrying around a giant bumblebee. How cool would that be!? You can find out more about this and other products by activating your account.

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  2 Brown Leather Couches So You Can Jump From One to the Other!

This is an upcoming auction for 2 identical brown leather couches. Have you been in the market for a brown leather couch, but don't just want one? This is your chance to live out your dream and walk out of the auction house with a big brown leather couch on each shoulder with your head held high. They told you it could never be done, but you will prove them wrong once you win these two brown leather couches. They look so comfortable too. You can lay down on one while you stare at the other in awe. Life is good isn't it? You can find out more by activating your account for your free trial!

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  Sony Cybershot Digital Camera DSCP200 , Spy On Your Neighbors in Style!

This auction is for a Sony Digital Camera Cybershot 7.2 megapixel camera. Sony has a legendary reputation for making all those sleek and cool digital products that would make even the most grizzled lumberjack weep with tears of cyber joy. The Sony Cybershot camera is no different. This great line of cameras has been on the market for a few years now and always burns up the sales charts. This is an an extremely easy to use digital camera. It can plug into your PC and you can photoshop all the crazy images you want. You can find out more about this and other items when you click here.

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  Samsung Digital Camcorder Model SCD6040 Can Make You The Talk of the Town!

This auction is for a Canon Digital Camcorder Model SCD6040. This live auction also includes a camera bag, film, and charger. You can probably win this for a very affordable price. Digital film is the wave of the future, don't you want to jump on board and create your very own cinematic experiences with the push of a button. Canon cameras are also very user friendly and don't really require that much reading to get started shooting the next Citizen Kane. You can export the footage into your home PC and wow your friends with your film making prowess. For more information on this auction click here.

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  8580 Assorted Sports Cards Can Be The Cornerstone of Your Collection!

There is an upcoming live auction slated for the first week of June. Within that auction there will be this item up for grabs; 8580 assorted sports cards. You get cards from major league baseball, hockey, basketball and Magic: The Gathering. Some of these cards are autographed as well. This is perfect for all of you collectors out there. If you love sports and Magic: The Gathering (since they go hand in hand) then your quest for the perfect item may be over. If you get your hands on these cards, chances are that you will find a nice gem that would make getting this whole lot worth it. You can find out more about this and other government auctions by activating your free trial.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

  Enter the Fifth Dimension With This Dell Dimension E521!

Dude you're getting a Dell! Well, to be honest you have the opportunity to get yourself a Dell at an upcoming live Auction to be held in California the first week of June. This item and many others will be available. Dell makes a very affordable home computer and the Dimension E521 was a very well received PC. You can use it for surfing the net, gaming, graphic design, video editing, listening to ska music, or to watch your favorite DVD. You probably wont be paying full price for this bad boy if you end up winning this auction. You can find out more about this item and others currently up for government auction by clicking here.

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  Gentleman's Rolex Is Way Better Than Your Fake Brolex

Do you ever want a really baller watch but could never afford one? Are you tired of telling time with your wrist attached sun dial? If you are, and if you are a man of class; you will enjoy this find gold Rolex watch. There will be a live auction held soon and this great piece of merchandise will be one of the many auctions being featured. This watch is a beautiful combination of gold and diamonds and will definitely make heads turn. The auction is coming up in the first week of June and chances are you can win this watch for a lot less than a new Rolex would cost. This item and many others can be found once you activate your free trial right here.

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  A Personal Safe For All Your Secret Treasure!

There is a soon to be held live auction that will have this personal safe as one of its many items. Once the item is won, the combination will be given out of course. This is a push button safe that you can keep in your office or drill under your desk. You can keep all of your important documents in here such as your passport, bank cards, the original Mona Lisa, or those rare collectors plates that you like so much. This safe is a great investment for those things that you want to keep safe. It would be ideal for a business man or a tycoon. You can find out more by activating your free trial here.

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  Own Your Own NightClub!

This auction is for a piece of commercial property that was once a nightclub. This is located in beautiful and snowy Montana. Have you ever wanted to own your own bar, restaurant, nightclub, or dance factory? This could be the opportunity of a lifetime for you if you hurry and act now by bidding on this great piece of land. The building is about 5500 square feet and is located on a 5 acre plot of land. You can live out your dreams of living the high life by finally getting your hands on an already built night spot. This auction will be coming up soon and if you play your cards right you can make your very own Studio 54. You can find out more by activating your free trial!

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  1999 White Buick Regal Will Give You a Lift to the Regal Beagle!

This soon to be ending online auction is for a white 1999 Buick Regal. Buick is known for making large cars. They are also known for making very long lasting cars. If you have ever talked to someone who owns a Buick, chances are that they have had that car since the stone age. Many drivers get attached to their Buicks and often drive them into the ground until there is an ashtray left. If that doesn't scream "love" then I don't know what does. This car has nearly 80 thousand miles on it. Currently the bid is a bit over 2000 dollars. You should jump on this and experience that big Buick love firsthand. Learn more by clicking here to activate your free trial.

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  200 Mercury Grand Marquis Can Make You The Marquis of the Road!

This soon to be ending online auction is for a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis. The style and elegance of this car are second to none. Mercury has been a consumer favorite for many year and their cars are often very safe and tested to ensure luxurious comfort. This car would be ideal for anyone just getting their license or as a second car for a busy family You may even be able to start your own gypsy cab service with this car or finally get that job as a food delivery person that you have always wanted. This car is currently going for a fraction of its original cost. You can find out more by clicking here to start your free trial.

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  2007 Chevy Tahoe Will Take You Beyond the Road!

This soon to be ending online auction is for a 2007 dark blue Chevy Tahoe. This durable SUV comes with four wheel drive, power windows, locks, brakes, basically power everything. This Sport Utility Vehicle would impress anyone who sits behind the wheel of it. The Tahoe is from a long line of Chevy trucks that have stood the test of time. You can get this car at a very good cost, but as we said; the auction is ending soon. So you better act fast. Right now the current bid is at about 17g. We know that the car retails for way more than that. You can find out more by clicking here to activate your account.

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  GE Door Stop Alarm Model GESECDSA-D Will Give You Added Home Security!

There is a soon to be held live auction that will include this GE Doorstop alarm model GESECDSA-D. If you do not want to spend the money on a fancy home security system and just want a tad more security than a dead bolt this device is definitely for you. This works by placing it in whatever doorstop that you want to have alarmed. Once activated and functioning it will emit a high pitched noise once the door becomes open. This would make a great gift for a paranoid grandmother. She might even bake you some cookies! The auction being held that includes this item will take place in the beginning of June so act now. You can activate your free trial by simply clicking right here.

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  HP Invent External CD Writer Will Have You Burning CDs in No Time!

This soon to be ending online auction is for a Hewlitt Packard Invent external CD Writer. This CD writer can be plugged into any PC that uses Windows XP as its operating system. If you are on the go and need to burn a CD quickly, whether it be information or music; this item will allow you to do just that. All you would have to do is plug it in, use the appropriate software and BOOM; you'd be making CDs like a pro in no time. This is an ideal item for a student or someone who just needs to burn a CD and can't. You can find out more about this government auction by activating your free trial here.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

  Single Family House in Florida Will Make You The Envy of Your Peers!

This is an upcoming auction for a single family residence located in Florida. This house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and you get your own pool AND private putting green. This house would be ideal for anyone who wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. This could be your own private getaway and the 1800 square feet of living space would ensure comfort and privacy. This would be an ideal spot for a recently married couple that wants to enjoy some relaxing fun in the sun as well. If you have children, treat them to a nice little vacation spot to visit grandma and grandpa. If you would like to know more, activate your free trial today.

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  Prime Arkansas Real Estate. 85 Acres to Build Your Theme Park

This soon to be held auction is for 85.83 acres of untouched land in Arkansas. This unimproved real estate would be excellent for any investor who wants to build a large mall complex or possibly even build your own casino fun palace. While building your own personal Xanadu you can enjoy the sweet southern Arkansas landscape and the friendly neighbors that are miles away. You can even buy this land and resell it, just watch out for the spirits that come out at night! This piece of land can be yours if you hurry and check out this upcoming auction. You can find out more about this government auction and many more by simply activating your free trial.

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  2001 Oldsmobile Bravada Will Fill You Full Of Bravado!

This upcoming auction is for a 2001 Oldsmobile Bravada. This powerful SUV is a nice burgundy color, features a 4.3 Liter V-6 195 horsepower engine. The minimum bid on this SUV will be a bit over $2000 and when compared to the actual price of the car, you may be getting this automobile for quite a steal. If you are in the market for a large auto and do not want to pay full price this is the right car for you. This SUV is great for off-roading, carpooling, picking up the kids, or loading and pulling equipment. The comfy interior is enough to impress any staunch critic and you can impress all your friends with this gorgeous looking car. You can find out more by activating your account right here.

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  JVC Digital Harddisk Camcorder. You Can Make the Next Star Wars!

This upcoming live auction is for a JVC Digital Harddisk Camcorder. JVC is a name you can trust when it comes to home video. With this handy and compact straight to digital video camera, you can capture all those defining moments that will help you with your budding film career. You never know what you might run into on the streets or in your day to day life that may need to be documented. You can use this for parties, graduations, birthdays, and even to shoot your own version of Goodfellas. This would be perfect for you to pick up soon because you will definitely not pay full price for this camera. You can find out more by clicking here.

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  EOS New York Stainless Steel BINARY NU Model Watch Is Top Notch!!

This soon to be live auction is for an EOS New York Stainless Steel BINARY NU model watch. This watch has a digital display, black rubber strap, deployant clasp and very stylish rectangular case. This is a very high class watch that has an affordable retail price. You can wind up (get it?) with this watch for less than retail if you act fast and get on top of this live auction that will happen at the beginning of June 2009. This watch would make a perfect gift for anyone who needs to tell time and doesn't have a cell phone. You can find out more about this and other government auctions by activating your free trial.

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  2000 21 Foot Mako Boat Model 221. Own the High Seas!!

This soon to be ending auction is for a 21 foot Mako boat model 221 from the year 2000. This boat also comes with a 200hp outboard motor so you can blast through ocean waves and impress all the hunnies. This boat has a capacity of 9 people or 1200 pounds. This boat would be a great idea for anyone looking to have their own sea craft. Mako boats are easy to maintain and operate. This auction will end in the beginning of June. If you win this auction you will be cruising the high seas in no time. Imagine yourself in the middle of a beautiful harbor with a beer in one hand and the open water staring back at you. Just watch out for pirates. You can find out more about this government auction and more by clicking right here.

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  Be a Shredmaster With This GBC Shredmaster Paper Shredder!

This soon to be ending auction is for a GBC Shredmaster 85x cross cut paper shredder. Do you have documents with all kinds of important personal information that you want to get rid of, but don't know how to use a pair of scissors? Well, this item is just for you. Paper shredders are one of the best inventions since sliced bread. You can destroy all those incriminating documents and old credit card statements and avoid identity theft once again. This auction is ending soon, so you better act now and get this item for below retail price. You can store this shredder under your desk and take it out at a moments notice. You can see this and other items by clicking here.

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  Wacom Computer Tablet Will Help You Illustrate on Your PC Like a Pro!

This upcoming live auction is for a Wacom Graphire Tablet Pad. This great PC Accessory allows you to draw and paint on your PC if you have the appropriate program. This pad comes with a wireless digital pen and wireless mouse. This would be a perfect item for those up and coming graphic designers or digital artists. Wacom Tablets are a very cost effective and will definitely help propel your career and art once you get the hang of them. This pad normally retails for close to $300, with this auction you can probably end up with it for a fraction of its original cost. Don't wait too soon becuase this auction is coming up within the next week. Find out more by clicking here.

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  Casio G-Shock Watch Will Make You the Cock of the Walk!

There is an upcoming live auction that will include this Casio G-Shock gentleman's watch. This watch is stainless steel with a black dial, digital display, and a flip lock clasp. Casio G-Shock watches are very sturdy and popular around the world. This auction is taking place in June 2009 and you may be able to win this watch at an extremely affordable price, at least way less than retail. This is a very classy looking watch and the stainless steel watch band makes it all the more durable and attractive. Aren't you sick of using the sun as your watch every day? Now you can just slide your sleeve back and tell time like a pro. You can find out more about this auction by clicking here.

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  Polk Audio Speakers Model DB6501 Listen to Tunes in Style!!

This upcoming live auction is for a set of 6.5 inch Polk Audio Speakers Model #DB6501. These speakers would be perfect for your car or vehicle. They will help pump out your favorite tunes crisp and clear so the whole world can hear. You can probably pick this item up for a lot less than the standard retail price. That is definitely a good idea since car speakers are generally pretty expensive. This auction is slated for June 2009. These would make a great gift for a car freak or for anyone looking to upgrade their car standard speakers. You can check this item out along with many other items that are up for government auction by activating your free trial.

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  Dewalt Nail Gun Model DC616KA Nail Them To The Wall!

This upcoming live auction is for a Dewalt Nail Gun Model DC616KA. This is a portable nail gun and comes with its own case. You can charge the guns battery pack with your Dewalt charge station and blast anything you want with this handy tool. Have you ever just wished you had a portable nail gun when you are on the move? Sometimes things need nailing down so don't miss another opportunity to save the day by picking up this product immediately. This auction will take place at the beginning of June 2009. Dewalt makes very reliable items and the nail gun is a staple of any construction workers tool box. You can check out this and other government auctions by activating your account right here.

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  High Speed Dremel Tool Multi Pro 3966-03 For All Your Dremel Needs!

This soon to be live auction is for a high speed Dremel tool Multi Pro 3966-03. Dremel tools are one of the most handy tools to have in your tool shed or at your construction job. They are easy to use and have a variety of uses. You can drill, carve, route, sand, or polish. This handy tool could fit in your back pocket and is battery powered for use on the go. You never know when you may need this tool for something that needs drilling or to fix something when other larger tools are out of reach. This auction will be taking place the first week of June. You can find out more about this and other government auctions by activating your free trial here.

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  Michael Jordan Print Will Be a Slam Dunk in Your Collection!

This upcoming live auction is for a Michael Jordan print. This print showcases Jordan doing what he did best. This print is five photos of Jordan starting a dunk and ending it with a huge slam. The pictures are black and white and this is part of a signature series. Since the NBA finals are coming up, wouldn't you want to commemorate the sport of basketball by putting up a print of arguably the best player to ever play the game on your wall? Michael Jordan will always be synonymous with basketball and you can probably get great price on this item. You can activate your free trial and check out this item and plenty of other government auctions as well.

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  Get Your Girl This Diamond Ring And She Will Love You Forever

This live auction is for a Diamond ring. The auction is set to kick off at the beginning of June. If you have a girlfriend and want to take that next step this would be the perfect item for you. There are four Princess Diamond in the setting cut to appear as one large diamond. There are ten smaller diamonds surrounding the band of the ring and the band itself has a stamp of 14K. This ring would make the perfect gift for that special someone. There is hardly anything more thoughtful than a very classy gift of fine jewelry like this ring here. You can find out more about this item along with many others by activating your account here.

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  36 Cartons of Ceramic Pumpkins Would Be A Dream Come True!

This live auction to be held the first week of June is for 36 cartons of ceramic pumpkins. If you are a ceramic pumpkin lover then this auction is too good to be true. You don't get one carton, you don't get two cartons; you get 36 whopping cartons of ceramic pumpkins! Each pumpkin reads "welcome friends" and would be an excellent addition to your lawn or bay window. Who says pumpkins are only for Halloween? If i were you, I would flip the notion of seasonal pumpkin decorations on its ear. You can place these pumpkins around your house for the entire year, they don't decay or get spoiled. You can find out more by activating your account here.

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  2003 Pontiac Grand Prix Will Give You Your Speed Fix

This soon to be ending internet auction is for a black 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix. This four door sedan has a 3.1 liter 6 cylinder engine, and has 175 horsepower. Pontiac makes a very sturdy and reliable car. The 2003 Grand Prix is no different. This model is very highly reviewed and the Grand Prix is a staple of the Pontiac brand of cars. The auction itself is around 2600 dollars at this point, but it is ending soon. So, if you want to add this car to your fleet you would have to act now. Deals like this don't come around very often. You can learn more about this auction and see plenty of different items you may need by activating your account.

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  2006 Dodge Stratus Will Take You to the Stratusphere!

This online auction is for a 2006 Dodge Stratus. This four door sedan is a 6 cylinder with an automatic transmission. This car has power steering, power locks, power brakes, power windows, dual airbags, ABS brakes, and a CD player. The Dodge Stratus is a great car to have a nice Sunday drive in. This auction is ending very very soon and is currently going for a fraction of the cost if you were to buy this car new. This car would make a perfect gift for a newly liscensed driver, the Stratus is generally a very safe car and with this auction it can also be a very affordable car for you. You can learn more about this car and see other government auctions right here.

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  2002 Honda Accord Can Be A Sweet Reward!

This auction is for a 2002 silver Honda Accord. This is a two door mid sized sports car. This car comes complete with power steering, tape player, CD player, power brakes, AM/FM stereo radio, and air conditioning. This stylish car can be yours soon. The auction is ending in early June and at this point the price is a very stellar $2,938, so you may want to act now before the bids go up. Honda makes a very durable and safe car. The Accord has also won countless awards in its class. This car would be perfect to ride around in on a lazy afternoon, or to teach a new driver a thing or two behind the wheel. You can find out more about this auction and many more once you activate your free trial.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

  51 Cartons of Toy Helicopters- Storm the Skies With These Cool Toys!

This is an auction for 51 cartons of toy helicopters. Wow, think of what you can do with these 51 cartons of toy copters. This would make a whole lot of kids very happy, and probably a lot of adults too. You can give them out to family and friends for the holidays or birthdays. You can hold a copter party in your backyard, or sponsor your own toy copter league. Imagine having dozens of these guys flying around a park at the same time in formation. You never know, it may break some kind of world record. This auction will be taking place the first week of June. You can check out this and other great government auctions by signing up for your free trial right here.

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  63 Sleeping Mats. Put Eveyone to Sleep!

This auction is for a lot of 63 sleeping mats. These would be great if you were going camping for a while with a lot of people. You can divvy up these mats among an entire group of people. They would also come in handy if you were a kindergarten teacher and wanted the kids in your class to have a comfy place to rest their heads for nap time. If you are a musician and work from your house, these mats would be ideal for you to soundproof your room or garage so the neighbors won't complain for once. There are tons of different applications for these sleeping mats. You can find out more by simply activating your free account right here.

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  Panasonic VHS Camcorder Model AG-195 Will Make Your Dreams Come True!

This is an auction for a Panasonic VHS Camcorder Model #AG-195. With this great camera you can create stunning visuals of all your new memories. This is a professional grade camera and you can do a variety different and dynamic things with it. Panasonic has been a trusted name in the electronics world for year, why not grab a hold of this sweet item while you can. Of course you won't be paying retail for this device. This auction is ending soon. Wow your friends and family with your video operating skills, heck, even start your own video business. With a bit of business savvy and the right connections, you can be the next Spielberg. You can find out more about this awesome auction and more like it after registering for your free trial right here.

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  2 Pipe Reamers Will Make Your Pipes Scream!

This is an auction for a set of 2 4inch pipe reamers. If you want to keep your pipes trimmed and even, these 2 pipe reamers are for you. Just you are clear, this is for plumbing pipes and not tobacco smoking. If you are handy with tools and have no need to call the plumber, you can do a few household jobs on your own with this set of reamers and save yourself some of that hard earned cash. These reamers will aid in the protection of your houses plumbing, or even if you have outdoor fixtures that need some tweaking. These are at a very reasonable price right now. You are only a click away from finding out more information. You can activate your free trial simply by clicking here.

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  Hitachi Nail Gun Model NV45AB2 - Finally Fix Your House!!

This auction is for a Hitachi nail gun model #NV45AB2. This nail gun is specifically designed for roofing. It houses 7/8 inch to 1 3/4 inch roofing nails. this is a good alternative to hiring a roofer to fix shingles on your roof. You could also use this nail gun as an ingenious way to protect yourself from home invasion. Imagine if a burglar breaks into your house, he may expect some resistance, but he would never expect you to come out of your bedroom nail gun ablazing. That's something to think about in these trying times. This is an upcoming auction, so act now. You can probably pick up this great piece of equipment way below retail price. To find out more about this and other auctions, simply click here.

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  60 Cartons of Scouring Sponges - Scrub With the Best!

This auction is for 60 cartons of scouring sponges. Imagine if you will, you have the worlds biggest frying pan. Let's say that frying pan got really greasy and dirty after frying up the world's biggest hamburger. Sure, the burger was tasty, but how do you think you are going to clean up that huge pan? I'll tell you how; with 60 cartons of scouring sponges. This is a huge supply for any homemaker or restaurateur that needs cheap and useful sponges. This will be featured at an upcoming live auction. You will have plenty to spare and of course 60 cartons of sponges will last a few years. These sponges would make a great gift and a practical item to have around the house, for example: You can tie a bunch of them together and clean off your aluminum siding. Find out more here.

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  189 Cartons of Toilet Paper - That's A Lot of Wiping!

This auction is for 189 cartons of toilet paper. You will probably never have to go to the grocery store again to buy yourself toilet paper. This is what is called a lifetime supply of toilet paper (at least a couple years worth of toilet tissue.) Besides cleaning up after yourself, imagine all the great functions you can use this much toilet paper for. You can paper-mache any number of fun crafts or even make a float for a parade. This auction will start soon, so get cracking. If you have a neighbor that's getting on your nerves and its around Halloween, you can tp their house and blame it on the kids next door. You can use the full rolls and have some fun with your children by building a fun fort that they can crash through on their bikes. You can bid at this auction very soon. You can find out more about this item and other government auctions by signing up for your free trial.

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  Singer Sewing Machine Model 7444- Make That Dress You Always Wanted!

This is an auction for a Singer Sewing Machine Model #7444. This machine has a 120 stitch function and can be used for a variety of homemade and business items. You can stick worn pants or shirts. You can buy patterns and make your own clothes. You can even dabble in fashion and sew your own creations with this great machine. Singer is a name you can trust in the sewing industry, they make great sturdy products that last for a very very long time. They are the one name you can trust for home made fashion and are a tailors dream. Act now and you can find this auction within the next week or so. You can find out more about this and other exciting auctions by clicking here to activate your account.

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  Green Leather Sectional Couch - Don't Be a Slouch!

This auction is for a sectional 3 piece green leather couch. This is a steal for anyone who is strapped for cash and wants to furnish their new apartment, or if you want to get rid of your old furniture and do not want to pay retail for some nice new furniture. This is a live auction that is coming up soon. This sectional is perfect as a set when put together, even kept separate you can make a nice little lounge area for your living room or even bedroom. Imagine yourself watching the big game with your friends and chilling out on these great leather couches having a couple of cold beers. You can find out more about this and other government auctions if you register for your free trial right here.

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  ID Card Trimmer Will Make Your IDs Slimmer!

This auction is for an ID Card Trimmer. If you have any kind of business that requires your employees to have any form of identification, especially an ID card, this will definitely trim the edges so that their cards will fit in their wallets. This would be an ideal gift for anyone who is opening their own small business, who says it can only be used for ID cards. This is actually going to be at a live auction the first week of June. This may be a cheaper alternative to shredding old credit cards or junk mail so you don't have to spend the cash getting a professional paper shredder. You could also probably trim paper for that big presentation for work on Monday. You can find out about this item and many more once you activate your free trial here.

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  Own Your Own Transmission Shop!

This is an interesting government auction for a Transmission shop located in California. With this transmission shop you get a total of 6 vehicle lifts, 4 of which are indoor, 2 are outdoor,
there are rebuilt transmissions, a few transmission cores, a variety torque converters , a couple of Instaclean transmission cleaners, there is a Pressure washer, various Transmission parts, gaskets, mounts, and service manuals. There are steel tables, jacks, stands, fluids, air compressor, and some tanks. There is also Office equipment and other miscellaneous items. This auction is ending soon. This would be a great investment for anyone wanting to start their own auto body shop. You can find out all about this item and plenty more by activating your account here.

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  Own Your Own Piece of Arizona Desert - Over 4 Acres!

You are bidding on a prime piece of Arizona Real Estate. This auction is for a plot of desert that measures about 4.5 acres and is a roadside piece of land. It is also near some major roads and is just sitting there for the taking..or bidding as it were. You can win this land via auction and set up your own business, selling cold ice tea or beer on a hot summer day. You can even build your own roadside attraction and generate tons of business if you have the right idea. You can put this spot on the map with a little elbow grease and some ingenuity. With the real estate market the way it is, you could come out on top with this plot and wind up making a buy for less that what it was originally offered for. You can find out more here.

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  1969 Dodge Daytona Hemi Charger - Own The Road Again!

This is an awesome auction for a 1969 Dodge Daytona Hemi Charger. This classic American car is a car lovers dream. You will be sure to tear up the roads in this badboy come rain or shine. Imagine cruising down an open stretch of road blasting your stereo and cranking that Hemi. You would be the star of your own music video. This gorgeous car has a racing spoiler and was recently tuned up and tweaked for racing. It also only has a bit over 400 Miles on it. This rare car is one of only 500 experimental cars produced in 1969. Own a piece of history. You can find out more about this and other mind blowing auctions by activating your account.

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  Hay Bale Chopper - Hey! You Can Use One!

This government auction is for a Hay Bale Chopper. This is a Goosen Industries BC-G 4, complete with an 18 Horsepower Motor. Do you have hay that needs bailing? If you do, well then this is the deal for you. This blue bale chopper is just what any farmer needs to do his job. You can probably end up winning this auction for a fraction of a cost of what a brand new fancy chopper would run you. This auction is at a couple of hundred dollars right now, but it is ending very shortly. If you were the outdoorsy and gear-headed type you could find many other uses for this item, you could even strip it for parts for your existing hay chopper. Find out more about this and other great government auctions by registering right here.

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  2 Backpack Leaf Blowers Will Blow Away Your Competition!

This is an auction for 2 backpack leaf blowers. With these amazing leaf blowers you will clear your lawn and backyard of excess leaves and detritus in no time. It would be cheaper than hiring anyone to do it for you, especially if you win this auction. They are easy to store in any basement or garage. You don't have much time on this auction. Even if you just have some excess paperwork at your desk in the office, you can blow them away and make an impact on your day to day business life. These items will save you time and money and are a great investment especially for anyone that wants to take up home gardening and landscaping. You can find out more here.

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  2 Acres of a Wooded Lot, Now You Can Hide The Bodies!

You are bidding on a 2.04 Acre wooded lot in Arkansas. 2.04 Acres is a lot of land for you to do whatever you want with. Imagine what you can build on a plot of land that large. You can erect a Castle or southern mansion. The possibilities would be limitless if you won this plot of land via auction, you can hold annual haunted houses or your very own Renaissance fair. The warm southern atmosphere and wooded area would make it extra frightening. You could use the land as a storage space as well or a quiet getaway that only you know about. You can find out more about this and other government land auctions by activating your account right here.

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  1985 Chevy El Camino, Show Your Gangster Lean

This seized auto auction is for a 1985 white El Camino. This car looks to be in pretty excellent condition and looks very well taken care of. The El Camino has always been an underground symbol of coolness since back in the day, especially if you hook it up with a car kit. Many consider this to be a cult favorite modern classic car. You can deck it out with as many add-ons as you want and even have it as a show car. Imagine that big cargo hold in the back filled with mega watt speakers and subwoofers. This auction is coming up soon. You would be the talk of the town. This would also make a perfect first car for a young driver. You can find out more about this and other great government auctions by clicking here.

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  DC Power Supply Regulator, High Voltage!

This auction is for a DC Power Supply Regulator. With this stunning product you can regulate the flow of DC current to wherever you may need it. Say if you own a ship or sea vessel, you could implement this regulator and keep tabs on the outgoing DC power so you don't have a short circuit at an inopportune moment. You could also use this regulator if you work in some kind of factory and your job is to actually regulate the DC power, this device would make your job a million times easier and you wouldn't have to use your hands any more. This auction is ending very soon, so act fast. You can find this and other great auctions once you register for your account here.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

  25 pices of electronic equipment Panasonic, Sony, a digital dream!

This is a lot of 25 pieces of varying electronics that range from DVD burners, VHS recorder, Video Equipment, recorder cockpit, microphone, laser disc player, speakers, portable radios and a video cassette player. All that and more can be found after activating your account to see this and other amazing government auctions. You cannot go wrong with what will probably be a near wholesale lot of electronics. You may have old media sitting at home with no way to play them, or you may be able to gift these out to friends and family that are stuck a little bit behind the time. Either way this makes for a great auction for any fan of different electronics.

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  Ipod Touch 16gb - Who Needs an iPhone When You Have the Touch!

This auction is for the fantastic 16g black iPod touch. This sleek 16G device lets you store your favorite movies and songs and lets you surf the net via its built in Wi-Fi capabilities. If you have an older iPod, its time to upgrade to the iTouch. Listen to all of your favorite songs, up to 3500 with this 16G memory. You can check your email, chat with friends or download hundreds of free apps from the Apple app store. The iTouch is part of a technological wave of the future. You can stay in touch with daily news and even what's going on in your hometown with this nifty little device. Find out more here.

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  Kodak Easyshare Camera DY7630 keep your memories close.

You are bidding on a Kodak Easyshare DY7630 Digital Camera. This Kodak Camera is from a long line of digital Kodak innovations. You can easily connect this camera to a PC or charge station and print out your pics. This camera lets you store your high quality pictures on an SD card, fit for anyone on the go. You can take the memory card to almost any new PC and print and save pictures directly to your PC or Mac. Take a look at this and other fine government auctions by registering for your account. Kodak knows how to make a camera and Kodak cameras are built to last and use the highest end parts to ensure long life.

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  MS Windows XP Professional Becuase You Hate Vista!

This is an auction for a copy of Windows XP Professional. This software is an operating system for your PC. Are you tired of how Windows Vista runs? Don't you want something good and familiar? Windows XP Pro is the choice for you. It runs better than Vista and is a very straightforward operating system, it is even better than Windows XP Home Edition. This is a new package and was not previously registered. You can probably end up with this auction for a fraction of the cost of a new copy of Windows Xp Pro. You can also find this and other great auctions by activating your account here. Windows XP Pro is one of the best operating systems to ever come out from Microsoft.

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  Breath Easy With These 4 Gasmasks and 16 Breathing Apparatuses

This is an auction for 4 gas masks and 16 breathing apparatuses. These are usable and FD quality. These masks would be a great investment for anyone who lives in a rural area or near mines. They would even be great for city living. You can use the breathing apparatuses as well if you have the proper parts to combine them with. You can find out more here. These are in great condition and are extremely portable as well. These would make a great gift or if you were to do a safety presentation at a neighborhood grade school, just don't wear them at night while digging in your backyard. That would be frightening!

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  3 Dell Laptops. Dude! You're Getting a Dell!

This auction is for a lot of 3 Dell laptops. You would be picking up a Dell Latitude D430, A Dell Latitude D600, and another Dell Latitude D430. If you have an office and need some computers, this auction is for you, you can also find out more by registering here. You can set up your own network at your place of business and link all of these good laptops together. Dell is known for making a superior computing product and with this government auction you are sure to get these quality laptops much cheaper than you would at say, a computer store or at Best Buy. These would also be great if you wanted to teach someone how to use a computer for the first time and not have to worry about ruining an expensive and brand new item.

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  Get Tough with This Toughbook from Panasonic!

This is a cf-29 model Panasonic Toughbook complete with Pentium 3, featuring a 13" touch screen, a removed 60G Hard Drive, it has 512MB of RAM also has wireless Lan. Are you tired of dropping your laptop on the job and having to buy a new one? Does your notebook break at the slightest wind? Well then a Toughbook is what you need. You can literally throw this laptop around and it will bounce back as if nothing happened to it. Check out this and other auctions here after you register for your free trial! Affordable and durable laptops are very hard to come by especially if you work in the construction industry or are an engineer on site and on the go. This may be the right move for you.

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  2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition Will Leave You Breathless!

This government auction is for a 2005 limited Edition Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has a mileage of 41,504 miles. This vehicle also comes equipped with a 5.7 V-8 Hemi, a 5 speed automatic transmission, leather interior, power windows and doors, air conditioning, sunroof, air bags, a 6 disc CD player with MP3, comes with fog lights, is GPS ready, and has cruise control. This great white truck is perfect for loading and unloading equipment, taking your kids to school or going camping on a mountain top. This is a very cool car to cruise around in and for running all your errands. You can find out more about this and other interesting government auctions by simply clicking here.

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  2006 Lexus GS 300 4 Door Sedan Will Instantly Make You THE MAN

This auction is for a 2006 Lexus GS 300 four door sedan. The car is a very intriguing Matador Red color. The car had one owner and has very low mileage it comes with a 3.0L I6 EFI engine, a 6 speed auto overdrive, very nice leather interior, power windows and doors, a.c., sunroof, comes with dual front and side air bags, built-in Bluetooth wireless, GPS, and cruise control. This is an extremely clean and functioning vehicle, buyer must of course be aware that it may need to be brought up to spec. You can find out more about this great auction here. You can probably get this great seized car at a fraction of its original cost.

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  TV/VCR Combo, Sony Camcorder, 8mm Sony Recorder - Old School Media For a New School Age.

This auction is for a 13" Philips TV/VCR combo with remote from 1991, a Sony Video Camera Recorder, also from 1991 complete with 3 battery chargers and 2 batteries, and a Sony 8mm cassette recorder from 1989. Kick it old school in a new school age with these classic media products. Deck out your apartment or studio with what could almost be considered vintage 90's merchandise. You can probably end up walking away with this stuff for less than what you would normally pay at a flea market or yard sale. You can find out more by registering your account for free. These truly great items will fly off the shelves if you don't hurry.

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  Need Pens and Envelopes. Your Office Will Be Supplied With These Supplies!!

This auction is for a lot of tons of pens, pen refills, envelopes, printout desk tray, printer cartridges and assorted office supplies. You will get nearly 3000 packages of pens and refills, 192 packages of transparent 8x11 envelopes, 67 beige computer print out desk trays, 52 printer cartridges, and over 2400 miscellaneous office supplies. You can cheaply stock your new office with these great office supplies and have surplus for whenever you need more. You can find out more about this and other items after signing up for your own account here. These would be great even if you have an established company that you need supplies for. Worse case scenario; you can have an awesome office supply fight!

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  1998 BMW Z3 M Roadster Convertible. Cruise Around in Style!

This is a sweet automotive auction for a BMW Z3 M roadster convertible. Now you can drive around in a very cool ride with this BMW convertible. This BMW has a 6 cylinder engine and has a mileage of around 92,132 miles. You can find out more about this and other cars if you sign up here for your trial. BMW makes a very luxurious automobile and you can't get more luxurious than a drop top roadster cruising down the highway, (at the speed limit of course.) You can impress all the ladies with this super fast and super sleek car! This car is in good condition but of course you are going to have to tweak it your own way once you pick it up.

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  Apartment Complex For Sale in the Midwest!

This soon to be ending auction is for a large apartment complex in the Midwestern United States. There are 24 units in this building and all have one bedroom and one bathroom. Each unit is about 750 square feet of living area. Have you ever wanted to own your own apartment building? Especially something as classic as this one that was built in 1920? You can find out more by activating your account here. This is an all electric building, no gas. There seems to be no problems with this property as it was recently fitted with new plumbing, fixtures, breaker boxes, ceramic tiles and carpet. You'll love this property.

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  Comfy and Modern Single Family Home

This is a live auction held at the end of May for a Single Family home in the South East United States. This is a one level home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, an eat in kitchen, a living room, dining room and attached 2 car garage. This house also features a front and rear porch, a fireplace and an attic with drop down staircase. To find out more about this and other auctions please register for your free trial. This beautiful house is set on a very nice and spacious piece of land. It would be perfect for a small family or newlywed couple. If you have children or pets, the large 1746+ square feet of land would make an excellent playground.

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  It Won't Be a Riot If You Don't Buy This Riot Gear!

This auction is for 6 pallets of riot gear. Within this government auction you have a chance to purchase 653 riot batons and 112 plastic riot shields. This is an excellent item in case anyone wanted to dabble in law enforcement or start their own neighborhood watch program where ever they may live. You can check out more here and other good deals once you start your own account. In these strange and unpredictable times, wouldn't you want some home protection or enough protection to outfit your entire family or even apartment complex with? This riot gear could also come in handy in case you have large vermin on your property as well or any number of rabid woodland creatures. Better safe than sorry right?

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  Own the highway with this 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport

This auction is for a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport! This car has a 6 cylinder engine, automatic transmission, is a 4x4 and has a touch over 136,000 miles. This rugged all terrain vehicle serves a very practical purpose as well as being very sporty. You can take the kids to school and then go off roading on a mountain trail. You can find out more about this and other fine items by activating your account here. This car is a four door and is a silver color. The car is used of course, and may require a slight tune up. You can probably drive off in this vehicle for way below the cost you would pay at a used car lot or at a dealer.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

  Surplus Office Equipment: So Cheap You'll Weep!

Next up for auction is this lot of miscellaneous office equipment. There are an estimated 60 pieces in total and consist but are not limited to the following: IBM cassette tape recorder, cutting boards, three hole punch, three ring binders, hand held calculator, calculator (10 key), Epson printer stylist, various printers, staplers, shredders, fax/copy scanners, electric typewriters, tape dispensers, Canon date stamp copier/printer. While these items may be used, they're still not only in great shape but they're cheap as well! Forget paying retail prices when you can participate in this surplus online auction and save yourself a bundle! The current price for this deal is just $25 with 2 bids. Auction ends on 5/30/09 so click here to start your trial account!

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  Tiffany and Co: Great Jewelry At Amazing Prices

We all know Tiffany's is a world renown seller of amazing jewelry, but did you know that the government actually sells Tiffany's merchandise as well?! Well they do, and going up for live auction in Riverside, California in about a week is this Tiffany & Co. Etoile platinum ring. This engagement ring has a round brilliant cut diamond in the center that has an approximate total weight of .42 carats and is VVS-1 clarity, H color, and weighs 10.7 grams. Want to save some serious cash on the perfect engagement ring that will sweep your fiancée off of her feet? Then be sure to click here in order to activate your account and to learn more about this unbeatable and affordable deal.

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  2006 Dodge Grand Caravan: Grab the Kids and Get Ready For One Heck of a Ride!

Here's a great deal we just came across for a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan in dark blue. This van has a 6 cylinder 3.3 liter engine, power brakes, power steering, gray cloth interior, CD player, power windows, power locks, air conditioning, cruise control, rear defrost, tilt wheel, dial airbags, ABS brakes, trip counter, power mirrors, 7 passenger seating, and just 96k miles. This vehicle may be used but it's still in fantastic running shape with no defects and looks great too. Forget paying dealership prices, you need to participate in this surplus auction and save! The current is just $3,800 with 1 online bid placed. This auction will be ending on May 28, 2009 so click here to begin your 3 day free trial.

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  Camera Equipment So Cheap It's Like They're Giving It Away!

Next up on the auction block is this lot of miscellaneous camera equipment. Included in the sale are the following items:

  • 1 Canon 35mm camera
  • 1 Pentax 35mm camera
  • 1 Sony MVC-FD7 digital camera with battery pack
  • 1 Pentax 35x70mm lens
  • 1 Vivitar 70-210mm lens
  • 1 Sony MVC-FD71 digital camera
  • 1 VHS camcorder 1210x Hyper Zoom
  • and much more!
These items may be used, but they're still in great working shape. The current bid for this bulk sale is just $50 with 3 bids. Activate your account right now before this auction ends on 6/2/09!

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  Stihl Chainsaws: They're Slashing Prices!

Looking for a reliable chainsaw? Well look no further because next up for bid is this lot of not one, but two Stihl chainsaws, model 024 (serial# 115309895) and model 036QS (serial #136423824). The 024 model is a 20 inch chainsaw, it looks good and was previously working however it's carburetor is bad and needs work. The 036 model also measures 20 inches and has a burnt clutch that will need to be replaced. These items may need some fixing but they are definitely in salvageable condition. The current bid for this online auction is just $104 with 5 bids placed. Hurry up and click here to activate your free trial right now. This auction will be ending on May 26th, 2009.

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  2004 Ford F250 Truck: Built Tough!

Checked out this next auction deal for a 2004 Ford F250 heavy duty pickup truck. This truck comes in a white exterior and sports an 8 cylinder 5.4 liter engine, automatic transmission with overdrive, power brakes, power steering, gray vinyl interior, AM/FM radio, air conditioning, ABS brakes, trip counter, steel wheels, tinted windows, two wheel drive, bed cover, bed liner, step bumper, and just 72k miles. It's in great looking and running shape and has no stated issues or defects. If you're looking for a great truck then skip a trip to your local dealership and participate in this online surplus auction today. The current bid is just $7,000 with 1 bid placed. Auction ends on 5/28/09 so click here to activate your account now!

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  Pack Your Bags and Move to Sunny Florida

Looking for a great deal on real estate? Well going up for live auction next month is this gorgeous home located in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Measuring a spacious 2,136 square feet, this one level home has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a family room, screened-in pool, and even an attached 2 car garage. The home itself is in great condition both inside and out and would make the perfect place to live for you and your family. Located in the gated community of Saddleridge Estates, this residential neighborhood truly is a marvelous and quiet place. Want to learn more about this upcoming live seized property auction? Simply click here to activate your 3 day free trial account and you can - it's that easy.

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