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Friday, March 12, 2010

  2005 Chevrolet Tahoe: On The Road Again

If you need a car that can get you from point A to point B and is rugged enough for hard labor then you should check out this current online auction for a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe. This large SUV would give you plenty of room for your family, friends, tools, or anything you would have to transport. This car features a 4.8 liter 8 cylinder engine, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, and approximately 122,122 miles. This white SUV would be great for all terrain. The current bid on this item is only $6,660 with the auction ending on March 15. You can find out all about this auction and many others by activating your free trial.

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  Sentry 12 Inch Metal Safebox: The Power Of A Million!

Keeping your precious items safe is always very important. It doesn't matter what they are or if they have monetary value. If something means so much to you that you must keep it safe at all costs then you should come on down to New Jersey next month and take a look at this large live auction that will feature this Sentry 12 Inch Metal Safebox that can house anything from jewelry, to money, to pictures, to your face from an alternate reality. You can easily keep this box under your bed, desk, or in your closet, and take it out whenever you need it. This item looks like it is in new condition and can be yours for a pretty good price if you play your cards right. Find out more here.

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  Sony 46 inch Flatscreen TV Model KDL-46S4100: Large And In Charge

Sony makes a wide array of electronic products and one item that they are usually top of the pops with is their TV sets. If you want to get in on that sweet Sony technology then you should come on down to the auction house on April 14 and check out this Sony 46 inch Flatscreen TV Model KDL-46S4100. This TV can be propped up on a shelf or installed in a wall for that truly cinematic experience. You can connect all of your media devices to this item such as your DVD player, next gen video game console, and HD cable box. These TVs normally retail for a cost of over $1,000 but with this auction you may get a pretty sweet deal. You can find out more information by activating your account here.

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  Apple 120G Classic iPod: With A Classy Touch

We all like listening to music. Even if your music taste isn't as palpable as some and you love listening to Hammond organ music incessantly you could still use this Apple 120G Classic iPod that comes with headphones and will be available as part of a larger live auction being held in the Garden State of New Jersey in the middle of next month. Apple products seem to be dominating the market lately so if this is your first purchase it may not be your last. You could also use this item as a backup for your older system as well. These items usually retail for a couple hundred bucks but with this auction you may get it for way less. Click here for more.

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  Honda Outboard Motor BF225XXCA: Go Faster!

Summertime is right around the corner and that means taking the tarp of your boat, hooking up that trailer, and taking a trip to the marina. If you want to go faster than you have ever gone before then you should check out this current online auction for a Honda Outboard Motor BF225XXCA. This motor will let you travel at unheard of speeds (for your boat at least) and will let you cruise around the marina looking for fish or fun in the sun. The current bid on this item is only $3,000 with the auction ending on March 16. Find out all about this piece of aquatic machinery along with many other items by clicking here.

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  2008 Ford Escape Hybrid: Go Green Go!

Going green doesn't have to be all bad. If you want to ride around in a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid, now is your chance to pick one up at a current online auction. The 2008 Ford Escape is a friendly crossover SUV that can not only get you from place to place; it can give your family the comfort it deserves. This car features a 4 cylinder engine, hybrid electric power, automatic transmission, power steering, AM/FM radio, and about 18,173. You can find this car in Florida and once you win it you can travel all over the states, into Canada, and Central America, all on the power of hybrid energy. The current bid on this car is only $14,213 with the auction ending today. Find out more here.

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  2 Baker Diesel Forklifts Model FJF-060-M04: Have It Out

Forklifts are some of the coolest industrial machines ever invented. They are easy to operate and completely utilitarian. This current online auction is for 2 Baker Diesel Forklifts Model FJF-060-M04 could be what you are looking for if you have lots of pallets of heavy items. Now, you can get the job done twice as fast especially if you have someone on your staff that already knows how to use a forklift. These machines are located in Louisiana and would probably have to picked up and driven off the auction lot. The current bid on these two bad boys is only $1,030 with the auction ending March 15. Act now and click here for your free trial.

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  8 Whitaker Paper Shredders: Cutting And Carving

Working in an office can sometimes be fun, especially if they let you work the shredder. And what would be better than using one shredder? Using 8 shredders of course! Hey, look what we have here! It looks like an online auction for 8 Whitaker Paper Shredders. These shredders could be set up all over your office and ready to use at a moments notice. They are located in Alabama and can probably be shipped to you with little or no problems. The current bid on this lot of office machines is only $100 with the auction ending on March 15. You can find out about this lot of items as well as many others by activating your free trial account here.

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  532 Unused Blue Men's utility Trousers Size 36: For The Average Joe

Running a factory could be hard work. If you want to keep your employees well uniformed and happy then you should try investing in this lot for 532 Unused Blue Men's utility Trousers Size 36. These pants would fit the average man and can be tailored to fit people would may be smaller or a tad larger. These rugged and durable pants would work fine in any heavy machine laden atmosphere. They are located in Pennsylvania and can easily be shipped out to you. The current bid on this lot of items is only $76 with the auction ending on March 17. You can find out more about this item by activating your free trial.

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  10 High Class Watches: For The Octopus In You

Watches are a cool thing. There, we said it. They are cool because you no longer have to rely on the sun, a sun dial, or the shadows a tree casts. If you are looking for a watch for each day of the week, each night on the town, each fancy dinner, ballroom event, Halloween party, or secret spy mission, then you should check out this current online auction for 10 High Class Watches. These watched would be fit for any occasion as well as make great gifts for those you love. The current bid on this lot is only $475 with the auction ending March 16. For more information on this lot of items and many other auctions you can activate your free trial here.

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  50 Sleeping Mats: Sweet Dreams!

The older you get the farther away a good night sleep seems. For many of us a sound sleep is a rarity. If you are ready to buck the system then you should check out this current online auction for a lot of 50 Sleeping Mats. You can relive your childhood days that were filled with treats and nap time if you snag up this auction. After those long and boring board meetings you could whip out one of these mats and take yourself a 15 minute power nap. It won't even matter what anyone says. Also, if you are a teacher these mats would be great for your kids. The current bid on this lot is only $25 with the auction ending March 15. Find out more here.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

  Gucci Bag: Carry With Style

Nothing screams style like Gucci. This famous fashion house has produced many amazing pieces of clothing over the years, but it is this handbag that really shows how stylish Gucci is. With this Gucci bag, you too can be just like a Hollywood starlet. You may even be lucky to attract some paparazzi, who will think your famous when they see you carrying around such an attractive handbag. This bag can help you carry your life around. Going to school? Just stick a few pens and pencils insider, along with a notebook, and you should be good to go. The auction for this Gucci Bag will take place live on April 14th. Want more information? Activate your free trial by clicking here.

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  Half Baked on DVD: Wayne Brady Not Included

Just because Wayne Brady is not in this movie does not mean you will not enjoy it. A buddy comedy from the late 90s, Half Baked is one of the movies that helped launch the career of comedian Dave Chappelle. The movie revolves around a half-brained scheme devised by a group of friends to break another one of their friends out of jail. A favorite of many teenagers, this DVD can either be a great gift to yourself, your friends, or anybody else in your life that enjoys a good comedy. The live auction for Half Baked on DVD and many others like it will take place on April 14th. To find out more information on this auction and more like it, click here and activate your free trial.

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  Thomas Californian 284 Deluxe Organ: Whenever You Are In The Mood For A Melody

Billy Joel does not have to be the only Piano Man. With this Thomas Californian 284 Deluxe Organ, you too can become a master of the keys. You can become the person that people come to see to forget about life for a while, as you play the organ. This organ is much better than a plain old piano though. You can create much more complex sounds, and create an even more soulful sound than a grand piano. Granted, you will need to know how to play the instrument in order to sound good on the Thomas Californian 284 Deluxe Organ, but that comes with practice. And you cannot practice without owning the instrument. And with the current bid being only $5, it can be a worthwhile investment, but you better act quickly. This online auction ends March 17th. For more information, and to activate your free trial, click here.

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  Beautiful Single Family Home in Orlando

What would you do if you could own a home that had 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces, 2 covered wood decks, a whole house generator, a private well for irrigation, a detached 2-car garage and guest quarters? Well, you have that chance. Oh, and the home just happens to sit on a lake. This one of a kind home is known as the Gunby House. In fact it is one of the five homes from Honeymoon Row. It was built in 1887, and was most recently renovated in 2007. Mickey and Minnie would be lucky to live in a home as beautiful as this one. The live auction for this home will be taking place on March 25th. Do not miss out on your chance to own this one-of-a-kind home in Orlando, activate your free trial here.

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  2004 Nissan Maxima: Drive This Car Beep Beep Yeah

You may not become a star by driving this car, but you sure will have fun. The 2004 Nissan Maxima is known as the Four-Door Sports Car. Why? Perhaps its the 6-Cylinder Engine underneath the hood, or the great handling that comes with the legendary Nissan name. This Nissan Maxima also comes with an AM/FM Stereo, and CD Player, so you can rock out to The Beatles whenever you choose. Even without the great music, this car will turn heads and make people envious of you, so much so that they will be asking to drive your car. The bidding for this car starts at $100, and this online auction will be ending on March 26. To find out more information about this car, and more like it, activate your free trial here.

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  Bombardier Snowmobile: Faster Than A Polar Bear

Have you ever wanted to go ice-fishing, only to not go because of polar bear sightings? Well, fear no more. With this 1994 Bombardier Snowmobile, previously used by the U.S. Forest Service, you can be sure that any polar bear that may want to cash in on your ice-fishing catch will think twice. Even if you want to go ice-fishing in the lower 48 states, you can feel more self-assured of a quick getaway. If you do not like ice fishing, you can still enjoy this Bombardier Snowmobile. Use it to get places quickly in the snow and not worry about your snow shoes falling apart. This online auction ends March 16th, and with the current bid being only $505 dollars, you may want to act now before bidding gets too high. For more information on similar items, click here.

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  1975 Sea Ray SRV300 Weekend Cruiser: Found You A Bigger Boat

When Jaws sees you cruising on this 1975 Sea Ray SRV300 Weekend Cruiser, he will think twice about trying to come after you. After all, you will have a 250 Horsepower Mercruiser, Inboard engine to chase after him when he attempts to menace you and your friends while you enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather. This boat is a great boat to take your friends out fishing for a day, or even for an overnight trip, as it comes with a galley that has both a refrigerator and stove-top. This boat may need a little love, however, it will provide that much more fun. This is an online auction, but you can preview the item Monday through Saturday, 9am to 5pm, without an appointment. To find out more information, activate your free trial here.

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  Beautiful Single Family Home with Pool in Dallas: Your Slice of The Dream

Now is your chance to own your dream home. This home in Dallas comes with a pool, and attached garage. Not only that, this home has four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and a square footage of nearly 3,000 feet. This house can be the perfect dream home for you. Just imagine driving down one of the most prestigious streets in Dallas, and pulling into the circular driveway at the front of your new home. Once inside you will find beautiful wood-paneling in both the family room and in one of the bathrooms. The live auction for this home will take place on April 1st at 12 Noon. It is suggested to show up at least an hour early to register for the bidding. For more information on this home, click here.

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  Samsung Digital Video Recorders: Digitize Your Recording Experience

If you are looking to record every moment of your life, then you are in luck. With these four Samsung SCD5000 digital video recorders you can be sure that you will never miss out on a video recording. Store one at home, one in the office, one in the car, and one in your back pocket at all times. You can become the cameraman of the next big viral video with one of these Samsung SCD5000 Digital Video Recorders. You will need to purchase cords and chargers for these cameras, but that small cost is off-set by the money you will save when you buy these at this online auction. The current bid is only $100 dollars, but you better act soon, because this auction ends March 15th. For more information on potentially great auctions like this, click here.

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  Panasonic Omnivision TV/VCR plus Brother MFC4800 All-in-One: Can It Get Any Better

You know what's great? All-in-Ones. They do everything you could ever ask a machine to do. You know what's even better than an All-in-One? Two All-in-Ones. That is what you will be getting with this great lot of items. First off you have a Panasonic Omnivision TV/VCR Combo, for all of your television watching and recording needs. Then you have a Brother MFC4800 All-in-One Fax Machine; a machine that can fax, print, and copy with ease. And with the current bid being only $25 dollars, you would be getting a great deal if it was only one of these items, but you get both. You better act fast though, this online auction ends March 17th. For more information and to activate your free trial, click here.

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  2007 Chevrolet Uplander: Chevrolet Rock Box

Honey, pack up the kids, we are taking a road trip in our 2007 Chevrolet Uplander available at online auction. This minivan is not your typical minivan. The Chevrolet Uplander can not only ferry your children to and from soccer, hockey, baseball, or football practice with ease, but it can also pick up groceries, and serve as your shuttle for guys night out. The 2007 Chevrolet Uplander has seven seats, including two pilot seats for two of your lucky passengers to have their own individual seats. Being a minivan also allows you to fold down the seats and transport large things such as a love-seat or big-screen TV. The current bid for this great vehicle $6,725 dollars. So hurry up, because this online auction ends March 18th. For more information on this government auction and lots more like it, click here.

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  Randell 2010DEM Refrigerator/Freezer: Cold And Colder

Be prepared for some cold times ahead. This Commercial Quality Refrigerator and Freezer Combination from Randell can keep everything you need cold. Want your leftovers to last long? Just put them in the refrigerator. Want those same leftovers to last even longer? That is what the freezer is for. Store your frozen foods with ease in the large freezer. If you like hunting, but always end up never having room for the meat, this refrigerator/freezer combo can help you store your meat for longer. This Randell 2010DEM Refrigerator/Freezer is a great deal at its current bid of only $25. But you better hurry, this online auction ends March 17th. For more information on this item and lots more, click here.

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  2006 Gulf Stream Cavalier Travel Trailer: Your Very Own Home

In search of a new place to call home? Well look no further than this 2006 FEMA Gulf Stream Cavalier Travel Trailer. At 32-feet long and 8-feet wide, you can live comfortably in this beautiful trailer. This trailer comes with one bedroom, and a small kitchen. This trailer should be checked for any hazardous materials (opening up the window will not keep you safe from any hazardous materials). It is also strongly recommended that you pick up this item in person in Mississippi, as its shipping cost is far greater than its current bid of only $100. And because this trailer comes with a hitch, it will be easier to transport to your desired location. This online auction ends on March 17th. For more information on this Gulf Stream Trailer and other FEMA trailer auctions, activate your free trial here.

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  1998 John Deere 5410 Tractor: Gone Tractoring

Don't you hate it when your field gets overgrown with too many weeds. With summer right around the corner you want your property to look its best. With this 1998 John Deere 5410 Tractor, all you need to do is attach your favorite plowing tool, and this 4-Wheel Drive, closed cab, air conditioned, diesel powered tractor will be on its way to cleaning up your property. Having been driven for approximately 1500 hours, this tractor has plenty of life left in it. All you need to do is replace the battery on this John Deere Tractor, and you will be ready to go. You better hurry though, this online auction only has a current bid of $12,487, this tractor is a steal of a deal. For more information on this tractor and hundreds of other items, activate your free trial here.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

  2007 Chevrolet Malibu LS Sedan: Waiting For a Car Like This

The waiting for a great car is over. This 2007 Chevrolet Malibu LS Sedan, is the answer to all your prayers. It is not only a fun car to drive with a 4-Cylinder engine, it is safe too. This Chevrolet Malibu comes equipped with ABS Brakes, and Traction Control. Both of which not only help reduce your insurance premium, but also help keep you safe while you are sitting in this car. Need a car to drive you around for errands, well then you have your match. This car is a perfect car for those that commute to work. Just get behind the wheel of this beautiful car and drive away. This live auction is scheduled for March 16th, so be ready to pounce on this 2007 Chevrolet Malibu LS Sedan. For more information on this auto auction and lots more, activate your free trial by clicking here.

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  StairMaster 4000PT: Master of Climbing

It is never too late to make good on your New Years Resolution to lose weight. With this StairMaster 4000PT, you can finally start on that big goal of yours. Instead of running up and down the stairs of your local park, you can climb the stairs in the relative privacy of your own home. Just imagine setting up this machine in front of the television. You can walk the StairMaster 4000PT while your favorite show is on. Killing two birds with one stone. What if you like to read? Just set the book up in front of you and read to your heart's content. But you better hurry up. This online auction ends March 11th. And with a current bid of only $111 you are missing out on a great deal. To get more information on this deal and many more just like it, activate your free trial here.

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  Assorted Office Chairs: Don't Stop Believing in Great Seating

Have you ever wondered why your employees are always heading to the break room? Well, I will tell you why. It is because the chairs there are usually far more comfortable. You can fix that and possibly enhance productivity (at least until the start of March Madness). With this lot of approximately 150 Assorted Office Chairs, you can ensure that your employees are so comfortable at their desks that they will never need to stretch out their legs every 15 minutes in the break-room. Just think of how much more productive your office will be when you join the online auction for these office chairs. And with the current bid being only $5, you have a chance at a great deal. But you better hurry up, this auction ends March 17th. Get more information by activating your free trial here.

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  Boat, Motor, Trailer: You Give Boating a Great Name

Want a boat? How about a motor, and a trailer to haul the boat and motor? Well, with this lot you get all three. The boat, a 1994 409 FS Javalin Fiberglass, V-Bottom Boat is in great condition having never been exposed to salt water. While the motor, a 200-HP Evinrude 200 Vindicator Motor has logged only 1613 hours. And finally, the trailer is reportedly in great condition, with no rust and tires that have plenty of tread life left in them. All you need to do is hook this boating machine up to your vehicle, and head down to the river. Once you are on the river you can go fishing for hours. This online auction is sure to attract lots of bidders at an opening bid of only $25. This auction ends on March 17th. You can find out more about this lot by activating your free trial here.

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  2004 Ford Crown Victoria: Car of Personality

The 2004 Ford Crown Victoria was built with lots of personality. This police interceptor, has an 8 cylinder engine, automatic transmission, airbags, air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, power steering, power mirrors and power windows. It has nearly everything you could ask for. Except you. Just imagine yourself sitting behind the wheel of this 2004 Ford Crown Victoria. With this engine underneath the hood, you can be sure that the daytime speed limit in Montana can be matched by this former police car. Impress your friends, your family, and your neighbors. Even better, this car has only 44,171 miles on it, and its personality is rounded out by the police lights on its roof. This live auction is scheduled for March 18th in Virginia. To get more information on this car, click here.

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  Samsung, Ricoh, Swintec, Rapidprint: Office Products, Sweet Office Products

What would you say if you could get a 56-Inch Widescreen Samsung Television, Samsung VCR, Ricoh Tabletop Copier, A Swintec 7000 Typewriter, A Swintec MDL 2600 Typewriter, and a Rapidprint timestamp? This is not a joke. All of these items are available as a single lot. That means you get them all when you bid on this lot. Just imagine the possibilities. You could turn your office into the most happening office in your county. Or you could use the Typewriters, Copier and Timestamp in your office, while taking the 56-inch Television, and VCR home with you, so that you can watch and record your favorite shows. Anyway you want it, the choice is up to you when you bid on this lot of items. In fact, the current bid is only $25. What are you waiting for, this auction ends March 16th. Want more information on these items, then activate your free trial here.

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  Panasonic 20" Television: Television Killed The Radio Star

Admit it, we all watch Television. Every night, we tune into our favorite shows, waiting to see who will do what, or what crazy trouble they will get into today. With this 20-Inch Panasonic Television, you will never have to worry about missing your favorite shows. Just plug this television in, and sit back in your favorite chair, pick up the remote, and turn on your show. At 20 inches, this television is a perfect size for any sitting room or bedroom. It is small enough to fit in a confined space, yet the picture is large enough to catch your eye. And at its current bid of only $25, you know that you will be getting a good deal. This online auction ends on March 17th. So hurry up and activate your free trial.

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  Onyx Chess Set:: Waiting For A King Like You

A game of Kings, Queens, Pawns, Rooks, Knights, and Bishops, the game of chess is celebrated. You too can join in this celebration. This Onyx Chess Set is a beautiful example of a great game that you can play. With this chess set you can practice your chess game so that you can join the elite group of chess players from around the world. If you do not like playing chess too much, then you can easily use the board from this Onyx Chess Set for a game of checkers. Games not your style? Then you can just put the pieces on the board, and display the game when friends and family come over. The bidding for this Onyx Chess Set is currently at only $10. This online auction ends March 16th. To find this auction and lots more, activate your free trial today.

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  Two Chairs: The Search for Seating is Over

After spending hours in the kitchen cooking a romantic meal, buying the perfect wine, getting the right candles, and setting the mood with the perfect roses you forgot the most important thing. Where are you going to sit. With these two chairs, you don't have to worry about sitting on some old rickety metal or plastic chair, and ruining your romantic dinner. Not interested in fancy romantic dinners, you can use these chairs to sit in and watch television. Don't have a television, you can sit in them and read a book. These two chairs can be used on any occasion you may desire to sit. Perfect for any living or dining room, these chairs, which are currently going for only $25, are the perfect complement to any room. And with this online auction ending on March 12th, you better hurry. Find out more information here.

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  Nokia Cell Phones: Take Them Home Tonight

You too can be like Oprah when you buy this lot of Nokia Cell phones. How? Well, you too can give away cell phones. Birthday presents, Anniversary presents, Christening presents, St. Patrick's Day presents, Bar Mitzvah presents; all of these are days that require presents, and these phones can satisfy your gift requirements for those days. Want to use them for yourself? Then you are in luck too. With mobile email and instant messaging capability, you can stand up to the big boys with smartphones. With this phone, you will no longer have to feel inadequate in a business meeting as your neighbors play around with their fancy phones. With the bid for this online auction at $150 and with the auction ending March 16th, you may want to hurry up and get in on the action. For more information, click here.

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  2 Blackberry Curve 8310s: Can I play with smartphones?

When you show up to a meeting holding a Blackberry Curve 8310, people will think that you mean business. When you show up with two? People will know that you mean business. Because when you arrive holding these two advanced smart-phones, people will know that you are constantly connected to the world. With these Blackberry Curves (and a service contract), you can check your email, send text messages, and call people. With two phones? Double up on all of those, and be connected to twice as many people. You can also share the phone with someone else. After all, can you think of a better present than a Blackberry Curve. It is the perfect gift for any occasion, and with a current bid of $101 this item is a steal. This auction ends on March 13th, so you better hurry. Want more information on this auction, and lots more like it, then click here.

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  2001 Honda Civic: Kickstart Your Heart

Have you ever wanted to add some excitement to your life while not overdoing it? Well this car can do just that. This 2001 Honda Civic comes with a cold air induction kit for performance, and gt sport wheels. Enough equipment to add kick-start your driving experience. Want to be comfortable while driving? Well, this 2001 Honda Civic has the ability to do that to with power windows, a CD player, and an amplifier, to make sure that you hear everything coming out of your radio. Having only been driven for only 24,434 miles, this car is sure not to last too long on the auction block. The auction begins on March 23rd and ends on March 25th. What are you waiting for? Activate your free trial here.

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  2006 Buick LaCrosse CX: You Can Drive 55

Want a car, but don't want to haggle with dealers over optional equipment like a heated sun-roof, then you may want to look at this 2006 Buick LaCrosse CX. A 6-Cylinder machine, this car can make driving a fun experience for people of all ages. And with advanced air bag features, 27 mpg highway, and daytime running lights, you know that you will be erring on the side of safety when you are driving this car. In fact, this car is a great family car, with 5 comfortable seats, you can keep the bickering down between the children, as you go out for a nice drive in this 2006 Buick LaCrosse CX. This online auction is ending soon though, March 15th to be exact. And with a current bid of only $6100, this car is a steal. So hurry up and activate your free trial by clicking here.

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  MDL E25M Pressure Cleaner: Put Dirt Under Pressure

Dirt has finally met its match. With this EA Carolina Equipment & Supply MDL E25M Pressure Cleaner, you can clean the dirt off of anything. You no longer have to wait for the spring rains to possibly wash all that dirt off of your sidewalk. Just turn this beast on, and watch as the dirt cowers and runs away from the awesome pressure of this machine. Sidewalks are not the only place that is under pressure from this machine. The siding of your residence, your car, your driveway, the driveway of your neighbor; all of them are no match for the MDL E25M Pressure Cleaner. Do not wait too long though; this online auction with a current bid of $50, ends on March 16th. So hurry up and activate your free trial by clicking here.

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  14 FT Electric Lift: It Can Take You High Enough

Don't you hate it when you can't reach those light bulbs? Well, you don't have to hate anymore when you have this Electric Lift that can take you as high as 14 feet above the floor. Add in another 5 or 6 feet of your own personal reach, and you can probably change light bulbs that are over 20 feet high. There is no need to buy one of those expensive doo-dads from an over-priced catalogs. Doo-dads that only serve one purpose. Want to dunk on a regulation size NBA Basketball hoop? Just take this bad boy out, and you can become the next Manute Bol. Trees need some pruning, just throw the rickety ladder out, and hop on board this Electric Lift. Hurry up though, with a current bid of $310, this item is a steal and this online auction ends on March 13th. Want more information on this item, then click here.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

  Assorted Jewelry: Happy Wife, Happy Life

Do you need a reason to give jewelry to your wife? Nope. What about your girlfriend, your mother, that girl next door, the nice lady at the supermarket; give them some jewelry and make them happy. With approximately seven watches, including one that has diamonds, you can make sure to keep time across seven time zones, or make a woman in your life quite happy; it is your choice. In fact, giving the women in your life some jewelry may just make up for that time you forgot their birthday, anniversary, mother's day, valentine's day, or Lincoln's birthday. And you aren't limited to just watches, this lot of jewelry includes rings, necklaces and pendants too. Don't hesitate, this auction ends on March 16th. Click here to activate your free trial and find out more information.

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  MB 165 Mini-Bike: For the Adventurer inside of us

Like a kid in a candy store is the best way to describe somebody on top of one of these mini-bikes. Don't be fooled by its size, the MB 165 Mini-Bike is a dream machine. Yet, its small enough to store out of sight. You can put it in the backyard shed, saving valuable space in your driveway or garage. Better yet, you can use it to ride around sand dunes with your friends and family. You could also drive it around town and save lots of money on gas. Around town, you would be hard pressed to find a more efficient vehicle than the MB 165 Mini-Bike, other than maybe your own two legs. But don't delay too long, the auction begins May 10th at precisely 9am PST. For more information, click here.

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  Two Forklifts: A Fun Time for All

Some fun facts for forklift fanatics: these two forklifts together can haul at least 3 tons of heavy things. Fantastic, right? That old car you have sitting on the street, you know the one that keeps getting ticketed, just pick it up with this forklift and put it in your backyard so you can work on it in peace. Own a warehouse and are worried about your workers doing too much lifting? Well these two forklifts are the perfect solution. Manufactured by Baker, these two forklifts are looking for a forklift fanatic to bring them home and love them. So what are you waiting for, aren't you a forklift fanatic? This auction ends on March 15th. Click here for more info.

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  EA Minolta MDL EP3050 Copy Machine: Copy your favorite Cat pictures

Stop worrying about losing all of your paperwork. Just bust out this EA Minolta MDL EP3050 Copy Machine, and copy all of your important paperwork. Doubles of everything you can ever need. Doubles of your insurance, of your will, of your W2 or 1099 IRS Forms. You never have to fear losing that one copy of important paperwork anymore. This EA Minolta MDL EP3050 Copy Machine is a dream machine for outside the home too. Stop printing everything twice and running out of precious and expensive ink. Take those pieces of paper over to the EA Minolta MDL EP3050 Copy Machine and copy everything in sight, even those pictures of your cat. But don't delay too long, this auction ends March 15th. Want more info, click here.

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  2002 VW Jetta, GLS TDi Diesel: The People's Choice for Saving on Gas

For years, people have been saving money by buying cars with diesel motors. You too can join the growing legion of people when you hop on into the driver's seat of this 2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDi Diesel. With an estimated miles per gallon over 35, this car is a surefire bet to help conquer the demons trying to take money out of your pocket. But that's not all. This car has a beautiful leather interior; a great way to show off to your friends. Just imagine being able to safely ferry around your family inside this luxurious Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDi Diesel - exciting, right? With this auction scheduled to start on April 1st at 12:30pm, you better act soon. Activate your free trial by clicking here.

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  Commercial Building with an Apartment: Never leave home again

Has the world gotten you down? Scared of leaving your house? Well then, this building is perfect for you. A storefront on the first floor, and an apartment upstairs. No more worrying about having to buy coats, or snow boots, except for when you need to buy groceries and supplies. You could also rent out the top floor, and run your business from the bottom floor. What you do, is up to you. This commercial/residential building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has just about everything you could ever need. And the icing on the cake is that you are only 3 miles away from the homes of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Pirates and Steelers . With this building, you get it all. But you better hurry up, this auction has already been postponed once, and is due to be auctioned on March 16th at 10am. For more information, click here.

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  Air Compressor: A Breath of Fresh Air

Stop vacuuming and start blowing your troubles away. With this Atlas Copco Air Compressor, dust is a thing of the past. Just turn this baby on, point the nozzle at those annoying dust bunnies and watch as they scamper away. You can also buy one for your shop room, powering dozens of power tools, allowing you to build and craft to your heart's content. Tires low on pressure, this air compressor can change that in a single breath. This air compressor fills things with air like nobodies business. This breath of fresh air isn't guaranteed to be around for too long though; the auction ends on March 13th. So, what are you waiting for, activate your free trial by clicking here.

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  50 Sleeping Mats: Mattress, We don't need no stinking Mattress

Have you ever been camping and wondered how you could get a good night's rest, without fear of impaling yourself on the rocks that are underneath you? Wonder no more. With these sleeping mats, you can be sure that you are sleeping on a pillow of comfort. With approximately 50 different mats, you can join a few of them together to really ensure complete comfort for all those in your tent. Heck, you could probably pile 4 or 5 of them together to create a very comfortable mattress. And for the little ones, you can lay them down across the room, and no longer fear them hitting their heads on the floor. You better act quick though. This auction ends March 15th. For more information click here.

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  2 Popcorn Machines: Just like the movies

Your home theater has everything. A 100-inch Television. Surround sound. A top-of-the-line blu-ray player. You even have stadium seating. All you are missing is the most important part of any movie experience. The popcorn. Sure, you can buy one of those microwavable popcorn bags, but more often than not, you end up with burned popcorn kernels, and soggy popcorn. How to remedy that? Well, with these two popcorn machines, you wont have to worry about it anymore. Just buy a few bags of kernels, plug these machines in, and voila, you have your very own movie theater popcorn. Now your movie watching experience is complete You better hurry up though, this auction ends March 15th. So hurry up and click here for more info.

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  1988 St. Tropez Cruiser: On a Boat you are

When you take to the high seas in this 1988 St. Tropez Cruiser, you will leave Jack Sparrow in your dust. This 31-foot boat can navigate the rivers and lakes of this fine nation with ease. Speeding away from home, and that nagging significant other, you can go fishing with the guys. Or you can attach a line to the back of the boat to allow friends and family to go water-skiing, tubing, or even wake-boarding behind the boat. You can even become the driver for a synchronized team of wake-boarders. But before you become a gold medal winning boat driver, you need to hurry up and get in on this auction, which starts at Noon on March 16th. To activate your free trial, click here.

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  1997 Gulfstream Trailer: A Road Trip with just a single Hitch

Love camping, but hate the outdoors? Want a place to stretch out, but do not want to empty your wallet for a sketchy motel room. Well, this 1997 Gulfstream Trailer is the perfect solution to all of those issues. Just back your car, truck or SUV to this trailer, hitch it on to the back of your vehicle, and you are ready to head out on your cross-country journey. And while you are traveling, you can sit back and enjoy the air conditioning or propane heating, while making yourself a nice meal using your propane stove. This 31-foot trailer even has a bedroom and a bathroom for those nights where pitching a tent does not do it for you. Stop stalling, this auction ends March 13th. So click here for more information.

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  Defibulator, Pacemaker: CLEAR!!!

We are going to need 10ccs of pure auction excitement for this item. With proper training, you can use one of these Defibulator, Pacemaker machines to help save lives, just like George Clooney used to do when he played a doctor on television. Just a few years ago, a hockey player was saved when his team used a defibulator that they had next to their bench. These machines are truly lifesavers. Along with the defibulator is a pacemaker, which is used to restore the natural rhythm of the heart. With this Cardiac Defibulator and Pacemaker, you can be sure that, at critical times, you can be a savior. You better act quick though. This auction ends March 15th. For more information and to activate your free trial click here.

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  2000 BMW 528I: A Car for the Ages

Your angel has arrived. This 2000 BMW 528I can carry you away to your destination wherever you choose to go. And it will do so in style. This 6-cylinder behemoth will let you sit on its leatherette seats, while being protected by 4 Wheel ABS, and driver/passenger airbags. Don’t forget about the rear-wheel drive, and automatic transmission though, as this little angel has them both. The 2000 BMW 528I can also be a family car. A car that you can use for both your family and for fun. So, as you are driving in your old clunker, just think about how much nicer it would be if you were behind the wheel of this beauty. Don’t delay, this auction ends March 19th. For more information, click here.

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  1993 Mercedes Marco Polo HBus: Join that Convoy with your very own tour

Is your family getting too big to fit in a minivan? Have a desire to lead a tour of this great nation? The 1993 Mercedes Marco Polo HBus is a perfect bus for you. Loaded with 3 Televisions, and a DVD player, you won’t have to worry about any annoying songs being sung. Instead, you can pop in a movie, and keep your passengers happy while you cruise the roads of this great country, seeing the sights. Heck, you can probably even join a good ol’ convoy riding through the night – it will be a beautiful sight. Round up your family and friends and head on out. But you better act soon – this auction ends March 17th. Click here for more information.

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  Xbox 360: A full circle gaming experience

The Xbox 360 is the pinnacle of the gaming pyramid. You can spend hours, perhaps even days, sitting in front of your television, playing hundreds of games. The weather outside has got you down? Well then play some Xbox 360. Is your significant other nagging you to do the dishes…again? Play the Xbox 360. This gaming system comes with only one controller, ensuring that you won’t have to share with any annoying gamers in your household. You can play for hours, knowing that nobody else will accidentally kill you (in the game), or rob you of a fantastic gaming experience. And time is running out to get your hands on this 60 Gigabyte machine of excellence. This auction is scheduled for March 10th. So hurry up, and activate your free trial.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

  Lot of Electronic Pianos: Become your very own piano man

Have you ever wanted to be the piano man. You know, the guy everybody looks at to play some great music at parties? With the Yamaha MDL PF70 Electric Piano, you can do just that. Coming in at 15.5" X 45.75" X 4.25", this keyboard can come with you anywhere you choose to take it. If you want something slightly different, you can get the Yamaha MDL P60 Electric Piano, which measures in at 14" X 51.75" X 4.5". Either one of these electric pianos can turn you into the piano man (so long as you know how to play them). You may want to hurry up though, because this auction ends on March 10th. For more information, click here.

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  Stearns Life Jacket: If only the Titanic had a few of these

Have you ever gone swimming and just got too tired to keep swimming? Instead of heading in, you can now stay in the water even longer thanks to the Stearns Life Jacket. With this life jacket, you can be much safer whenever you take to the high seas. The Stearns Life Jacket comes with a Life Preserver Vest, two adjustable belts, over-sized arm holes, and leg straps for added safety, durable nylon shell with marine mesh inner lining and 3m Scotch-lite reflective material on panels. All of which conspire to help you stay safe if you ever need to use the life jacket. But don't wait until its too late to get them. The auction ends March 26th. For More information, click here.

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  A Lot of Jewelry: For a lot of love

There are only two things in this world that scream classiness faberge eggs and gold jewelry. And while this auction may not have faberge eggs, this lot of jewelry has 1 package of Costume Jewelry, approximately 3 pairs Matching Earrings, approximately 147 Loose Earrings, approximately 41 Rings, approximately 28 Bracelets, approximatley 20 Pendants, and approximately 2 Necklaces. I think that your significant other would be quite happy with even one piece of jewelry, yet you can give them a piece of jewelry every other day for a year. But you can only do that if you win this auction, which ends on March 10th. So you better hurry up, and activate your free trial. Click here for more info.

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  Single Family Home Situated on 2.54 Acres: A House you can call Home

You can own your very own mansion. Situated on 2.54 beautiful acres of land in Houston, this mansion has everything you can ever want. A 4 Car garage for your collection of antique fire engine toys; 5 bedrooms to keep your in-laws out of; 4.5 bathrooms, no more fighting for time in the morning. Yes, all of that can be yours thanks to the US Marshals. And before you think that's it, there is a play area for the kids in the backyard, and a play area for the adults as well - a built-in grill situated just mere feet from the in-ground pool and jacuzzi. So, what are you waiting for? This home, built only 10 years ago, will have its auction close on March 31. So act soon, and activate your free trial for more information.

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  1989 Dodge Truck with Stainless Steel Sander: Be Ready for Snowmagedon

We all remember the Snowpacolypse. Streets were filled with snow and ice. In some places as high as 5 feet were piled on the streets, and it took weeks for the government to come and clear those streets. Well, fear the snow no more. With this 1989 Dodge Truck with Stainless Steel Sander, you can turn the Snowpacolypse into Snowverkill. An ice conquering machine, this truck, with only 41,890 miles on it, can easily sand your driveway, your street, and maybe even a parking lot or two. Heck, you can turn your snow days into profit, just by driving around in this truck, and knocking on the doors of people in need of some salting in front of their homes or place of business. But don't delay. As of April 1st, you will no longer be able to bid on this 1989 Dodge Truck with Stainless Steel Sander. For more information click here.

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  2 Drawer (Class 5) Safe: Protection from Evil

Have people been stealing from you...again? You know how embarrassing it can be to call up your insurance agent for the third time in a month to have them estimate how much was stolen this time. This 2 Drawer (Class 5) Safe will ensure that even a burglar that gets past the most sophisticated home security system won't be able to just walk off with your valuables. Measuring in it 21"W X 28" H X 30"D and weighing in at an estimated 350 pounds, this heavyweight can easily take on the Mike Tyson's of the burglar world. Don't take our word for it though, just ask the creep that tried to run off with this safe last time. He is still sitting in a bed after having this safe jump on him, and crush his hands. But you better hurry, the auction for this 2 Drawer (Class 5) Safe ends on March 11th. Click here to activate your free trial.

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  Military Storage Container: Camouflage your Storage

"Be all that you can be, in the army." Or in this case with your Military Storage Container. This 13 foot by 7 foot, storage container can house everything. Just think about the possibilities. Your antique unicycle collection now has a place to go. Or you can convert the storage container into a small bedroom - you know, when the in-laws come to visit. But the best use of this storage container will probably be items that you only use seasonally. Items such as garden tools, garden hoses, garden sprinklers, and garden gnomes. And if you already have storage for all these items, then think of the children - what better clubhouse than a Military Storage Container. But don't delay, this auction ends March 11th. Click here for more info

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  1985 IHC S1600 STAKE BED: High Stake Trucking

Now is your chance to finally take the plunge and head out with that convoy. With this 1985 IHC S1600 Stake Bed truck, you can head out on the interstate with that load of yours. Pick up some new loads along the way, and join the long line of trucks that traverse this great nation daily. Looking to stay local? This truck can definitely handle that. And with only 53021. this 8 cylinder diesel truck would tower over the other puny cars in your neighborhood. Children would never have to worry about being bullied when their parents show up in this truck. And when you aren't driving the truck, put the parking brake on, hide the keys and the kids have an instant playground. But don't hesitate, this truck won't be around for too long, as this auction ends March 9. For more info on this auction and many more, click here.

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  4 Drawer File Cabinets: And we all file on my friend

The same thing happens every year. It's tax season, and you can't find any of your financial information. You can't remember if you left it on the table, or in a kitchen drawer. Well, worry no more about finding your papers. With these 4 drawer file cabinets, you can be sure that when you put your papers away you will be able to find them again. These 4 Drawer File Cabinets are your standard issue paper holders. Just like your local lawyer or doctor files away their important paperwork, so can you. Deed to your house? File it. Pink Slip for the car? File it. Birth certificates, marriage certificate, wills, insurance information - all of it. These file cabinets can handle whatever paper you throw its way. So, what are you waiting for, this auction ends on March 11th? Click here to activate your free trial.

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  1965 Piper Comanche 400: Flying High Again

Now is your chance to own a classic airplane. This 1965 Piper Comanche 400, is one great machine. With a propeller on the front, three wheels, and having been recently overhauled, this machine can take you places you never dreamed. All you need is a dream, a landing strip, and a few dollars for some fuel, and you could be on your way (as long as you are licensed to fly). And don't think you are getting a bare-boned aircraft. You are getting a plane loaded with a one-piece windshield with Ashby Glareshield, an inflatable door seal, Gama injectors, and Johnson High Performance Wing Tips. All of which are topped off by a racing inspired interior. So, what are you waiting for, this auction ends on March 24, and a deal like this won't be around for long. For more information, activate your free trial here.

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  Lady Liberty: Your Personal Beacon of Freedom

Wouldn't it be great to be able to see Lady Liberty every single day? You could salute her in the morning as you go to work or school. When you come home, even if you had a bad day, there she will be standing, ready to rescue you from the tyranny of your day. Weighing only 100 pounds, you could put her on your front lawn to show your neighbors how patriotic you are. No need to decorate your home on July 4th, just put a sparkler at lady liberty's feet, and you should be good to go. Your own personal beacon of freedom can be all yours. But act fast, lady liberty has plenty of suitors and at $824, she is a steal, and the auction is ending soon. Click here for more information.

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  Refrigerator/Freezer: The best combination since VHS/DVD

Spoiled meat no more. Are you ready for a beast of a refrigerator and freezer combination to come save your food? This Westinghouse Refrigerator/Freezer is 14 cubic feet of pure food savings. You can put your milk inside, and it will last much longer than it used to when you had to put it in the pantry. No more worrying about tainted meat (unless of course it was tainted when you bought it), as this behemoth can handle anything you put inside. Sure, it has a few dents and scratches, but those are just a sign of how tough this machine truly is. So, before you go out and spend too much money on a new refrigerator/freezer combo, you should check out this wonderful refrigerator. As of right now the bid is only $10 with the auction ending on March 12. You can find out more here.

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