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Friday, April 23, 2010

  Seeburg Model SS160 Juke Box: Be Your Own Honky Tonk Man!

There ain't nothing like having a cool crisp drink and listening to your favorite tunes. If that sounds like the right idea for you then you should check out this current online auction for a Seeburg Model SS160 Juke Box. This juker can hold 160 records but does not come with any. You can listen to anything from classical music, to soul, to some good old fashioned Hank Williams or Elvis Presley. This machine is located in Florida with the auction ending at the end of the month. The current bid on this item is only $150 which means that you have the chance to get this at a very reasonable price. Find out more about this item and many others by activating your free trial.

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  750 DHCP Medium Blue Long Sleeve Work Shirts: Have A Nice Day!

If you're thinking what we are thinking and you know that we know what you think we think you're thinking then you should check out this current online auction for 750 DHCP Medium Blue Long Sleeve Work Shirts. Whether you work in the boiler room, are a ladies man, or are a rough and tumble madman; these shirts would be perfect for you. These sturdy shirts could probably help protect you against barb wire, thumbtacks, or the many hazards of the work place. Don't give up hope, there is still time to bid on this auction. You have until April 27 to bid on this item and the current price is only $220. Who knows; you could beat out the rest of mankind, get lucky, and before you know it: Bang Bang! You won! Dude, give yourself some love and activate your free trial.

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  66 Verizon Blackberry Cell Phones: You Better Call Somebody!

Oh you didn't know? Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, we proudly bring to a current online auction for 66 Verizon Blackberry Cell Phones. Now, if you didn't know; you could call somebody. If you ran with a large group of people that need to stay in contact with one another while you are all running around sewing mischief then you should definitely keep your eye on this auction. It will end on April 26 with the items being located in Virginia. You could have these phones shipped to you easily in a eXtra protected PACkage and be well on your way to mobile freedom. This deal won't be around forever and if you ain't down with losing your opportunity to score these phones then we got two words for ya...click here.

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  2001 Chevrolet Tahoe: Chevy-mania Rules Brother!

Let us tell you something brother; if you are looking for a truck that could be in it for the long haul then look no further than this 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe. This 4 wheel drive monster will be up as part of a large live auction in May which would feature other vehicles as well. Imagine taking a ride with the family in this truck and enjoying a cool summer day on the open road. Doesn't that sound like the right idea? Of course it does brother! Now answer us this; what are you gonna do when you miss this deal and your family runs wild on you!? You have a short time to act and you can avoid all that drama by activating your free trial account here.

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  Apple iPod Classic 80G: The Razors Edge Of Technology

Ay Yo! Do you like listening to music on the go? Well then chico, you should take a gander at this Apple iPod Classic 80G model music player. You can fit 80Gs worth of songs on this bad boy and we aren't taking about the money "G's" but the gigabyte kind. This item will be available as part of a live auction taking place in Miami, Florida about a month from now. If you act fast and get there on time you may be able to snag this item as well as many others before the competition shows up and squishes you like a cockroach. When you get this item at a prime price some people may look at you like the bad guy. But you know you just had to do what was right. Find out more about this item and many others by activating your free trial account here.

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  Jordan Medical Refrigerator: Keeping You Awake

Refrigerators are a special breed of appliance. Medical refrigerators? Those are very special. Unique in their own way due to what they have to hold, they are built to last. That is why this Jordan Medical Refrigerator will make you scream in excitement. That is, if you have not already done so. Measuring in at 54 Inches by 48 Inches, this refrigerator can keep you cool, especially when storing blood, organs, or a bologna sandwich. Just remember which one is which, otherwise you may end up in a world of confusing thoughts. Just ask Charlie and Deandra. So hurry and bid on this Jordan Medical Refrigerator before the online auction ends on April 29th. Activate your free trial here, and remember to keep things sterile.

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  Nautilus BT11621 Weight Bench: Pump The Jam

“My name is Hans, and my name is Franz. And we are here to PUMP. YOU. UP.” Yeah, not such an appetizing sight for me either. I would rather do it on my own. Two comedians dressed up as German bodybuilders are not as good as this Nautilus BT11621 Weight Bench. All I need are some weights, a training partner or two, and in no time, I can lift some weights. Whenever I throw something, it will be thrown like a jet thanks to my ripped biceps. Avoid Hans and Franz and bid on this item before the online auction ends April 27. Activate your free trial here and pump yourself up before some random comedians try to train you.

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  2004 Artic Cat 660 Touring Snowmobile: Better Than White Powder

It will not be long, we will meet again. My dear white powder, how I miss thee, and how you blanket everything. I wish to traverse you again. And this time I will do it with a 2004 Artic Cat 660 Touring Snowmobile. We will shine as we speed across frozen valleys, and up steep mountains. These mountains should present no problem to us, after all, we will be using the 3-Cylinder engine to power ourselves through your snowy goodness. Yes, this 2004 Artic Cat 660 Touring Snowmobile needs a muffler, but that is that. The important thing to know is that this online auction ends April 28. Activate your free trial here, and do not miss out.

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  1965 Chevrolet El Camino: Needs No Introduction

Some may say that the pinnacle of car design would be some newer car that uses aerodynamics to get the best gas mileage possible. While we are laughing at them, let me remind you of the true king, The Chevrolet El Camino. Specifically, this 1965 El Camino. Loosely translated to The Coolest Car Ever, this El Camino comes at you with an 8 Cylinder Engine, Power Steering, and Air Conditioning (As if you really needed to be any cooler). And with the proper attachment, you will be able to use the built-in tape deck to blast your favorite music from your mp3 player. This pickup car is sure to be gone quickly when it goes up for live auction on May 4. Activate your free trial here and do not miss out.

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  Sharp XG-NV3XB Notevision 3 Projector: Hands Across The Screen

I remember watching with you. We watched movies, television shows, sporting events, and even commercials. And now that we have grown up, watching just is not the same. We have gotten bigger, yet our television has remained the same size. If only we can project the image to our height. That is why this Sharp XG-NV3XB Notevision 3 Projector makes so much sense. We can see those things that we enjoyed as children, just in larger format. You can even play video games on the side of the house. The Sharp XG-NV3XB Notevision 3 Projector gives you so many options. The online auction ends April 26. Activate your free trial here, and learn to live again.

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  1989 Ford AW5 Tractor: It Will Pull You In

I have seen the ghost of tractors past and they were lost. They were standing there, accusing me, a 1989 Ford AW5 Tractor, of destroying them. I would agree with them too. But the reality is I did not choose to be this awesome. Whoever put the time and effort into building me did. They chose to give me a 6 Cylinder Engine, and the ability to attach a Flink 10 Foot Snow Plow to the front of me. Granted I may have a bad head gasket, but just like you, I do need some work. I am going to be up for online auction until the end of business today. Activate your free trial here, and take me home with you.

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  Skywalker, Elliptical, Rowing Machine, 2 Stairmasters, 3 Bicycles: Help Us Obi Wan Kenobi

So the Dark Side has taken over your life causing you to gain pounds and pounds of extra weight. You are busy blaming some guy named Anakin for your problems. Well, guess what, it is your fault. Stop relying on some droid to fix your flab, and start training with the Jedi masters and these Exercise Machines. You can climb the stairs on one of the Two Stairmasters, ride the Bicycles, take a spin on the Elliptical, or even do some hardcore training on the Skywalker. Just remember that the dark side will tell you to avoid bidding on these items prior to the online auction ending on April 28th. Do not listen to the Sith Lords, and activate your free trial here.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

  Hobart 135 Mig Welder: Combine Heavy and New Wave Metal

I see you shaking in your boots. You are wondering how you are going to fix that piece of metal tubing that you just snapped in half. Part of you just wants to get up and run away, while the other part feels a civic duty to clean up this mess you created. Perhaps then you should use this Hobart 135 Mig Welder to fix the damage. All it takes is a spark of genius, and you should be able to weld that broken metal tubing in no time. In fact, afterward nobody will even notice the damage you did (as long as you remember to clean up your welds). So stop running around in circles, sit down in front of your computer and head to the online auction before it closes April 20th. Activate your free trial here and combine those metal bits.

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  Vizio SV470XVT1A 47-Inch LCD TV: Higher Than Hi-Fi

With all of this hub-bub about these new 3-Dimension Televisions coming to market, we are missing out on the best televisions around. Yes, those 3-Dimensional Televisions will be nice, but not as nice as this 47-Inch, 1080p, 120Hz, SV470XVT1A LCD TV from Vizio. Just plug your hi-definition wires into this Vizio LCD Television, and watch as frame by frame of high-definition action is broadcast into your living room. With the NHL, and NBA playoffs happening right now, I doubt you would want to watch them on some crummy old tube-television. You can watch all of the action, and see the sweat bead down the faces of the athletes. The live auction will take place May 12th. Activate your free trial here, and start watching in hi-definition.

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  Military Surplus 6x6 Cargo Truck: Camouflage Your Haul

This is just your regular, good ole' courtesy call to remind you to come and pick up your haul. Too bad you have to take 10 trips to get all of your haul home. If only you had something to carry your haul in one trip. That is why you should think about this Military Surplus 6x6 Cargo Truck. With its spacious cargo area in the back, and sleek camouflage design, you can easily carry what you need, after all, this cargo truck was built to military specifications. This 2.5 Ton, 6X6, Air Assist, Front-Wheel Drive Cargo Truck is up for online auction. But that auction is scheduled to end on April 20th. So activate your free trial here, before its too late.

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  Wurlitzer Mod 200 Piano: Keys In C-Minor

She is a good girl, crazy about Elvis, loves horses and her boyfriend too. That is why she chooses to serenade two of them while playing this Wurlitzer Mod 200 Piano. Unfortunately Elvis has passed and she can no longer serenade him. Although, she can play whatever Elvis song she chooses, whenever she wants to, because of this Wurlitzer Mod 200 Piano. You too can play the piano. All it takes is practice. Want to be like Beethoven, Hayden, Mozart, or Amadeus, well then you need to practice, and this Wurlitzer Mod 200 Piano can be used for just that. The online auction for the piano ends on April 22nd. Activate your free trial here, and start playing those keys.

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  Two Decontamination Stations: Clean Up On The Go

Contamination is an ugly word. We hate being contaminated by dirt, toxins, chemicals, and anything else that makes us dirty. That is why these Two Decontamination Stations can be the perfect remedy. Say you get stuck in a freak mud storm, all you would need to do is use one of the Ten Cleaning Stations within one of these stations to wash off. Perhaps you are a little dirtier after leaving the in-laws. Well, then you can use of the Ten Scrub Sinks to ensure that whatever chemicals they may have used on you. Do not worry about the water, thanks to the Hot Water Heaters, you should be warm, and that mess will be picked up by the Worker Scrub Down Collection Tray. The online auction for the Two Decontamination Stations ends April 23. Activate your free trial here and stay clean.

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  Hausmann Electric Exam Table: Examination Domination

Let us reckon the consequences of an inadequately equipped examination room. For starters, we would probably have to sit in uncomfortable chairs, and wonder how we got into that mess. That is why we should be lucky that our doctor took our advice to bid on this Hausmann Electric Exam Table. After all, instead of having to play with tricky levers and various air-pumping devices, our doctor can easily press a button and make us more comfortable as our body gets examined. Just one problem, our doctor has yet to get this Hausmann Electric Exam Table, because the online auction does not end until April 22nd. For more information on this Hausmann Electric Exam Table, click here.

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  Germstar Automatic Hand Sanitizers: Germs Are Cowering

We may not be thinking about flu season just yet, because this years flu season seems to have passed already. But we should always be prepared. That is why you should always be clean and sanitary. And what better way than these Germstar Automatic Hand Sanitizers. Just pop in 4 D-Batteries, and watch these instant, automatic hand sanitizers do their magic. You can put the lot of nearly 100 hand sanitizers in and around your office to keep you safe from disease and germs, or you could place them around your home or school to do the same. But your chance hinges on being the winning bidder when the online auctions ends on April 21st. Activate your free trial here, and do not miss out on ridding your world of germs.

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  2005 Bentley Continental GT Coupe: Open Its Gate

If you are having car problems I feel bad for you son. After all, car troubles can be horrible. They can make you late for work, burn a hole in your wallet, and just make your life miserable. Maybe that is why you should take a look at this 2005 Bentley Continental GT Coupe. Yes, you can own this stylish, luxurious, and expensive car. Taking a look at the custom paint job, and customized rims will probably distract you from a lot of life's troubles. But what should really grab your attention is that this 2005 Bentley Continental GT Coupe has only been driven 31,023 Miles. Catch your attention yet? Well, you better make plans to attend this live auction on April 23rd. Activate your free trial here and start opening the gates to less car trouble.

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  Dell Latitude C800 Pentium III Laptop With Case: Travel and Type

Something about the way this computer moves attracts me like no other laptop can. From its sleek design to the way it carries itself inside of its Carrying Case. This Dell Latitude C800 Pentium III Laptop, has the moves that will make you gaga over computing. Its Pentium III processor knows no bounds as it processes the information inputted into its system. Information that is inputted through either the processor, CD Drive, Floppy Drive, or DVD-Rom. You will need to install a new operating system on this Dell Latitude C800 Pentium III Laptop for it to run properly, but that should be your biggest worry, other than the online auction ending on April 23rd. Activate your free trial here, and start computing today.

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  40 Pristine Acres In Norwood, Colorado: Over A Mile High

Have you ever desired a property where you could build your dream home? Even if you have not, now is your chance to start dreaming. And why is that? Because this 40 Acre Plot of land located in Norwood, Colorado is just waiting to house your dream home. With utilities already built to the property, half the work has already been done for you. Even better, this property is located minutes from beautiful Telluride, Colorado. You can saddle up the family and practice skiing as you please. The starting bid for this property will be only $6,577 when this property is put up at a live auction on April 28th. Activate your free trial here and get ready to live the dream in Colorado.

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  Mayline C-Files Map 10 Drawer File Cabinet: I've Just Seen A Map

I have just seen a map, and I cannot forget the time of day when I first went to that place. Had it been another map, I may have looked the other way, but this map was crisp, clean, and neatly stored. All thanks to the Mayline C-Files Map 10 Drawer File Cabinet. This file cabinet is the best place to store all of these maps I have been collecting over the years. It is a great hobby to collect maps of national parks and monuments I have visited, and mapping out what I did when I was there. That is why I love the Mayline C-Files Map 10 Drawer File Cabinet. You too can have one if you are the winning bidder when the online auction closes on April 20th. Activate your free trial here, and start collecting your maps.

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  Wurlitzer TCR 4500 Organ: In The Garden Of Eden

When Iron Butterfly produced their epic "In A Gadda Da Vida," many people realized that the use of organs can become popular. And now you too can have fun playing the organ. Just imagine sitting on your favorite piano bench, and saddling up to this Wurlitzer TCR 4500 Organ. You can play the entire song of "In A Gadda Da Vida," or play a simple rendition of your favorite song. The choice can be yours when you have this Wurlitzer TCR 4500 Organ. You can even create your new original music, or just inspire the masses when sitting down to play. But your time is limited, because the online auction ends April 22nd. Activate your free trial here, and start making things better.

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  Optoma Expro 610H Video Projector: Show Off

Have you ever watched a movie on the big screen of a movie theatre and wanted to do it at home? Well, unless you have a home movie theatre, that will be impossible. However, you do have another option. With a video projector you can view movies on a semi-large screen. With this Optoma Expro 610H Video Projector, you will be getting a great projector, in which to view your home movies. Coming with all of the cables, a hard shell, and a rolling travel case, you can take the Optoma Expro 610H Video Projector wherever you choose. For movie night, you will become the king, or queen of movies. But only if you are the winning bidder when the online auction closes on April 21st. Activate your free trial here, and start showing off.

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  Sony Model T-120 6 Hour Videotapes: Home Movies Galore

With all of this new-fangled digitized wizardry compromising our life, it is a good thing that our VCRs still work. Those VHS tapes can handle anything you throw at it. Literally. Ever try dropping a DVD on the floor, those things scratch and crack like nobody's business. That is why you will love this Pallet of Sony Model T-120 6 Hour Videotapes. Yes, a pallet of 6-Hour Videotapes. Just imagine how many home movies you can capture for generations to come. From first steps, to bath-time, to gardening, to school plays, even to weddings. All of those events can be recorded onto these videotapes. That is why you should check them out before the online auction ends April 23rd. Activate your free trial here and start archiving your life.

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  1986 Plymouth Reliant K: Better Than Breakfast Cereal

When you see this car, you will quickly spit out whatever special cereal you may be eating and run to the door, or window. Why is that? Perhaps because this is a classic car. That is right this 1986 Plymouth Reliant K is a pure example of classiness. Perhaps because of its 4-Cylinder Engine, or maybe its Automatic Transmission. Maybe its just the genius in its simple design that does it for you. Either way, this car is definitely a child of the famous Mopar cars of the 1970s. This car does, however, need some repairs. It has not been used for the past five years and may need some mechanical work. The online auction for the Reliant K is scheduled to close on April 20th. Activate your free trial here, and get started on driving this classic car.

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  Brunswick Lustre King 144004002 Bowling Ball Cleaner and Conditioner: Donny Would Have Loved It

Just because you do not bowl on the seventh day of rest does not mean that you cannot have a shiny ball. After all, how can you possibly bowl with a less than lustrous bowling ball. That would be like failing to call Jeffrey Lebowski by his proper name, 'The Dude.' With this Brunswick Lustre King 144004002 Bowling Ball Cleaner and Conditioner, you can celebrate 3000 years of tradition from Moses to Sandy Koufax, all while shining your bowling ball. And because this Lustre King is meant to clean your bowling ball, you will not have to worry about taking up golfing. So stop waiting for the league playoffs to begin and get in on the online auction before it closes on April 23rd. Activate your free trial here, and remember "Donny was a good bowler, and a good man."

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

  2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0L Auto: Better Than A Puma

Ferocious. Angry. Catty. Those are just some of the words used to describe this 2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0L Auto. Interesting that car can be called those words, but once you read why, you will understand. This car comes at you with a V6 Engine, All-Wheel Drive, Leather Interior, Keyless Entry, Power Brakes, Power Mirrors, Power Windows, Woodgrain Interior Package, CD Player, Tinted Windows, Telescopic Steering Wheel, and Fog Lamps. Just to name a few of the options. This 2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0L Auto does need some work, but with some loving, this car can be out on the prowl again. The live auction is scheduled for April 21. Activate your free trial here, and start prowling the road today.

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  Kenwood KVT-512 DVD In-Dash Entertainment System: Make Driving Exciting

Have you ever been driving and wondered how to make life more exciting? And by more exciting, I mean excitement of the legal variety. With this Kenwood KVT-512 DVD In-Dash Entertainment System you can do just that and do it legally. The Kenwood KVT-512 is an advanced in-dash system for your entertainment. With its touchscreen, you can easily search and play your iPod Audio and Video files. But wait, it gets better. This Kenwood In-Dash Entertainment System comes ready for Satellite Radio, HD Radio, and Navigation. The possibilities for adding excitement to your drive can be endless. So, stop having a boring life and attend the live auction on May 12th. Activate your free trial here, and make driving exciting again.

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  Simplex Security Systems HA26HJ Time Recorder: Travel In Time

Have you ever been late to work, only to wonder whether your employees really came on-time? Or how about when you are out of the office? With this Simplex Security Systems HA26HJ Time Recorder you can take charge. Issue time cards and watch as they start becoming more productive. They will stop disappearing early and start showing up on-time and leaving on-time, or even late. Just imagine the productivity spike that this Simplex Security Systems HA26HJ Time Recorder can bring to your company. Do not let the clock run out on the online auction, which ends April 21st. Activate your free trial here, and save the day.

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  1971 Piper PA-28-235: It Can Fly

At some point in our young lives, we would run around with our arms outstretched and pretend to be an airplane (You know you did it). Now is your chance to do it for real. Not since Pippy Longstocking has the opportunity to fly been so fun. This 1971 Piper PA-28-235 can give you hours of fun. Do aerial figure-eights while sipping a non-alcoholic mojito, or just fly from one regional airport to another. The choice can be yours in this 1971 Piper PA-28-235aircraft. In fact, with up-to-date log books and maintenance, you may be able to fly soon after you acquire this airplane at the live auction scheduled for May 8th. For more information on this flying machine, activate your free trial here.

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  1999 Pontiac Grand Am: Grandiose

Have you ever driven a car with a V6 Engine? Just the roar of the engine can be intoxicating. And that alone can be enough of a reason to get you interested in this 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. Just one problem, that V6 engine is the least of your options with this car. You will be getting a car with Aluminum Stock Wheels, Rear Spoiler, Power Acoustic CD/DVD Stereo system, and Bucket Bench Front Seats. Just think about that for a moment. Now pick your jaw off the floor, and come back to reality. This Grand Am will not be around forever, in fact it will be gone on April 20th when the online auction ends. Activate your free trial here, and start having a reason to salivate.

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  Microaire Surgical Instruments 6025 Bone Surgery Set: Act Naturally

All I have got to do is get me a Microaire Surgical Instruments 6025 Bone Surgery Set. Okay, maybe that is not all I need. But it sure does help to own a machine like this when there is surgery involving one of the many bones inside of the human body. Just think about how many bones are in your hands. In fact, there are over 200 bones in the human body. Now you understand why the Microaire Surgical Instruments 6025 Bone Surgery Set is so important. And because it is important you are going to want to get in on the action before the online auction ends on April 20th. Activate your free trial here, and stop worrying about breaking all of your bones.

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  Altec 36048BLN Graphic Tablet: Picture It Just Like NASA

Stop worrying about how something looks and do something about it. Picture it on this Altec 36048BLN Graphic Tablet. For years, NASA did so on this very graphic tablet. Yes, the world famous governmental organization (the same one that put a man on the moon), used this very graphic tablet for its various needs. And now you, yes you, will get the chance to own this piece of space history. Even if you have no use for this Altec 36048BLN Graphic Tablet, you can show it off to friends and family, that is if you are the winning bidder when the online auction closes on April 23rd. Activate your free trial here, and start flying to the moon.

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  2002 Toyota Prius Sedan: Precious and Precocious

Stop wasting your time pouring acetone into your gas tank. It is not a good idea. Trust me. There are much smarter ways to save money on gas. Such as buying a hybrid vehicle such as this 2002 Toyota Prius. Yes, you too can own the world famous hybrid. This Toyota Prius comes at you with your standard hybrid automatic gear/variable transmission, saving you precious dollars on gas. Even better, your hybrid will be air conditioned and have an AM/FM/Cassette player so that you can easily hook up an mp3 player with ease. A Toyota Prius like this is sure not to last too long, so hurry up and bid before the online auction ends on April 19th. Activate your free trial here, and start saving your precious dollars.

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  Pfaff Germany 3462BS Industrial Sewing Machine: Surgery For Clothes

When your clothes do not fit you anymore, what do you do? You could lose weight, or gain the weight back, but that can be an inexact science. You could always bring your clothes to the tailor, but that ends up costing a lot of money. That is why you should check out this Pfaff Germany 3462BS Industrial Sewing Machine. Built to last, this Pfaff Sewing Machine can help you let out, or take in your pants as you choose. Of course, you will have to learn how to use the machine, but that really is not so bad. After all, the time it takes to learn how to use this machine can end up becoming quite useful. Do not hesitate too much, because the online auction ends on April 20th. Activate your free trial here, and start fixing your wardrobe.

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  1996 John Deere 6400 Tractor With Cab: Fab Four Tractor

Just put a mop-top on its roof, and you will have the tractor that Paul, John, Ringo, and George would have driven if they did not play music. This 1996 John Deere 6400 Tractor With Cab is the mainstream act when it come to agricultural productivity. Using its 4-Wheel Drive, and Four Cylinder Diesel Engine, this John Deere Tractor can make mincemeat of whatever you want it to. Of course, you can do it with comfort inside of the Air Conditioned cab. This John Deere Tractor even comes with a 640 Loader with 61" Bucket, and a 15 Foot John Deere Brush Hog. I know what you are thinking, and yes this will not be around for long. April 23rd, to be exact, is when the online auction ends. Activate your free trial here, and turn your four fields into the fab four.

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  Four Minolta Freedom Zoom Cameras: Proud And Patriotic

Nothing says freedom like being able to take pictures. Go to any tyrannical country and you will find that freedom to take pictures is severely limited. That is why these Four Minolta Freedom Zoom Cameras are the perfect remedy to that situation. With a name of freedom, they will show the world how patriotic your pictures will be. And for three of the cameras, you will be getting a case to protect them. Take all four cameras with you and switch them off. When one of the cameras is taken from you, you will still have another one to use. The possibilities can be endless, just so long as you show up before the online auction closes on April 19th. Activate your free trial here, and wear the Red, White, and Blue with pride.

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  Bike Racks: Book Em' Dan-O

As you read this my friends, please understand that you could be outside riding a bicycle instead. Unless of course you are on a marine vessel, in which case, please do not ride your bicycle. Either way, we are all presented with a problem when we are using our beautiful two wheeled machines. Machines forged out of high-strength steel, aluminum or carbon-fiber. What happens when our bikes fall? They get all scratched up. What was once a great paint job is ruined. That is why we need bike racks. Forget a failing kick stand, just pop your bicycle into one of these Four Bike Racks, and forget it. You can even chain your bicycle to the racks and not have to worry about those darned kids stealing your bicycle. The online auction for these bike racks ends April 23th. Activate your free trial here, and forget about dinging the aluminum.

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