Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baldwin Piano: an Old Piece in Need of a New Home

baldwin pianoThis Baldwin Piano is available for anyone in search of a music instrument to add to their home. This particular piano is old and weathered from age, but the great thing is that its opening bid is a mere $5. Even if it’s out of tune and has a few loose keys, a visit from a professional piano serviceman can easily bring the piano back to life. And even with the repair fees included, it’ll still be an incredible bargain compared to buying a new or even used piano at a music store. There’s something about old music instruments that seem to prevent people from tossing them out. It’s like they have their own souls. Why not be the one to participate in this upcoming online auction and take in this old piano and give it new life? If this sounds like the one for you, just click here to start your 3 day free trial account. Along with this old piano, there are tons of other similar auction items that are available for sale around the country right now, so don’t wait!

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