Wednesday, August 7, 2013

One Lot of 126 Pallets of Electronics: Buy In Bulk and Save!

miscbulkYou like to save don’t you? Who doesn’t?! Well what if we told you that you could save literally thousands of dollars if you won this next auction? This next auction consists of 126 pallets of miscellaneous electronics and is currently available for online bid. Included in the sale are the following items: laptops, notebooks, tablets, CPUs, servers, disk drive units, symphonic switches, printers, docking stations, computers, mini tower computers, scanners, overhead projectors, keyboards, mice, computer speakers, monitors (various makes and models), surge protectors, computer cabinets, computer racks, and a lot more! Now that we’ve overwhelmed you with all the awesome stuff they’ll be auctioning off, now’s the time to activate your free trial account. The current asking bid is just $50 with less than 2 weeks remaining so don’t delay!

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