Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1996 John Deere 5400 Tractor: Get That Job Done!

5400Next up for auction — a 1996 John Deere 5400 tractor with several attachments. This tractor is now currently being sold online and is awaiting for bid! One the front end, you’ll find a loader attachment already mounted on. For the back, the tractor comes with the following rear-mounted attachments: 1 mower, 1 disk, and 2 augers (6 inch and 12 inch). The tractor itself is stated to be in decent condition, but it definitely needs a bit of work before it’s 100% operational again. Known deficiencies include: deteriorated hydraulic hose, old tires, small leak in radiator core, and a bad seal in the steering column. If you’re a handyman and think you can fix her up, then we urge you to participate in this ongoing auction. The current asking price for this tractor is $8,218 with 12 online bids already placed. This auction ends in less than 24 hours so click here now to activate your free trial account before it’s too late!

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