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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

What A Great Sound This Auction Has!

Are you a lover of all types of music? Do you enjoy playing different types of instruments? Check out this auction featuring a big lot of various musical instruments and accessories. This lot includes but is not limited to the following items: valve trombone, speakers, musical parts and accessories, Selmer clarinet, 2 baritones, 2 LP Galaxy Giovanni series bongos included with cases, a Yamaha 26 in bass drum and last but definitely not least a 14 in snare drum! All of these instruments have a retail value of hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but if you bid on this auction before closing time you can have a chance of owning this huge lot of instruments for the best price out there! If you would like to inspect these items in person before deciding whether or not to place a bid then you can contact the custodian ahead of time to schedule a time for viewing. Contact Hattie King at 208-334-3477 for any questions or inquiries you may have. Make sure you attend this special auction to have a chance at bidding and being the lucky winner of all these instruments! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial.

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