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Friday, June 19, 2020

No Better Place To Be Than At Sea!

Have you been thinking of purchasing your very own boat? Well then you do not want to miss what this auction has to offer! This auction features a 2002 Midnight Express Open Sport Fisherman vessel/interceptor. This great vessel measures 39 feet in size. This electric vessel comes equipped with VHF radio, Furuno radar array, GPS, multi function display, remote searchlight and a Sirius weather receiver. If this perfect vessel is not enough, this lot also includes a 2002 Boatmaster triple axle trailer as well. Purchasing a vessel this size can be extremely expensive costing upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but if you bid on this auction before closing time you’ll be extremely happy with the price you’ll end up paying! Inspection of the property prior to placing a bid highly recommended. Parts may be missing and repairs maybe required. This auction is located in St Augustine, Florida and the closing time is on June 27 at 6:00 pm central time. Right now, the current bid is at $90,000 USD and there has been 6 very interested bidders so far, so make sure that you become the very next person to bid and have a chance of riding on this grand boat! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Boat Living With This Killer Bayliner!

Have you ever dreamt of boat living/living on a boat for a summer? Well, summer is on its way! And so is this incredible 1991 BAYLINER 2855 BOAT. Hop on for a chance to bid and win this amazing bayliner, named Miss “B” Haven. Miss “B” Haven comes with a cabin space in good condition that includes a bathroom, a sink, a stove top, beds, and tables. So if you need a place to crash or move into these upcoming seasons, Miss “B” is ideal. The front deck has 4 scuba tank brackets and rail bridge upholstery which is in quite good condition. This vessel also comes with a sun awning rear swimmer/diver deck to accommodate some relaxing and fun sunny afternoon activities. All in all this boat is a catch! It’s in good condition with some general wear but no serious damage. The location in which this boat is docked is in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The Current bid is $9,595 and the closing time is on April 14th, 2016 at 12:00 noon CT. As there are only 14 days left until this auction comes to a close, we advise you be the first and last to jump on this amazing opportunity. To bid on this 1991 BAYLINER 2855 BOAT, click here to head over to and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sea Ark Escort Boat: Take It For A Cruise!

guamboatWhat better way to start of today’s deals than with this lovely Sea Ark Escort Boat (no. 28HS0215) that is now currently up for online auction. Perfect for anyone looking to get a boat without having to spend their life savings, this aluminum escort boat measures 28 feet long and comes with 2 Yamaha 250 outboard motors. The vessel is in good condition both inside and out and has no mention of any defects. The outboard motors also appear to be in good shape. The winning bidder will be responsible for the boat’s removal upon winning the auction. As of right now, the current price for this boat is $1,298 with 4 bids already placed and exactly 4 days, 22 hours, and 8 minutes remaining. If you’d like to learn more about this auction and how to attend the upcoming preview for it, then all you have to do is click here to activate your 3 day free trial account before it’s too late!



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