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Posts about live auction

Sunday, April 25, 2010

  Razor Death Adder Gaming Mouse: The Real Black Adder

Out on the streets, stalking the night, sits a mouse. This mouse is unlike any other mouse you will see. Its tail houses a wire that can plug into a computer. This mouth eats razors for breakfast and rains death upon all those that stand in its way. This Razor Death Adder Gaming Mouse, is perfect for destroying your friends war chariots and guilds. Remember that time they stabbed you in the back? Just plug this Razor Death Adder Gaming Mouse into your computer, and with a few clicks, this razor-eating mouse is sure to give you an advantage in any digital realm you may fight. You can even rename yourself the Black Adder, that is if you are strong-willed enough to activate your free trial here, and attend the live auction in Miami.

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  2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS: Like A Rolling Stone

You cannot always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get a 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 2-Door Coupe. Want some shelter from the threatening storm? Hop into this 3.8L V-6 powered car, and drive down the highway. Forget about putting brown sugar in your coffee, and take that bridge to Babylon before it gets too late. After all, you do not want to have to worry about your sticky fingers ruining the CD Player, Air Conditioning, Tinted Windows, or Cloth Interior. And there is no need to paint this car black, as its silver is quite beautiful on its own. So get off your cloud and get some satisfaction by activating your free trial here, before you miss out on the live auction. Otherwise not even wild horses can save you.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

  Apple iPod Classic 80G: The Razors Edge Of Technology

Ay Yo! Do you like listening to music on the go? Well then chico, you should take a gander at this Apple iPod Classic 80G model music player. You can fit 80Gs worth of songs on this bad boy and we aren't taking about the money "G's" but the gigabyte kind. This item will be available as part of a live auction taking place in Miami, Florida about a month from now. If you act fast and get there on time you may be able to snag this item as well as many others before the competition shows up and squishes you like a cockroach. When you get this item at a prime price some people may look at you like the bad guy. But you know you just had to do what was right. Find out more about this item and many others by activating your free trial account here.

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  1965 Chevrolet El Camino: Needs No Introduction

Some may say that the pinnacle of car design would be some newer car that uses aerodynamics to get the best gas mileage possible. While we are laughing at them, let me remind you of the true king, The Chevrolet El Camino. Specifically, this 1965 El Camino. Loosely translated to The Coolest Car Ever, this El Camino comes at you with an 8 Cylinder Engine, Power Steering, and Air Conditioning (As if you really needed to be any cooler). And with the proper attachment, you will be able to use the built-in tape deck to blast your favorite music from your mp3 player. This pickup car is sure to be gone quickly when it goes up for live auction on May 4. Activate your free trial here and do not miss out.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

  Vizio SV470XVT1A 47-Inch LCD TV: Higher Than Hi-Fi

With all of this hub-bub about these new 3-Dimension Televisions coming to market, we are missing out on the best televisions around. Yes, those 3-Dimensional Televisions will be nice, but not as nice as this 47-Inch, 1080p, 120Hz, SV470XVT1A LCD TV from Vizio. Just plug your hi-definition wires into this Vizio LCD Television, and watch as frame by frame of high-definition action is broadcast into your living room. With the NHL, and NBA playoffs happening right now, I doubt you would want to watch them on some crummy old tube-television. You can watch all of the action, and see the sweat bead down the faces of the athletes. The live auction will take place May 12th. Activate your free trial here, and start watching in hi-definition.

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  40 Pristine Acres In Norwood, Colorado: Over A Mile High

Have you ever desired a property where you could build your dream home? Even if you have not, now is your chance to start dreaming. And why is that? Because this 40 Acre Plot of land located in Norwood, Colorado is just waiting to house your dream home. With utilities already built to the property, half the work has already been done for you. Even better, this property is located minutes from beautiful Telluride, Colorado. You can saddle up the family and practice skiing as you please. The starting bid for this property will be only $6,577 when this property is put up at a live auction on April 28th. Activate your free trial here and get ready to live the dream in Colorado.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

  2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0L Auto: Better Than A Puma

Ferocious. Angry. Catty. Those are just some of the words used to describe this 2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0L Auto. Interesting that car can be called those words, but once you read why, you will understand. This car comes at you with a V6 Engine, All-Wheel Drive, Leather Interior, Keyless Entry, Power Brakes, Power Mirrors, Power Windows, Woodgrain Interior Package, CD Player, Tinted Windows, Telescopic Steering Wheel, and Fog Lamps. Just to name a few of the options. This 2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0L Auto does need some work, but with some loving, this car can be out on the prowl again. The live auction is scheduled for April 21. Activate your free trial here, and start prowling the road today.

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  Kenwood KVT-512 DVD In-Dash Entertainment System: Make Driving Exciting

Have you ever been driving and wondered how to make life more exciting? And by more exciting, I mean excitement of the legal variety. With this Kenwood KVT-512 DVD In-Dash Entertainment System you can do just that and do it legally. The Kenwood KVT-512 is an advanced in-dash system for your entertainment. With its touchscreen, you can easily search and play your iPod Audio and Video files. But wait, it gets better. This Kenwood In-Dash Entertainment System comes ready for Satellite Radio, HD Radio, and Navigation. The possibilities for adding excitement to your drive can be endless. So, stop having a boring life and attend the live auction on May 12th. Activate your free trial here, and make driving exciting again.

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  1971 Piper PA-28-235: It Can Fly

At some point in our young lives, we would run around with our arms outstretched and pretend to be an airplane (You know you did it). Now is your chance to do it for real. Not since Pippy Longstocking has the opportunity to fly been so fun. This 1971 Piper PA-28-235 can give you hours of fun. Do aerial figure-eights while sipping a non-alcoholic mojito, or just fly from one regional airport to another. The choice can be yours in this 1971 Piper PA-28-235aircraft. In fact, with up-to-date log books and maintenance, you may be able to fly soon after you acquire this airplane at the live auction scheduled for May 8th. For more information on this flying machine, activate your free trial here.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

  1999 Freightliner Conventional FLD120 Tractor-Trailer: Breaker 1-9, Over and Out

Ice Road Truckers wish they had it this good. No annoying Television cameras. No worries about falling into icy rivers, lakes, and oceans. And definitely no worries about Polar Bears. With this 1999 Freightliner Conventional FLD120 Tractor-Trailer, you will be hauling loads in no time. You, of course, will be sitting in the comfortable cab, piloting the 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine, while sitting comfortably in a cab supported by an Air Ride Seat, and an Air Ride Suspension. The Air conditioning will cool you down in those hot summer months, and the mudflaps at the back will ensure that people driving behind you are not left in the mud. The live auction will take place April 21st. Activate your free trial here, and find out what else

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  42 Street Signs: Stella Would Have Stayed

Nothing screams kitschy furniture like a coffee table made from recycled street signs, or a collage made from the same recycled street signs. Well, now is your chance to get started on creating your own street sign themed furniture, with this lot of 42 Street Signs. You can even hang a few in your front yard, or in your backyard. The choice is yours when you have signs ranging from Crosswalk Signs, to Information Signs, and even Visitor Signs. Place these signs around your home so people know what to do, or use them to create one-of-a-kind furniture. These signs will not be around for too long. The online auction ends April 21st. Activate your free trial here, and get started showing people what to do and where to go.

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  JBL JRX100 Speakers: We Are Strong

When karaoke night comes around, and it is your turn to sing the hottest tunes, you want to be sure that everybody can hear your rendition of "Love Is A Battlefield." With these JBL JRX100 Speakers, that problem may no longer exist. Now you can broadcast your love for Pat Benatar, Bon Jovi, or Journey as loud as you please. While these speakers may not go up to 11, they do come with speaker stands, so that your singing voice can better resonate with your friends, acquaintances, and family. Because these speakers are made by JBL, you can be fairly certain that they will do their job. The live auction for these JBL JRX100 Speakers is scheduled for May 12th. Activate your free trial here, and sing your troubles away.

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  Former School Building in Jamaica, NY: Queen For A Day

Quick question hotshot. What is the largest borough in New York City? If you guessed anything but Queens, you would be wrong. This borough, located on Long Island, is home to one great piece of real estate. This Former School Building in Jamaica, NY presents a great opportunity to own a piece of land just minutes from the site of the 1964 World's Fair, and the world famous Flushing Meadows Corona Park. This property is located on a 60x90 Feet plot of land. So even if you decide not to open up a school on this property, you have many options. The IRS will be auctioning off this former school on May 5th. Activate your free trial here to become a resident of Queens.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

  Iridium Satellite Phone: Stay In Touch...Everywhere

Losing cell phone service is our biggest fear whenever we go on a journey. And why is that? Who knows what will happen. That is why we should always be prepared. Being prepared for loss of cell phone service is as easy as owning this Iridium Satellite Phone (IMEI-300214010866300). Just sign up with the proper satellite cell phone service, and carry this phone wherever you go. Lost on an island filled with prehistoric creatures? Dial up the Army or Navy to come and save you. Need to escape hostile filled territory, dial up Jack Bauer. And while he may not be in attendance, the live auction is scheduled for May 12th. Activate your free trial here, and stay in touch.

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  Cubic Zirconia Ring: A Girl's Second Best Friend

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend. Coming in at a close second is Cubic Zirconia. And with this Cubic Zirconia Ring, you may be able to get quite a smile from your lady friend. This ring has a Cushion Cut Cubic Zirconia Center Stone, and 6 Channel Set Cubic Zirconia Baguettes. Sparkling and shining their way to her heart. If you own more fancy rings, but do not want to risk losing them, this ring is a great stand-in, as it will definitely give the illusion of a far more expensive ring. And for those tricksters out there...you get the idea. The live auction is scheduled for May 12th. Activate your free trial here, and do not miss out.

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  2008 Range Rover: For The Urban Jungle

Good old Rocky Raccoon would never be caught dead in a car. They are just too small for him. Rocky Raccoon preferred SUVs, but he would always ruin them. That is until he found a Range Rover. This SUV was one he cared so much for that he would put plastic on the seats to keep them clean. You too can own a respectable SUV such as a Range Rover. Specifically this 2008 Range Rover. With only 10,614 miles being driven on this Range Rover, you can be fairly certain that you can drive it for a while. Common folk will admire you from a distance. The live auction will take place April 23rd. Activate your free trial here, and ride through the urban jungle in style.

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  Condo Living Just Blocks From Auburn University

Tommy Tuberville never had it this good. Want to live blocks from SEC powerhouse Auburn University, then you should check out this Condo. With Two Bedrooms and Two and a Half Bathrooms, you can potentially get a great deal. Even better, each of the bedrooms come with their own bathrooms. No longer worry about a messy roommate, and keep your bathroom sparkling clean. And walk to Auburn Tigers football games at Jordan-Hare Stadium (the nation's eighth-largest on-campus stadium). And if you do not want to live here, you can always use this condo as a rental property. So, what are you waiting for? The live auction takes place on April 21st. Activate your free trial here and move in before football season starts.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

  Samsung CLP500 Laser Printer: At The Speed Of Lasers

Dot Matrix printers are annoying and loud. They have weird paper, and take forever to print. Inkjets, while fast, do not have the speed you crave. You crave something that goes so fast, it is like a laser. Perhaps that is why you will love the Samsung CLP500 Laser Printer. Craving speed, you will instantly fall in love with a printer that laughs at 40 page documents, 55 page presentations, and your annual budget spreadsheet. And by laugh, I mean, spit out printed paper like nobodies business. So sit back, and no longer fear pressing the print button. The live auction for the printer takes place April 14th. Activate your free trial here and start the paper revolution.

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  Hublot Big Bang Wristwatch: Listen To What The Man Said

I look at my wrist and I notice something is missing. Still I try and figure out what it may be. Aha, a watch is not there. For if there were, I would know the current time. Perhaps I should have paid attention when I saw this Hublot Big Bang Wristwatch was up for auction. For if I had, I would be wearing a watch with a 2.8 Carat diamond bezel, black rubber bracelet, and the date. Oh, and their would also be Channel Set Baguettes measuring in at 1.08 Carats. So I would definitely have some serious wrist bling. Too bad I missed out on the Hublot Big Bang Wristwatch. Or did I? Actually, the live auction will be taking place April 14th. Activate your free trial here, and do not let this be you.

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  2002 Honda Shadow Ace 750 Deluxe V-Twin 750CDC: Vroom Vroom

Do you like making entrances? It is too bad that the whole jumping through a hoop of fire no longer gets a rise out of the crowd. The time for you to modify your entrance has come. All you need is the spirit of Evil Kneivel and this 2002 Honda Shadow Ace 750 Deluxe V-Twin 750CDC. With its deep purple color, and 2-Cylinder Gas powered engine, you will be sure that upon landing, quite a few heads will be turned your way. Most of them with smiles. And you can even drive this Honda Motorcycle on the road. After all, how else would you show off the spoke wheels. The live auction takes place on Tax Day, April 15th. Do not miss out on this motorcycle and activate your free trial here.

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  Sony DCR-DVD 610 Handycam: Record Your Life

Have you ever found yourself recording video only to be disappointed when the viewfinder is not giving you a clear picture of what you are recording? Worry no more, at least not when you have the Sony DCR-DVD 610 Handycam. A video-camera with a flip out monitor that allows you to stand back and watch what is going on while using the flip out monitor. And because this handycam is a digital video-camera, you will be able to easily upload the images to your computer and beam them to whoever you please. The live auction for the Sony DCR-DVD 610 Handycam and other electronics is April 14th. Activate your free trial here, and do not miss out on some potentially great deals.

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  Colorado Springs Home: You Can Almost See Russia

So you may not actually be able to see Russia from Colorado Springs, but you can still see the beautiful Rocky Mountains. And that, my friends, is worth the price of admission. At least with this beautiful home it is. This single family ranch style home contains 978 square feet of main floor living area. Additionally, there is a 432 square foot basement. Contained within all that square footage is Two bedrooms and One bathroom. This home built in 1929 even comes with a 396 square foot garage, giving you storage space. The minimum bid for this property will only be $50,972 when the live auction begins on April 30th. Activate your free trial here for more information on this lovely ranch home.

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  1969 Chevrolet Chevelle: Send The Pain Below

Now is your chance to do something with your desire to own a classic car. With this 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle, you can get that chance. Starting with the aluminum rims, up to the aftermarket scooped hood, you can be sure that people will have to pick their jaws up when they see you drive by. That is if they do not hear your V-8 Engine as you roar by. Or the Premium Alpine Stereo blasting your favorite songs. And with a digital dash, you can know just how full your gas tank is. The best part is that this 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle has been driven less than one thousand miles. So show up to the live auction on April 14th. Activate your free trial here, and do not miss out on this great car.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

  Samsung HP-R5052, 53" Plasma Television: Rock You Like A Hurricane

It is early evening. While the family eats dinner, you slowly sneak away. Where are you going? To get the best seat in the house for the game. Just one slight problem. There is no such thing as a bad seat. At least not when you are watching the game on the Samsung HP-R5052, 53" Plasma Television. In fact with its built-in NTSC/ATSC/Digital Cable Ready (DCR) tuner, you do not even need a box to view HD programming. The possibilities are endless. The only thing you would need to sneak away for is control of the remote control. And on April 14th, you can get your hands on this Samsung HP-R5052, 53" Plasma Television when it is auctioned off live. For more information and to activate your free trial click here.

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  1971 Dodge Challenger: Purple Rain

You say you want a leader. But that does not make you one. Perhaps choosing the right car will make you that leader. Too bad you cannot seem to make up your mind. Perhaps this 1971 Dodge Challenger will change that. A leader in showrooms, and on this road, it can surely be the car of a leader. With its customary V6 Engine, Power Steering, and Power Brakes, this Challenger will definitely not be left behind. It does need a few pieces to make the look complete, but to become a leader, we all need to work. One way to work on this car is to attend the live auction scheduled for April 20th. Become a Prince and activate your free trial here.

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  Defiant Hall and Closet Doorknobs: Defying The Linen

Have you ever feared opening up Pandora's Box? Who knows what is inside there. Anything can be in there. Of course, you do have the option, because you have the doorknob in place to make closing the door simple. But what if you do not have a doorknob and curiosity gets the better of you? That is why you should check out these Defiant Hall and Closet Doorknobs. Easy to install, and easy to use. All you need to do is turn the knob, and the door opens. Close the door, let go of the knob, and wouldn't you know? The door closes. The live auction for these doorknobs is April 14th. So activate your free trial here, and do not be scared off by the linen closet ever again.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

  Guitar Hero Wireless Controller for Wii: Slash and Dash

Forget Axl Rose. Who needs him? Certainly not you. I mean you have the Guitar Hero Wireless Controller for Wii. Just set this controller up and you can rock out as loud and as much as you want. Sweet Child of Mine will probably sound better without his convoluted vision of Chinese government clogging the microphone. If you already have other controllers, you can create a Guitar Hero band, and become the lead guitarist with this Guitar Hero Wireless Controller. All you would need to do is be the winning bidder when the live auction occurs on May 12th. Just activate your free trial here to get started on your new band.

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  2007 Bentley Continental GT Convertible: Put On Your Dancing Shoes

Welcome to the dance. At least that is what you will be saying to your friends when they climb into your like-new 2007 Bentley Continental GT Convertible. Although, their hearts will be in a world of pain, because they will know that it will be nearly impossible for them to outdo, or outclass you when you are driving this Bentley GT Convertible, especially when you put the top down. Chances are they will not even notice the custom rims on the car, nor the odometer reading of only 14,153 miles. The fact of the matter is that this car can be all yours come April 23rd when it is put up for auction. Activate your free trial here, and get your hands on this convertible just in time for summer.

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  Radio Shack HD Antennae: Rabbit Ears For Everyone

Ever since the switch from analog to digital, people have been trying to get the best possible signals for their television. We all remember those rabbit ears on our old television sets, but now you do not have to. With these two Radio Shack HD Antennae you can pick up signals sent out over the air. Just imagine being able to watch your television shows with such clarity that you can see the little hairs on the faces of the actors. It may forever change your viewing experience. Granted you may need an HDTV to fully appreciate the quality of the picture, but the same goes for the other way around. So attend the live auction on May 12th. Activate your free trial here, and get rid of those wire hangers.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

  1998 Nissan Altima GLE: Vehicular Clarity

Stop driving that beat up 1980 Datsun. It may seem like a good car, but having no air conditioning, no cruise control, and no anti-lock brakes, is just not right. Nor is it normal. Obviously you want to save money. That is why you should out this 1998 Nissan Altima GLE. It comes with Air Conditioning, Anti-Lock Brakes, Cruise Control, Power Windows and Locks, Leather Interior, and a 2.4 Liter V4 Engine. This car can be your car for the next few years if you treat it properly. And you can finally junk your old car. That is if you are the winning bidder when this car goes up for live auction on April 15th. Activate your free trial here, and finally get some clarity on the road.

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  North Myrtle Beach Condo: Oceanic Living

Living near the beach has its perks. Perhaps your only real day-to-day issue is keeping sand out of your food. That is why you will love this 3 bedrooms, 2 baths condominium located in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Feeling down? Just head out to your living room and look out the window. With an ocean view like that, how could you not be ecstatic. After all, you will be looking out a large oversized window. Of course, you could also head out to your oceanfront balcony. The choice is really yours. Chances are though that you will be quite happy because you will have access to both an indoor, and an outdoor pool. So activate your free trial here and find out when this property goes up for auction.

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  Gucci Snow Glam Large Boston Bag: It'll Bowl You Over

You know what is great about bowling ball bags? They can fit an eight pound ball, and still have room left over for other things. There is just one problem. Style. Bowling ball bags have none. Well, you can now match your bowling ball bag with this impressive Gucci Snow Glam Large Boston Bag; achieving your desire to be stylish. Just get yourself a black, red, and white bowling ball, and people will be commenting on how impressive it is that you dress to match your bowling ball. You can even find yourself a nice matching pair of shoes. Or just take this bag with you for a night on the town. The choice is yours, just so long as you are the winning bidder when the gavel slams at the live auction on April 14th. Click here for more information.

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  2006 Dodge Charger Special Edition: Back Off Boogaloo

You can tell a lot from the way a car sits. Does it look like it is a fast car? Does it make little children run away in fear? There is always one child that will sit and stare in amazement. That child was you. Well, relive your childhood and stare at this 2006 Special Edition Dodge Charger. Colored Burnt Orange, both on the outside and inside, this car is sure to inspire fear and respect amongst the neighborhood children. And for you? You will be getting a car in great shape, with low mileage that is ready to take on all those 'fancy' cars that seem to roam your neighborhood. The live auction takes place April 30th. Activate your free trial here, and start inspiring those around you.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

  Paslode Cordless Nailgun: Saving You From Doom and Quake

Have you ever wondered how they make things so quickly on television construction shows. It is not just the magic of editing (which does not hurt when it comes to making things look easy). It is the automated process embodied by the tools they use. Imagine being able to pull a trigger instead of hammering away. That is what you get with this Paslode Cordless Nailgun. Instead of having to reach for a hammer, then nail. All you have to do is properly squeeze the trigger, and boom, you have a nail in place. Forget breaking your fingers with an over-aggressive hammer tap. Just be the winning bidder for this machine at the live auction scheduled for April 14th. Activate your free trial here, and make your life easier.

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  2008 Aston Martin V8 Vantage: Can I Help You Mr. Bond?

The name is Martin. Aston Martin. And if you do not mind, I would like my car to be called Vantage. Now pair a beautifully sculpted body with a V8 Engine. Yeah, just like that. Why not make it sportier. And of course, lets try to keep the mileage below 2,000. That is right. We are talking about a 2008 Aston Martin Vantage 2-Door Sport that has only been driven 1,726 miles. Yes, we can wait a minute while you realign your jaw. And please stop salivating, it is messing up the shaken martini. Come April 23rd, this car can be all yours. So long as you are the winning bidder at the live auction. Activate your free trial here, and leave the details to us.

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  Single Family Home in San Antonio: Spur Of The Moment

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you to feast your eyes upon this beautiful single family home located in San Antonio, Texas. This two story stucco home comes with 4 bedrooms, meaning that even little Jimmy can have his own room. And not to worry, with 2.5 baths, getting ready for school should be no hassle.You also get a beautiful kitchen, dining room, and living room. All of which are topped off with the attached 1-car garage with storage. Oh, and included with all of these are: built-ins, hardwood and tile floors, a breakfast bar, walk-in closets, garden tub in the master bath, vaulted ceilings, top-notch security system, large patio, balcony, and fence to keep out any pests (whether they neighborly or animal). The live auction for this residence will take place May 6th. So activate your free trial here, and do not miss out.

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  Branson 4220 Tractor Model No. 190: Own The Field

Forget scarecrows and windbreaks. When mother nature sees you driving this big red machine, she will think twice before unleashing her fury upon you, lest you return the favor by merely gazing at her. This Branson 4220 Tractor (Serial No. 17547) is the Chuck Norris of the tractor world. Having only been driven for 165 hours, this tractor is in great shape. This Branson Tractor is ready to give a roundhouse kick to whatever Mother Nature throws its way, thanks to its bevy of attachments, including a mower attachment, forklift attachment, and leveler attachment. So do not delay too long, because the live auction will take place on April 20th. Activate your free trial here, and conquer Earth Day once and for all.

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  2003 Ford Mustang: Lay Down Sally

You know those silly little Italian sports cars that all those rich yuppies drive? They are not real sports cars. Drive them for more than ten miles and you probably need an oil change. You want a real American sports-car. Something like this 2003 Ford Mustang. Detroit born and raised, you know this Mustang can handle what you throw at it. With its V6 engine and power steering, it can sure keep up with those bad boys on the highway. I mean really, who really needs to go 0-60 in 3.2 seconds as opposed to 3.8 seconds? Do that on a local road and you will be looking at losing your license. If you want a well-furnished car at and affordable price, then check this 2003 Ford Mustang when it is up for live auction on April 21st. For more information, activate your free trial here.

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  1915 Corona Gold Coins: As Good As Gold

Duck-tales, where ducks swam in a sea of gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other fine metals and minerals. A cartoon we all loved can become reality. And by reality, we mean a start. You have to earn lots of money over time to get to that point. But this opportunity to purchase 20 one-ounce 1915 Corona Gold Coins is a great way to start. Put them in a small fishbowl, and your hand can take a nice dip in gold. Because the price of gold is on the rise, investing in these 1915 Corona Gold Coins can give you a solid return on investment. They are being auctioned live on April 29th. Activate your free trial here for more information.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

  Portable Neat Receipts SCSA4601E Scanner: Keeping Track

With tax season here, we are always trying to get our best bang for the buck. We want the best tax returns possible. A great way to do that is to keep track of all of your expenses. But remembering to hold on to our receipts can become too much of a hassle, especially when we are away on business. That is until now. With the Portable Neat Receipts SCSA4601E Scanner, you can now scan your receipts to your computer, and keep track of everything in a nice and neat manner. Forget giving your accountant piles of crumpled up receipts, just give them a nice file containing all of the receipt scans. The live auction for the Portable Near Receipts Scanner is April 14th. Click here to activate your free trial, and avoid the wrath of the Taxman.

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  1998 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide Motorcycle with Fuel Injection

Forget the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance. Forget choppers. Forget trikes. Forget your bicycle. You know why? Well, this 1998 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide Motorcycle with Fuel Injection, can become your new two-wheeled friend. Starting with a custom exhaust to the 2-Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Fuel Injected Engine, you know this motorcycle can clear the competition from the road. With a nice leather seat to sit on, hard saddle bags to keep your possessions safe from harm, fender lights, front floorboards, and Locking Forks, this bike is sure to keep you comfortable as well. So saddle up and head on over to the live auction on April 21st. For more information, click here and activate your free trial.

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  Vivitar PV Series Mini 8 x 21 Binoculars: Stop Squinting

Isn't it horrible when you go to the game only to realize that you can barely see anything from the nosebleeds? A baseball or hockey puck is hard enough to see when you are up close. Well, the time has come for you to stop squinting. With the Vivitar PV Series Mini 8 x 21 Binoculars, you can watch the game and feel like you are right there. Small enough to be carried in your pocket or purse, these binoculars are great for watching ballgames. Even if you are not into sports, you can use them for birdwatching, or other nature-like activities. The live auction for these binoculars is April 14th. Activate your free trial here, and stop squinting.

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Friday, April 02, 2010

  Dittrich Long Hair Beaver Coat: Navigate The Cold

If only Lewis and Clark had a fur coat like this, they may have been able to make it to the North Pole instead of the West Coast. Unlike Lewis and Clark, you can have the chance to own this Dittrich Long Hair Beaver Coat. Just imagine walking out into sub-zero temperatures and breaking a sweat. With this Dittrich Fur Coat, that may just happen. The fur coat is a Men’s, Size: 54 Long. It is a Double Breasted coat, with a 62-inch Sweep, and Dover Monogram. Yes, you will also be getting a new nickname for yourself, so long as you are the winning bidder at the live auction scheduled for April 14th. Activate your free trial here, and get ready to wrap yourself in warmth.

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  3 Badger 5 Garbage Disposals: Thrash That Trash

Washing dishes is enough of a hassle before the eventual sink backup. If you had a garbage disposal, that issue would not occur too often. Chopping up all of the leftover items that make their way down the drain, these 3 Badger Garbage Disposals can sure be helpful when you are washing and cleaning your dishes. They can also save you money on plumbers, because there is a smaller chance of food particles clogging your drain. And waiting for something to happen is also a bad idea, so attend the live auction for these Badger Garbage Disposals on April 14th. Activate your free trial here, and start thrashing those stubborn vegetables today.

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  Roger Dubuis Seamore Sports Activity Watch: It Speaks For Itself

Watch and listen. You hear the tick-tock of the clock? That noise is coming from your iced-out wrist candy. That's right, you are wearing the Roger Dubuis Seamore Sports Activity Watch. At least that is what you want to say, instead of saying that you are wearing the latest in drug store watch design. You want to be wearing that Roger Dubuis Seamore watch that comes with Automatic Movement, Crystal Case Back Window, Integrated Rubber Strap, Lugs and Shoulders that are set with Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, and a Silver Tone Dial. Of course, you can change your wrist bling to this watch, if you are the winning bidder at the live auction scheduled for April 14th. Activate your free trial here for more information, and show off your wrist with pride.

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  2001 BMW 530I: Waiting For An Owner Like You

Can you think of anything better than owning a car made by Bavarian Motor Works? If you cannot, then you should take a look at this 2001 BMW 530I. This fully-loaded BMW comes with everything from Leather Seating to Fog Lamps and a Pioneer Premium Stereo system. Of course do not forget the performance of this car, with its V6 Engine, and Adaptive Cruise Control. And anybody lucky enough to ride with you will be sure to enjoy the Woodgrain Interior Package and Leather interior. They will also feel secure because of the Dual Airbags and Power Brakes. So what are you waiting for? The live auction takes place April 21st. Activate your free trial here, and do not miss out on this car.

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  Montana Starter Home: Just Around The Bend

Finding a starter home can be such a hassle. You have to deal with annoying real estate agents and cannot always find what you are looking for. Well, this home located in Huntley, Montana (About a half-hour from Billings) may just change that. With Two Bedrooms, One Bathroom, and 1,371 square feet of living space, this home can be just right as your starter home. It gets better though, because this home sits on approximately 82 acres, and comes with an attached garage and several out-buildings. With all of that extra space, you will have the ability to expand as necessary and turn this starter home into your family home. This home will be auctioned off live on April 14th. Activate your free trial here, before its too late.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

  Cessna 150F: Flying Both The Friendly And Unfriendly Skies

For angels who have had their wings clipped, flying can be a big problem. But you can save these falling angels. Just pick them up with this 1965 Cessna 150F. While only a two seater, this propeller plane can at least handle one fallen angel. And saving one angel at a time should be more than enough. You can also use this plane to fly in and out of local and regional airports. Visit friends who live far away just by hopping into your plane and flying away. Of course, you do need to be licensed and insured to fly one of these planes, but the freedom you get can be unparalleled. Attend the live auction on May 8th for your chance at owning this fixed-wing aircraft. Activate your free trial here, and keep up-to-date with this and many other auctions.

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  Magnavox HDTV: See And Believe

Forget your standard-definition television. The colors just do not pop like they should. The time has come to start seeing things in high definition. With this 42-Inch Magnavox HD Television, you can do just that. Imagine seeing the oil sizzling, while a top television chef grills a juicy steak, or watching a Marian Gaborik slap-shot hitting the back of the net; all in high definition. These high definition images can become the norm for you, instead of the boring standard definition picture you are so used to seeing (so long as you have the proper channel setup). Want to see things in high-definition, just head on down to the live auction scheduled for April 14th. Activate your free trial here, and start seeing things the way they were meant to be seen.

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  General Electric Range and Stove: Feed Yourself

Chinese takeout can become a thing of the past once you learn how to cook on your own with this General Electric FS30 Range. Because it is an electric range, you do not have to worry about pilot lights going out, or other problems associated with gas ranges. In fact, you can use the four burners to cook yourself a meal worthy of royalty, or Chinese takeout (depending on your culinary skills). You can finally take charge of your diet and start eating healthily. You can even practice your culinary skills and impress your friends and family. The choice is yours, so long as you are the winning bidder at the live auction scheduled for April 14th. Activate your free trial here, and start your culinary adventure today.

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