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Please feel free to read or peruse these articles on various topics related to Government Auctions & Foreclosures


FEMA Trailers For Sale

Back in March 2007 the Government started offering FEMA Trailers for sale from the Katrina and Rita Disasters at fire-sale prices. After some time, however, a media storm hit with reports of formaldehyde in the construction of the trailers, and, FEMA Travel Trailers Stopped. Now -- after nearly a yearlong respite -- the FEMA trailers are back on sale top public. Read this informative news article for more information.


Foreclosure Investing

Learn about foreclosure investing and the three (3) different stages of foreclosure during which you can potentially buy property at a a bargain. From Notice of Default or Lis Pendens to Foreclosure Auctions to REO (or Real-Estate Owned Properties), this guide will quickly teach you what the basics.


Free Government Auctions

Looking for unbeatable free government auctions deals? Not only will you find sensational bargains, but the auctions themselves are completely free to attend and With our Free Trial account, you can access our government auction information for Free.


Government Seized Properties

There are a number of different possibilities for why property may be seized. Real estate is not only one of the most popular types of seized government property up for auction, but it’s also one of the most lucrative. Purchasing government seized properties is one of the best opportunities for to make a quick buck or to make a long-term investment.


Gun Auctions

Attending a live seized or surplus gun auction is simply a must for any avid hunter, gun or gaming enthusiast. Some of you may be asking, “what’s the difference is between going to your local gun dealer or attending a US government auction where Guns are auctioned off?” The answer is that, unlike firearms retailers, the government isn’t looking to make a profit off of the weapons they sell, and this increase your chances of a terrific deal. Read this article for more.


Military Surplus Vehicles

Every year the United States government auctions off tens of thousands of formerly used military surplus vehicles to anticipatory Americans wanting to get the deal of a lifetime. These vehicles may include military cars, trucks, or jeeps that were once used by our military, but whose services are no longer required. Learn about them in this article.


Tax Sales

Learn about Tax Sale investing and the two (3) different type of tax sales which you can potentially make money at. From Tax Lien Invesing to Tax Deed Sales, this guide will quickly teach youw hat most people don't know.