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How much does membership to this site cost?

The initial 3-Day Trial is completely FREE. Thereafter members pay only $ 19.95 per month for unlimited access, and may cancel anytime. You may also cancel before the trial expires, in which case you will not be charged at all. We think you'll love our service, and you'll want to keep it because of the great value it provides. However, we understand that you may still want to cancel, and so we let you do it most easily and without any hassles at all.

What's included in my membership?

In short, you get access to information about Thousands of Government Auctions coming up all over the US, Canada, and Online (Searchable by State Zip Code) and 100,000+ Foreclosure and Preforeclosure listings and lots more. You should also see the Member Privileges page for more detailed information.

What form of payment do you accept?

At current, we accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®, along with PayPal™.

Is this site affiliated with the U.S. or any other government?

No. The founder and CEO of our parent company, Cyweb Holdings Inc., is a former U.S. government employee. However, we are not affiliated with the U.S. government, nor are we associated in any way with any state, local or other government.

How do I know GovernmentAuctions.org® is safe and trustworthy?

Well, that's easy. First of all, GovernmentAuctions.org® zealously protects your privacy and security. By clicking on the "VeriSign Secured" seal on our homepage, you can see that we use VeriSign's SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology to protect any financial or other data you enter in our website through industry-leading encryption. By clicking on the "TRUSTe Certified Privacy" seal you can be assured that our privacy statement and practices have been thoroughly reviewed by this privacy watchdog group for compliance with their strict privacy program requirements Secondly, by clicking the "OnlineReview certified" banner, you can be assured that information we make available about ourselves on this site is valid and meets the highest ethical and business practice standards. Thirdly, you can easily verify that GovernmentAuctions.org® is consistently lauded, written and spoken about in the media. From CNBC appearances to radio interviews to magazine and newspaper articles. Just see our News Section or What People Are Saying About Us Section for proof. Fourthly, GovernmentAuctions.org® is considered such a good resources that several authors have put us in their books. See Terry Eilers, Real Estate Millions in Any Market, P 196 (John Wiley 2004) Dennis L. Prince, Unleashing the Power of eBay, P 190 (McGraw Hill 2005) Marsha Collier & B. Summers, Starting an EBay Business for Canadians for Dummies, P 137 (For Dummies 2007) James Stephenson & J.R. Rich, 202 Things You Can Buy and Sell for Big Profits, P 226 (Entrepreneur Press 2008) Finally, during regular business hours (from 9 am to 6 pm Est. M-F) you can call us at 1(516) 203-7172, and speak to a live support person who can answer any questions that you have.

Do you update the Government Auctions and Foreclosures listings in the Member section?

Yes. We use a sophisticated database of government auctions and foreclosures, and update it ALL THE TIME (including additions) in order for you to have in hand current information, and as many government auction listings as possible. We have a research team dedicated to this task, and they work very hard daily.

Can I really buy or find all the items displayed on your homepage at Government Auctions?

Yes. Most certainly. In fact, the cars, boat, scooter, watch, ring, and laptops pictured on our home page were not too long ago up for auction at various auctions by the Government. Moreover, due to space limitations, we obviously could not include pictures of representations of every type of property that is available at government auctions. We included real estate, automobiles, boats, recreation vehicles, motorcycles, jewelry and watches, and electronics as these are generally the most sought after and available items at government auctions. However, many many more items and properties are available at government auctions, only some of which are furniture, art, businesses, farm equipment, fixtures, undeveloped land, retail stores, industrial properties, golf courses, aircraft, hardware, laboratory equipment, collectibles, a whole bunch of different types of general merchandise, and even animals and stables. Think of it this way: anything that you ever wanted to buy, you probably can find at government auctions, but at a discount.

I’ve heard that I can buy an expensive car, house, boat or aircraft at a government auction for $10. Is this true?

No. Well, let us clarify that: It is possible, although highly unlikely. However, other sites will make you believe that this is typical of a government auction. It is not. It happens once in blue moon. You will however be able to find a whole slew of bargains on various items and properties at a huge discount off the normal price. You will also likely run into some unbelievable deals, especially for those government auctions which are less competitive (like for bulk lots.) This is because the federal, state and local governments obtain this property either for free (like when it's seized) or at a large discount (when it's surplus), and really have no profit motive other than to receive whatever amount of money they can get from it. Can you get a car for $100? Yes, but it will not be a brand new Mercedes. That having been said, on many occasions, you can get the bargain of a lifetime.

There are other sites out there that claim to offer the inside scoop to government auctions information, what makes you any different?

Well, first of all there is no inside scoop, and we do not offer such nonsense. Those sites that claim that they’ll provide you with the “Secrets” to government auctions are full of it. In our member section, we have an excellent Government Auctions tutorial. Besides that, only really useful information to you is when and where these auctions are held, and what's sold at them. What we do is provide you with a comprehensive database of such auctions which includes those that are coming up at located in your state or territory and online so that you can participate in them. And we also let you search for Government Auction Autos and Items. For good measure, we also throw in more than 100,000 searchable Foreclosure and Pre-Foreclosure listings. However, the best way to making money at government auctions or getting your desired house, car, or other item real cheap is to use your head. If you do that and research the value of what you're buying, you'll get some great deals. And you could probably get these deals on anything you that you ever wanted. But besides doing the initial legwork, there's no secret formula to success at government auctions. Everyone can potentially walk away with a great deal!