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Foreclosures in MI

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Foreclosures in MI

Michigan Foreclosures

You selected Michigan Foreclosures. Michigan currently has 61 Foreclosure & other Properties Listed. Click ''Details'' for each property to see additional real estate information about it. Otherwise, pick a county within MI to view foreclosures and other properties in that county.

View Pic Type City State Zip Bed/Bath Price
Details Foreclosure NewberryMI498680/0  $5300 
Details Foreclosure DetroitMI482340/0  $10000 
Details Foreclosure JonesvilleMI492503/1  $29400 
Details Foreclosure SaginawMI486043/1  $30000 
Details Foreclosure Mount MorrisMI484582/1  $32900 
Details Foreclosure FlintMI485053/1  $37900 
Details Foreclosure CorunnaMI488173/1  $39900 
Details Foreclosure LansingMI489102/2  $48700 
Details Foreclosure UblyMI484753/2  $48900 
Details Foreclosure SaginawMI486013/1  $49900