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"State and local government surplus sales are currently about 25 percent higher than they were in July, according to . . . ."
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" is a great Web site where you can find bargains. The site aggregates all the governmental Web sites in the U.S. and is reportedly very busy these days."


"It's fascinating and it could be a way to make money as well. If you go to one of these aggregate websites like, that's a pretty good place to start."


"Websites can help you shop for foreclosed homes or commercial sites nationally. . . . offers access to a database on auctions of seized, surplus and abandoned items (including real estate) . . . ."

"[With] you can buy seized and surplus items at a heavy discount."

"[Y]ou can access dozens of government auction lists (that often feature furniture) at []"

"[U]seful Web sites include"

" . . . . acts as a clearinghouse for local, state, and federal auctions . . . .
Customers access the listings . . . of . . .live and online government auctions. Once customers find
items they want, they visit the auction sites to carry out the bid process."

[G]oing to auctions is like Christmas in July. There are many options, such as IRS, Customs, Military, Marshal, State Treasury, and state and local governments that auction late-model luxury cars . . . [listed at] . . . . . . .

"Hillsborough educators are still considering several host auction sites including the Internet's largest, eBay, as well as . . ."

"You can get some great deals if you know what you're doing," says [ member Russ Fritz]. "I bought a lot of 2,000 ammunition cans for 15 cents per can and sold them for $4 per can. So for a $300 investment, plus time and shipping, I made $8,000." 




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"I would recommend a site I use in my business (buying and selling large bulk lots of anything), and this site is They have tons of media coverage, and the CEO's been on CNBC, and they have fai[r]ly[sic] good data and excellent support."



"The most up-to date and trustworthy site for government auctions and foreclosures."


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"[T]his is a good outfit, and I am happy to recommend it to the public without any reservation."


TRUSTe (Privacy Watchdog Group)

"The privacy statement and practices of have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance with our strict program requirements."


Case Study Now

"The listings of auctions given inside the website is quite comprehensive and very user friendly."


Foreclosure Product Reviews

" is one of the better designed foreclosure sites I’ve been to in awhile. It’s more comprehensive, professionally done, detailed and accessible than most."


My Auction Facts

"[F]rom our study, this is the best auction site available today."


Auction Review

" has more robust features, such as the Auction Spotlights where the editors will pick the best government auctions taking place"


Site Product Review

"[G][sic] actually delivers what it promises"


Government Auction Reviews on BlogSpot

" proves to be a leader in the industry, with the most recent and accurate listings, including hundreds of online auctions taking place at any given time. The amount of items that can be found on is staggering, and include repossessed or seized automobiles, property foreclosures, seized consumer goods including jewelery, electronics, and much more.


Auction Review

"A highly recommended site if you love going to auctions . . . ."


Submit Product Ratings

" is a very informative website, giving all details of the government auctions, with respect to their availability, location and type."


My Auction Facts

"[F]rom our study, this is the best auction site available today."


Gov Stuff Addict

"All the information you need is on GovernmentAuctions[.org] and it shows you what you need to do to start successfully purchasing cars, houses, jewelery, electronics and a tremendous assortment of other items being sold at these auctions at significantly lower prices."


Government Auction Site Reviews

"This no-nonsense, state-of-the-art site is updated frequently and is the best we have ever seen. With the most up-to-date government and police auctions, and tax sales, the largest auction database available and excellent customer service you just can't go wrong . . . ."



*Note that review sites/reviewers may have a business, affiliate or other material relationship with and/or others sites they review. While business interest does not, without more, mean partiality, this disclosure is done in the interest of reinforcing our trustworthy reputation with our visitors and members.

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