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Roger’s Lost Tapes: Alien Treasure Hunt

cute alienOnce upon a time there was an extraterrestrial named Roger the alien. He came from a place far, far away. His home planet was farther away from the USA than Mexico is! Roger had flown his alien spaceship all the way to the USA with a mission in mind. He asked people, “Where is NASA?” “In Florida,” they answered, and so he went on his merry way to find that which his heart desired.

Usually, upon visiting NASA, aliens are normally already dead from their failed earth landings. Others still are finished off by Area 51 Aliens hunter squads. Roger had actually been featured in quite a few NASA UFO Videos in his day as a UFO Pilot, and a photo of Roger in flight had been featured in the Aliens Illustrated Best UFO Pictures of the year! ISS LocationAnyhow, I digress. So there Roger was, looking at the NASA Space Center from afar, trying to figure out how to get the treasure that would fix his UFO and allow him to get back home. All that Roger needed was some electrically conductive tape in order to get his ship back in business! Unfortunately, his stock of conductive adhesive tape was down to zero, and he needed to get out of Area 51, fast! Suddenly, Roger had an epiphany.

He would sign up for some NASA tours, and hope to spot some of the materials he needed. If he would be able to get some sort of Gold tape, that would be ideal! As he was preparing to enter the alien danger zone that is Area 51, someone told him that he doesn’t need to endanger himself in order to get some gold foil tape.”Forget about your NASA toys,” the man said, “just visit GovernmentAuctions.org and buy some conductive gold duct tape yourself! The bidding starts at just $50 for a roll that was owned by NASA so you will get the original parts without the extreme danger involved. but I must warn you,” he said sternly, “you have to hurry because this auction ends in a week from today at 5 PM (Central Time). So what are you waiting for? Head on over to www.governmentauctions.org by clicking here and subscribe for your FREE 3 day trial!

Become a Musical Prodigy Today With Your Very Own Piano!

One of the most desired talents of our future generations is the ability to play an instrument. There is no doubt that the instrument itself, as well as the lessons, cost a lot of money. And in this day in age, the innovation of the internet and new softwares have made it much easier for people to learn how to play an instrument for cheap.  However that does not substitute for the extraordinary prices for the instrument itself. Luckily there is a government auction going on right now that is for a piano that is in a decent condition. Although it needs some repairs and a tune up, this deal will still be banging for your buck. New or used, a piano is an instrument that will make you and your kids smarter as you learn to play. And let’s be honest, used pianos can go for about one thousand dollars. That is why this deal is a steal; there have been only 2 bidders so far, and the current bid is at $48. But you have to hurry because this auction ends tomorrow at 5:33 PM (Central Time). So what are you waiting for? Head on over to www.governmentauctions.org by clicking here and subscribe for your FREE 3 day trial!

Large Diamond Jewelry Auction!

This one of a kind auction is a chance to score big at a very low price! As part of a larger, 23 lot Online General Property Auction starting today and running through March 22nd, there are 5 separate lots of some beautiful jewelry for you to bid on! Whether priceless rings, necklaces or a wedding band, you can have it all with these amazing, auction showcasing lots of beautiful diamonds!. The 5 Lots are,

Lot 1) 1 Platinum Engagement Ring with 12 Princess Cut Diamonds and an Emerald Cut Diamond set in the center. Included in this auction is a paired Platinum Wedding Band set with 19 Princess Cut Diamonds.

Lot 2) 1 gorgeous Womens Ring with 48 Round Cut Diamonds, and a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond in the Center.

Lot 3) 1 Diamond Necklace with a Black Rhodium Plated chain and a Cross suspended from a Rosette center link.

Lot 4) 1 Mens 5-Row Diamond ring with 65 Princess Cut Diamonds.

Lot 5) 1 Ladies Necklace with a Solitaire Pendant and a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.

All of these auctions start at $100 with $10 bid increments and as of yet have no bidders. So if any of the above jewelry gets you excited, click here to head over to www.governmentauctions.org and subscribe for your FREE 3 day trial!

Take Pictures and Record Videos Like a King

Have you ever wanted to become a filmmaker but couldn’t find a way to get all of your equipment for cheap? Well here is your deal of the week that you do not want to miss out on. This government auction consists of the epic Sony HDR-FX7 Digital Camcorder as well as many other camcorder accessories. For example, this lot comes with SD cards so there’s no need for you to get out and spend an excessive amount of money for your storage. Not only that, but it also comes with a digital voice recorder that comes handy for dramatic scenes for your movies. And don’t worry above finding a friend to record your films because this deal comes with two mini tripods for stable and perfect shots. And if video recording isn’t your main goal, this deal is still sweet because it comes with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 Digital Camera that has a 14-140mm lens. But wait because if that camera doesn’t do you any good you are also getting a Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital Camera, which has a 18-55mm lens. And I know what you are thinking…this deal is great but how am I going to carry all my stuff? Well Sir/Madam, this lot comes with a backpack for you to transport all of your equipment everywhere. This auction ends on 03/24 at 12:00 (Central Time) and there have been no bidders so far, so if you live in or near Richmond, Virginia, head on over to www.governmentauctions.org by clicking here and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial!