Rock your life with this amazing piano and guitar lot!

What would life be without music!  Music charges our souls, makes us think, smile and   feel good!  But most important, it is a way to get people together in a positive manner and allow us to communicate to other people whatever words cannot communicate!

Here it is a great opportunity for all the people who play instruments or wish their kids to learn.  One lot to include Piano, Mfg Clark and Story,1ea; guitar, Mfg Fender, Model Telecaster, includes case with mics, special effects pedals, cables, 1 ea. Repairable issues include but are not limited to piano has several “dead” keys and needs TLC, guitar looks to be in good condition however maybe needs repairs.  Let your kids become creatively smarter.  Invest in their creativity!  Who knows, they might fall in love with the piano and become the Mozart of our times..

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