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The era of live only conferences is over! Nowadays, technology allows us to simplify almost every action during our days and reaching across the globe to have anybody’s face in your conference room.  So if you are interested in making your meetings wildly more accessable, this is the right item for you to bid on.  Imagine. Instead of having to organize a meeting with 10 people coming to your office and  having to deal with chairs or a buffet for the end of the meeting,  you can simply get to your beach office in a waterfront house in the caribbean, make your self comfortable and easily start a video conference with as many people as you want wherever they are located! No headaches!  This is a really revolutionary item.. No more limitations with live meetings. Get this Polycom video teleconference simply by bidding on it and winning with the highest bid.  You might be able to bring it home  without spending too much.  It is in good condition, ready to be part of your office to make your meetings easier to participate in!  We can understand the fact that live conferences still have their place. But, the world is changing and everyone is leaning to technology in order to make their lives easier and more successful. That is what you should do also! Invest in technology that will make your work much more productive!

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