Gun and Rifle Accessories Lot up for Auction!

Exercise your right to save money! Check out this lot currently up for auction:

- Gun Accessories: Scope Mounts, 100 each
- Laser Sights:
AT, 199 each
- Gun Accessories:
Reflex Sights, 19 each
- Gun Accessories:
Holographic Sights, 29 each
- Gun Accessories:
Laser Bore Sights, 49 each
- Gun Accessories:
Rifle Bipods, 48 each
- Gun Accessories:
Picatinny Rifle Quad Rails, 100 each
- Gun Accessories:
Rail Mount Weapon Lights, 49 each
- Gun Accessories:
Picatinny Rail Covers, 300 each
- Gun Accessories:
Pistol Lanyards, 50 each
- Gun Accessories:
Swivel Attachments, 100 each

This auction ends 11/22/16 so hurry and register so you can bid now!

Resources for Information on Collecting Rare Coins

Collecting rare gold coins can be a rewarding and lucrative hobby. Since commodity prices generally tend to rise, and since coins are essentially a historical artifact that cannot be reproduced, trading gold coins can be a great source of supplemental income.

A great place to start is with the “Redbook”, known officially as the “Guide Book of United States Coins” which gives beginner collectors information to help them understand the coin market and how coins are valued. There are two main coin grading services, PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) and NGS (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) which grade and recognize rare coins. They also offer pricing guides as well.

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