Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unique Snow Globes: Check Out This Big Lot!

snowglobes1This lot of 40 Unique Snow Globes can be yours soon. This current online auction for 40 Snow Globes would no down bring a smile to anyone’s face. There is something intrinsically soothing about shaking a snow globe up real hard and watching all the fake snow settle and swish around the middle of the globe. You could pick these items up from their home in Colorado or you could have them shipped to you. However, you should instruct them to package the globes really well, other wise you would receive a package that is full of water and broken glass, and we are pretty sure that no one wants that kind of present. These would make great gifts for the holidays or some nice decorations for you to have in your home. If you want more information on this lot of items and many other government auctions then you should activate your free trial here.

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