Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tip-A-Canoe! Enjoy this canoe at a great price.

canoeCanoes can be super expensive, but once you own one, it can last a lifetime which is why finding one on an auction so cheap is such a great find. Whereas usually you’d have to fork over hundreds of dollars for the luxury of floating down the river, you can bid on one today for just 35 dollars! Unlike some other buys, here there is very little risk and very high reward. With a simple craft like a canoe, not much can go wrong and that which does go wrong can be easily fixed by plugging the hole so not much risk is involved with buying one! This example is a Mad River Explorer 16 used canoe and in overall fair condition which comes with comfortable woven seats to sit on in the bow and stern, rather than an uncomfortable metal seat. It has some normal wear and tear for something that is meant to be kept outside and used in the water but besides for the finish fading due to being outside for several years it’s in pretty good shape. The canoes are being auctioned out of Fort Worth, TX and the current high bid is just 35$. Check out this steal of a deal and place your bid before November 4, at 10:11 AM Central Time (CT). To find out more about this auction or to search for more amazing finds, click here to subscribe to which comes with a FREE 3 day trial!

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