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Monday, March 11, 2013

Executive Desk: You’re in Command

boss deskUp for grabs at this upcoming online auction is this really neat—and big—Executive Desk. It’s a desk designed for the big boss, the commando. Sitting behind this desk will infuse you with so much power—hopefully without any delusions of grandeur—that you’ll probably feel like you were the president of the U.S. in his cozy Oval Office. While this desk isn’t nearly as fancy as the Resolute Desk found in the actual Oval Office, it certainly is nothing to scoff at either. Judging from its appearance, it’s made of pure quality wood. That’s something you don’t see too often nowadays with all the machine-manufactured plastic, metal, or carbon-fiber desks. That said, you can probably be looking to get a good bargain price on this item since not many people will specifically be on the lookout for a classic wooden desk. If you’re interested, get started today by registering for your 3 day free trial.

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