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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Framed Art: Step Up Your Art Game!

lot 023a julia omalley keyesWhen people come into your home and there is nothing on the walls but a clock and some thermometers–there is a problem. Ever person needs to have at least once piece of amazing artwork hanging from their walls. They are great conversation starters, and people will marvel over them. Here is your chance to own your first framed piece. Up for auction is a framed art piece by Julia O’Malley Keyes, entitled “Moored Sail Boats in Cape Cod.” The frame measures 29.75in x 36.75in, so this is a big enough piece to cover a large area in your home. If you want to place a bid, you are going to have to do it at the live auction that will be held on January 21. Make sure you get there early! You don’t wanna miss out. Click here for more info!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Framed Art: Lovely Replica!

replica paintingAre you looking at your living room walls right now and wondering why they look so bare? Well the reason is most likely that you don’t have enough artwork. Hanging a piece of artwork in your home can be a great conversation starter or just make your abode look interesting. Up for auction is a painting that is a replica in style of Raoul Dufy. It is oil on artist’s board – 8 1/4 X 10. This piece depicts figure in a seaside landscape. It is signed and has a lovely giltwood frame. This item can only be bid on through a live auction. This is auction is scheduled for December 8 and will be located in Miami, Florida. Mark your calender and get ready to bid. Click here to activate your free trial account today.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oregon Trail Artwork: History & Value–All-In-One

oregonToday is a chance for you to own a piece of history. We all know the background of the Oregon it is time for you to showcase the lovely scenes of those great times. This auction is for a glass framed artwork of the Oregon Trail. This long piece is approximately 12×48. This piece shows pictures and writings from that historic period. Hang this up for all your friends and family to see or store it away because you know this is a collector’s item. This item is only available through and online auction. This auction ends in four days, while the current bid is only $15. If you want more info on this item, you are going to have to head to

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Framed Art: Perfect To Hang Above Your Bed

blue ice girlHaving framed art in a home looks a heck of a lot better then regular band posters or just a plain wall. You should show people how cultured and artistic you have become by lining your home with fantastic pieces of art. This auction is for a piece of framed art by Laurie Cooper entitled Blue Ice. This piece of art dates back to 1998 and is in a medium pastel. It measures 40″ x 19.25″ and the frame measures: 53″ x 32.” The painting is also signed in lower right corner. This item is available through an online auction that ends in six days. The current bid is $40. You could get a lovely piece for greatly discounted price. Click here for the details on this item and many more like it.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Framed Painting: Show People You Are Cultured

la faceThere is nothing that brings a room together then a nice oil painting. What once was a blank wall is now transformed into a conversation starter at a dinner party. This painting is titled “LA Face” and was drawn by Laurie Cooper. It is a contemporary medium pastel and it measures 27″ x 20.5″ and the frame measures: 40″ x 34.” This is a nice large piece that can take up a ton of wall space. It is also signed in the lower right corner. This piece of art is available through an online auction. The current bid is only $100, and the bidding ends in 10 days. Want more details on this piece? Click here and activate your free trial account today.

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