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Friday, March 18, 2016

Roger’s Lost Tapes: Alien Treasure Hunt

cute alienOnce upon a time there was an extraterrestrial named Roger the alien. He came from a place far, far away. His home planet was farther away from the USA than Mexico is! Roger had flown his alien spaceship all the way to the USA with a mission in mind. He asked people, “Where is NASA?” “In Florida,” they answered, and so he went on his merry way to find that which his heart desired.

Usually, upon visiting NASA, aliens are normally already dead from their failed earth landings. Others still are finished off by Area 51 Aliens hunter squads. Roger had actually been featured in quite a few NASA UFO Videos in his day as a UFO Pilot, and a photo of Roger in flight had been featured in the Aliens Illustrated Best UFO Pictures of the year! ISS LocationAnyhow, I digress. So there Roger was, looking at the NASA Space Center from afar, trying to figure out how to get the treasure that would fix his UFO and allow him to get back home. All that Roger needed was some electrically conductive tape in order to get his ship back in business! Unfortunately, his stock of conductive adhesive tape was down to zero, and he needed to get out of Area 51, fast! Suddenly, Roger had an epiphany.

He would sign up for some NASA tours, and hope to spot some of the materials he needed. If he would be able to get some sort of Gold tape, that would be ideal! As he was preparing to enter the alien danger zone that is Area 51, someone told him that he doesn’t need to endanger himself in order to get some gold foil tape.”Forget about your NASA toys,” the man said, “just visit and buy some conductive gold duct tape yourself! The bidding starts at just $50 for a roll that was owned by NASA so you will get the original parts without the extreme danger involved. but I must warn you,” he said sternly, “you have to hurry because this auction ends in a week from today at 5 PM (Central Time). So what are you waiting for? Head on over to by clicking here and subscribe for your FREE 3 day trial!

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