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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Watch out because an iconic supercar is heading to the auction block.

lamboThe car at it’s most basic is a commodity, and just like a smartphone or a sunglasses, it’s meant to just fulfill a need efficiently and easily. You may enjoy having the item and get some modicum of usefulness beyond its basic intended function, but for the most part, cars are just that, cars. Sometimes though, cars can breach that invisible line, move beyond the strict definition of a “gas propelled, people mover” and become something that enters into the realm of the emotion. There are a few cars that come to mind but one that sticks out is the Lamborghini. Lamborghinis have never been made to be a regular people mover. From the formation of the chassis to the body panel styling this car is 100% intended to be a gorgeous, emotional speed machine. Whipping down the road, with the light from nearby streetlights intermittently flashing across its tightly styled form, heads turn as the beast known as the Lamborghini makes its growling way down the road. Instantly, it owns the road with its strong presence, helped by a ferocious engine that can rocket up to 8,000 RPM, cranking out 512 horsepower. That is what is being auctioned off, a chance to own, that. a 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Not only is is beautiful and fast, this drop top version allows you to enjoy not just the finely sculpted interior, but get the full sensory experience of the outer environment making your drive that much more momentous. the wind blowing in your hair, the smells wafting through the air, all while driving a performance beast. Now you may be thinking, “yeah but it is a 2007 and is almost almost 8 years old” and I concede that point, but keep in mind that it is an 8 year old car that has a top speed of 195 MPH, still a crazy top speed for today’s speed demons and it comes with a V-10 engine that is getting more and more rare in this efficiency minded era of car production. also, with these types of cars, sometimes a little age works in its benefit and means it had time to “ferment” and become that much more beautiful, iconic, and sophisticated, like an expensive bottle of wine. This auction is a chance to get your hands on this remarkable car, at an even more remarkable price. Bidding doesn’t start until November 3, but you should definitely head over and see more details of the auction to get ready for the bidding. This exact example is a 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with 35,849 miles on the odometer. The auction begins November 3 at 11:00 AM and ends November 10, 11:08 AM. The starting bid is a laughable 100$ with a minimum 100$ bid increment. For any further information about these, or any other auctions, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

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