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Foreclosures in GA

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Foreclosures in GA

Georgia Foreclosures

You selected Georgia Foreclosures. Georgia currently has 24 Foreclosure & other Properties Listed. Click ''Details'' for each property to see additional real estate information about it. Otherwise, pick a county within GA to view foreclosures and other properties in that county.

View Pic Type City State Zip Bed/Bath Price
Details Foreclosure Forest ParkGA302973/3  $110000 
Details Foreclosure ThomsonGA308244/2  $116200 
Details Foreclosure ChatsworthGA307053/2  $118000 
Details Foreclosure ColumbusGA319073/2  $125000 
Details Foreclosure La FayetteGA307283/2  $137250 
Details Foreclosure ToccoaGA305772/2  $139000 
Details Foreclosure ThomastonGA302863/1  $140000 
Details Foreclosure DaltonGA307213/1  $143300 
Details Foreclosure EatontonGA310243/2  $151700 
Details Foreclosure JacksonGA302333/2  $153000