Marc Ecko Watch: This Thing Is A Stunner!

marc ecko watchThere are some auction items that are just “okay”, and then there are the items that make you wanna jump in there air and give your best friend an “air-five”. This next item is sure to have your hand sore from all the awesome “air-fives”  you will be giving out today. This auction is for a Gent’s Marc Ecko watch. It is stainless steel and has a pink plated metal face. This fancy-looking timepiece has pink crystals and uses a Japan quartz movement. This watch is seriously no-joke. People will be asking about it all day, and you will have the great honor and pleasure of explaining to how cheap you got it for. This fine item will only be available at this live auction on March 30. It will be held in get ready for a road-trip. Check out for more info.

Toshiba Laptop: The Power Of The Web In The Palm Of Your Hands!

toshiba laptop2You can’t come close to understanding how great it feels to have the ability to search the web or to talk to your girlfriend on your computer–in your favorite recliner or your bed. Sitting at your moldy old desk with your gigantic screen gets monotonous and boring. You need a change. We can help with that. Up for auction is a fantastic looking Toshiba laptop. This item, model L645D is perfect for anyone getting ready to head off to college next semester. Throw this baby up in your dorm room and you are good to go. No more running to the library at 2AM to print out the latest review sheet for your exam. If you want to know more on this item, then you should check out the live auction that will be held on March 30. Want all the extra details? Simply click here and activate your free trial account today.