20 Bicycles: Ride On Down That Road.

20 BikesIf you run a bike shop then you should check out this current online auction for 20 Bicycles. These bikes are a great way to get around and get in shape. If you wanted to resell them all you would need to do was tune them up a little bit and you would be well upon your way to glory. If you get these items at a low price then there is no telling how much of a profit can be made from them. These bikes are now located in Virginia and can be picked up at the auction site once you win. Then you can take these bikes anywhere you want and start your bicycle revolution! Cycling is an extremely fun and great way to get around. It leaves a non existent carbon footprint so when you get on a bike you are not only helping yourself but the environment as well. The current bid on this lot is only $110 with the auction ending in early March. Find out more about this lot and about many more items by clicking here.