11 Treadmills: Running So Fast!

11 TreadmillsWhat’s better than working out on one treadmill? How about working out on 11 Treadmills that are currently up for online auction!? Well if you were planning on opening up your own gym and needed some equipment to make that happen this is the auction for you! This auction will get you 11 good treadmills that you could set up in a room or even resell. You could even make some art nuveu out of them and create the worlds only fully functional treadmill sculpture. You would be the MC Escher of treadmill insanity! These treadmills are located in Maryland and can be picked up when you win the auction. These treadmills will last forever if you took care of them properly and they would also help you get in shape. The current bid on these items is only $600 with the auction ending May 4. Find out more about this auction and many more by activating your free trial now!