This Auction Is Ticking!

12_5_17 Diesel WatchesAre you someone who loves to collect watches and are always looking to add more to your fabulous collection? Do you want to look stylish everywhere you go? Well, tune up that dial because this auction is ticking! This auction has one lot that consists of 4 watches. The first watch is 3 bar, stainless steel, black dial, 57mm case, not in working condition, and weighs 224.4 grams. The second watch is stainless steel & silicone, black dial, 50mm case, not in working condition, and weighs 224.2 grams. The third watch is stainless steel, black dial, 48mm case, not in working condition, and weights 195.6 grams. The fourth watch is stainless steel, black dial, rubber & stainless steel band, 50mm Case, not in working condition, and weights 178.2 grams. This auction is part of the United States Treasury Department Nationwide General Property Auction that starts on Tuesday, December 5 at 11 am ET and ends one week later on Tuesday, December 12 at 11 am ET. At the moment the current bid is $70, so be sure to be one of the next ones to bid and have a chance at winning this amazing auction at a large discount! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial.