Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12 Fancy Assorted Fine Writing Pens: The Pen Is Mightier

PensNext up on the auction block is something for all your pen collectors out there. Currently available for online bid is this assortment of fine writing pens. There are 12 pens in total, all of which vary in size and manufacturer. Just some of the pen manufacturers in the lot include Monteblanc, Waterman, and Parker among others. The pens are all in good condition, however some many need new ink cartridge so keep that in mind. The authenticity of the items have also not been verified so we’d also strongly recommend you come in for a preview of these items yourself. The current asking price for this lot is just $336 with 6 online bids already placed. This auction will be ending in just 2 days, 5 hours, and 39 minutes so be sure to activate your 3 day free trial right now in order to learn all about it! Don’t delay!



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