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Nationwide Sale Unclaimed or Abandoned Merchandise

On Wednesday February 17 at 11am a huge online auction begins. The auction is a huge nationwide sale of merchandise that was unclaimed and/or abandoned at port sites! There are 36 different lots of goods being auctioned off and it is quite and exciting group of deals! From leather jackets, footwear, imitation jewelry, and leather sandals, to Scion hoods and trunks, gasoline drill hammers, aircraft parts and ball pen ink, there is quite an eclectic group of items up for sale! Some neat highlights from the auction are a really nice looking 2007 Mercedes Benz that looks like it was abandoned by its owner starting at just 1 dollar and some expensive medical equipment also starting a a super low $1. These type of abandoned merchandise auctions are a great chance to get great deals on good stuff that was left behind by its owner. Each lot is like another hidden gem filled with great stuff. This auction ends Thursday February 18 at 11am (all times listed are in Eastern Time) and then it is no more. Check out all the other lots up for auction and place your bid by clicking here to head over to and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial!

Lots Of Ipad Tablets Up For Auction! Yay!

Yay! Tablet Frenzy! For some reason, seeing piles of awesome (and not to mention, expensive) high end electronics all stacked up, makes me giddy! There is something about seeing these highly engineered and futuristic electronics all together in one pile that really conjures up images of the very wealthy and limitless spending. Well feast you eyes because today I am happy to tell you about an auction for a large sale of Ipads 2′s and other electronics. In particular, this pile of goods are 24 iPad 2′s with a 64 GB memory and a 9.7 inch screen along with 1 Samsung tablet. In addition to all the the tablet-y goodness, thrown is are 8 Logitech detachable keyboards and 1 Apple detachable keyboard to accessorize these wonders. This  online auction is based out of Auburn, WA with an end date of January 13 at 8:15 PM Central Time (CT) so place your bid. The current bid is 1,305 USD with 10 bidders which is laughable when you keep in mind that a new one of these retails for $375, so it would be an understatement to say this is an amazing deal! If you are as excited about this auction as I am then click here, head over to and subscribe for your FREE 3 day trial.

Bid on 7 great iPhones for 1 low price!

Apple is the undisputed ruler of the smartphone world and whether you love them or hate them, their iPhone will be around in a big way for a long time to come. One of the downsides to their clout in the industry is they have the power to price their phones how they like; and they sure do. An unlocked iPhone 6s starts at $649, and if you want a bigger screen or a bigger memory card, it quickly gets more expensive usually in multiples of $100! One alternative way to get the usefulness of the iPhone without the wallet-lightening downside is to buy a used, earlier model iPhone. While in the beginning of the smartphone wars, every new model launch came with huge jumps in functionality and usability, such as the iPhone 2 to the iPhone 3, in recent models the changes have gotten less and less pronounced. The “furthest back” iPhone that has the majority of the current iPhone’s basic functionality is probably the iPhone 4S. With a still great camera, Siri capability and Apples simple interface, there are still many people who are still happily using and relying on their 4S. For today auction, you can bid on 7 iPhone 4S’s that come equipped with cases and other accessories. Keep them for you and your family, or sell them for a quick profit of at least $100 each; either way, the current bid of $85 is quite a steal. Check out this auction and place your bid before the 10:30 AM (CT) January 11th end date and cash in on this great find! For more amazing auctions like this, click here to head over to and receive your FREE 3 day trial!

Huge variety of items up for auctions!

On December 9 there will be a large one day auction for a huge variety of goods. This is your chance to once again benefit from and buy a huge variety of goods at way below retail costs. Each item is being auctioned off separately and has it’s own separate bidding. Included in the list of available auctions to bid on are such varied items as:

  • Gas Masks
  • Textile Goods
  • A Capsule Filling Machine
  • Gold Bars
  • Clothing
  • Reading Glasses
  • Glass Chandeliers
  • Watches
  • Wood Carvings
  • Lights
  • Automotive Rims
  • Playground Accessories
  • Salon Tools
  • Toys & Video Games
  • Face Lift Machine
  • Sports Bracelets
  • Medical Freezer
  • Wine & Brandies
  • LED Speakers
  • Solar Panels
  • Lawn Mowers

…and HUNDREDS of more items! Keep in mind, that this is a ONE day auction that begins December 9 at 11:00 AM and ends on December 10 at 11:00 AM so the bidding will be quicker than usual. To find out more about these auctions, such all the available lot’s you can bid on, bid deposits and and other information, click here to head to and subscribe for your FREE 3 day trial.

Surplus office supplies at a great price!

surplus officeWhen you have to make bulk purchase for your business you’re always on the lookout for a great deal. Here is a chance to get bulk amounts of essential office supplies at a crazy low price. This is a great example of a surplus auction where the buyer bought too much of certain product or products and wants to get rid of them quickly because they are just taking up space. There eagerness to rapidly get rid of excess goods is a great chance for you to step in and win big. This auction is for one lot of four different surplus items. The items are various printer cartridges, binders, computer bags, and engineering desk lamps. This auction is out of Oklohoma City, OK and has a current bid of just $20 with 2 bidders so far! Bidding closes at 10:17 Am Central Time (CT) on November 18th. If you want to see pictures of all the surplus items, and get a better idea of the amount of items on auction, or to find out about many more auctions going on all over America and Canada, head over to or you can click here to sign up for your FREE 3 day trial of our services!

Aluminum Boat Docks? Pfft, fuggeddaboudit! Wood is so in style these days.

boat dock


Forget Aluminum boat docks, when you’ve got this timeless vintage set of two wooden boat docks anything is possible! These docks are wood planked, with a sturdy steel trim. Underneath the handy dandy wooden panels is a nifty flotation device made of foam flotation units, with one on each side of the length of the dock. No ocean in your back yard? No problem! You can set up these two classic docks in any place that can fit two 25 foot by 8 foot wooden docks. Once you’ve found your ideal location, you can do oh so many things – you are limited just by your imagination! For example, you can wire up your docks with boat dock lighting and turn these former boat docks into a ridiculously cheap and efficient concert stage. You can tell us in the comments below if you can think of ANYONE who would not want that opportunity in their own back yard. These docks have been dry docked for ten years, with exposure to water and to the sun, so there is a most wonderfully rustic and vintage feel to them.These docks are sold as is, and will soon be owned by one super lucky buyer – will that fortunate person be you? That is for you to decide!The bidding begins at $25, an infinitesimal fraction of these docks’ true value. This auction closes on October the seventeenth at ten in the morning, Central Time (CT) which means that you have just under 20 hours to make this awesome asset your very own! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

Oh Dear, Is That John Deere? Get Your Old John Deere Tractors Here!

I will give a haircut to the lawn of the highest bidder! Please feed me your grass, I am very hungry. This vintage machine comes from a series of old John Deere Tractors that were manufactured between 1987 to 1994, as a part of the late 200 series. The standard source of power in this model is a 1 cylinder, 17 HorsePower air cooled Kawasaki FC540V engine, with 534 cc displacement. The bore / stroke is 3.5 by 3.4 inches. The air cleaner is designed as a dry element with foam pre-cleaner. The engine’s compression is 8.3:1, and the rated RPM is 3350. The starter is powered with 12 volts, and the machine’s oil capacity is 2.6 Quarts (2.5 liters). This specific John Deere Lawn Mower comes with a working lawn mower below the chassis, and runs well. The deck measures 48 inches, and the mower itself features a convenient Hydrostatic Drive with a single cylinder, 4 cycle engine. This machine is a great investment, and although it does not include a John Deere warranty, this machine is very likely to continue mowing strong for quite a while, as it has been doing for a great many years already. You can enjoy a John Deere landscape on yo0ur property with the help of this machine, regardless of whether you are working in your front yard, back yard, or even on a golf course. This machine features the standard John Deere lawn mower wheels that are sturdy and reliable in getting you and your mower wherever you need to go, and whenever you desire to do so. This mower includes each original John Deere lawnmower part, and is a pleasure to use, even on a daily basis.

The highest bid of the four bids to date on this John Deere 265 Lawn Mower is just $160, a fraction of its true value. This auction closes on October the fourteenth at 3:25 in the afternoon, Central Time (CT) which means that you have just over 5 days to make this awesome mower yours! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

This Deal Beats ANY Ford Crown Victoria Quotes

TO EXPERIENCE BEING AWESOME: 1) Print out vehicle image (300% zoom). 2) Print out photo of your face. 3) Tape your face onto vehicle image, as if you are sitting in the drivers seat. 4) pat yourself on the shoulder and feel awesome! * For bonus awesomeness add images of fireworks and attack helicopters to image. :)

Buy this car and keep on being awesome :)

Hey YOU!

YES, you!

You’re in luck!

Thanks to a local Crown Victoria police ford interceptor surplus sale,you can get this 2008 Ford sedan for pennies on the dollar. This ex-police vehicle is currently accepting bids starting at just $1000. Think about it, this can become your new ford Crown Victoria with practically no money out of your pocket! This 2008 version is much better than the 2007 ford Crown Victoria police interceptor, since it has less miles and newer parts.Another benefit of the 2008 Crown Vic is that you do not have to deal with the earlier fuel tank removal 1999 Crown Victoria issue.  This vehicle comes with Crown Victoria police car wheels, as well as the timeless classic Crown Victoria performance that has made this vehicle such a favorite throughout the years. You should take advantage of this extra special Crown ford sale,Victoria vehicle exclusive! This excellent vehicle is a 4 x 2, meaning that it is a vehicle with 4 wheels powered by 2 of those wheels, which means that it is a 2WD (two wheel drive) sedan. The powerful 4.6L v8 (eight cylinder) engine has a displacement of 4.6 liters. Please note that there are antenna holes drilled in the roof, as well as holes drilled in the front doors (interior and exterior), and also in the bumpers. The wires are cut under the hood, and the horn is inoperable. passenger visor cup is broken, right high beam inoperable (but no need for any work on the Crown Ford Victoria assembly parking light). The battery is not as strong as it used to be, from bumper is cracked, and car paint is slightly peeling. Since this surplus Crown Victoria is selling for so cheap, the cost of the vehicle is minimal, even once you include the work that needs to be done. This vehicle is great for a low cost commuter vehicle (with the incredibly comfortable seats), or as an affordable taxi vehicle. This car is also perfect for a first time drivers vehicle, as it is strong, solid, and super soft on the insides! This auction ends on the eighth of September, at ten past noon Central Time (12:10 PM, CT). This means that you, the lucky winner of this auction, have only four days and just over 23 hours to make this 2008 4.6L V8 Ford Crown Victoria yours! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

Used Computer Hardware Parts To Quick Cash In Three Easy Steps

Open Me Up And Sell My Parts :)

Step 1: Buy this lot of 30 used laptops


Step 2: Sell the computer hardware parts individually


Step 3: Roll around in the cash you earned by selling online computer parts


With just under 4 hours left in the auction at the time of this post, you have the chance to be the lucky winner of 30 pre owned laptops. This laptop wholesale lot comes from a government surplus auction, and consists of a great many assorted laptops of assorted makes and models. Please note that the hard drives have been removed from all of these laptops, and some of these laptops may need additional repairs. This auction is not for those seeking a cheap used laptop, but rather for those who are interested in making a big bucket of cash selling the hundreds of original like new and used parts from these 30 low cost laptops. Your cost is so low that one relatively cheap laptop used for selling spare parts online can earn you more than the original device would have cost you, even if you were to buy it in brand new condition! This lot includes a wade range of laptops. Most, if not all of the computer parts laptop parts and miscellaneous hardware in these thirty used laptops for sale are re-sellable, and will help their seller bring home some serious money very quickly. There may even be some potential gaming computer parts in these devices, which would sell in an instant due to the high demand on gaming parts due to the heavy use of such devices.

Bottom line is, we want you to make some quick cash now. Selling online is a cinch if you buy your products at very low prices, and have half a clue as to what you’re doing.  This auction ends on the Twenty Eighth of August, at 4:35 PM Central Time. As of the time of this post, there remain but 0 Days and 3.5 Hours until you are the proud owner of this unbelievably great deal on 30 laptops loaded up with many salable parts!For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

King Of The Vacuums – Shop Vacuums And More Today!

Clean Up Your Conscience And Buy This Vacuum!It is a little known fact that a vacuum burns many calories. Unfortunately, those calories are burned by the vacuum itself as it consumes energy and converts electricity and friction to heat, thus burning the aforementioned calories. On the plus side, hard floor vacuums like this one are now all on vacuum cleance, with many products such as commercial vacuum cleaners for sale. If you are trying to find out why there is not not enough vacuum for brakes in your car, or are perhaps seeking a vacuum buying guide, there is but one thing we can tell you. Perhaps you are looking online because you saw a vacuum cleaners commercial announcing new industrial vacuum cleaners for sale, or because you are in need of heavy duty vacuum cleaners to replace your hard floor vacuum cleaners for home cleaning in the spring. Regardless of what you are seeking, this central vacuum sale is better than anything you will ever find in a vacuum cleaners store. This nifty device can do anything! You want a tow behind leaf vacuum cleaner? Done. Looking for a fully loaded with accessories vacuum cleaner? Done. Whichever way you look at it, the only choice when you want to shop vacuum cleaner accessories, supplies, and devices – your best bet is to come to our site and find local deals in your area. There are many millions of government auction deals going on in the United States of America as well as in Canada all day, every day. You’ve got to be blind not to see these amazing deals being offered every day, and even if you can see, the beauty of government auction prices will blind you!

As an added extra, included in this deal is a Clayton brake cleaning machine, a vacuum unit, miscellaneous floor scrubbers and shop vacuums (aprx. 5), Hild and Mastercraft Floor Scrubbers, etc. This auction ends on the First of September, at 4:12 PM Central Time. As of the time of this post, there remain but 4 Days and 3 Hours until you are the proud owner of this awesome vacuum cleaner with its accessories!For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!