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This Deal Beats ANY Ford Crown Victoria Quotes

TO EXPERIENCE BEING AWESOME: 1) Print out vehicle image (300% zoom). 2) Print out photo of your face. 3) Tape your face onto vehicle image, as if you are sitting in the drivers seat. 4) pat yourself on the shoulder and feel awesome! * For bonus awesomeness add images of fireworks and attack helicopters to image. :)

Buy this car and keep on being awesome :)

Hey YOU!

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Thanks to a local Crown Victoria police ford interceptor surplus sale,you can get this 2008 Ford sedan for pennies on the dollar. This ex-police vehicle is currently accepting bids starting at just $1000. Think about it, this can become your new ford Crown Victoria with practically no money out of your pocket! This 2008 version is much better than the 2007 ford Crown Victoria police interceptor, since it has less miles and newer parts.Another benefit of the 2008 Crown Vic is that you do not have to deal with the earlier fuel tank removal 1999 Crown Victoria issue.  This vehicle comes with Crown Victoria police car wheels, as well as the timeless classic Crown Victoria performance that has made this vehicle such a favorite throughout the years. You should take advantage of this extra special Crown ford sale,Victoria vehicle exclusive! This excellent vehicle is a 4 x 2, meaning that it is a vehicle with 4 wheels powered by 2 of those wheels, which means that it is a 2WD (two wheel drive) sedan. The powerful 4.6L v8 (eight cylinder) engine has a displacement of 4.6 liters. Please note that there are antenna holes drilled in the roof, as well as holes drilled in the front doors (interior and exterior), and also in the bumpers. The wires are cut under the hood, and the horn is inoperable. passenger visor cup is broken, right high beam inoperable (but no need for any work on the Crown Ford Victoria assembly parking light). The battery is not as strong as it used to be, from bumper is cracked, and car paint is slightly peeling. Since this surplus Crown Victoria is selling for so cheap, the cost of the vehicle is minimal, even once you include the work that needs to be done. This vehicle is great for a low cost commuter vehicle (with the incredibly comfortable seats), or as an affordable taxi vehicle. This car is also perfect for a first time drivers vehicle, as it is strong, solid, and super soft on the insides! This auction ends on the eighth of September, at ten past noon Central Time (12:10 PM, CT). This means that you, the lucky winner of this auction, have only four days and just over 23 hours to make this 2008 4.6L V8 Ford Crown Victoria yours! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial today!