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Mobility Scooters: Straight NASA

MobScootThis current online auction is for some Mobility Scooters. Scooters are a great way to get around and when you do then you know you would be traveling in style. That style does not come easy to most, but to you that style would be like you were born with it. These scooters provide comfortable seating and a basket for you to put your goods in. You can crank these up on the sidewalks and everyone would get out of your way. Don’t want to walk? Take a scooter. Don’t want to skateboard? Take a scooter. Don’t want to run? Take a scooter! You will be glad you did! Once you are on the road with these items, the world will be yours. This auction will end soon. The cool part of this auction is that you can get these scooters at a real deal. Find out more about this item and about many other government auctions by activating your free trial account now.

Two Dell GX280 Desktop Computers: Abacus No More

Two Dell GX280 Desktop ComputersDell makes a pretty excellent computer and if you want more than your bargaining for then you should check out this current online auction for Two Dell GX280 Desktop Computers. Dell makes a very user friendly and easy to upgrade PC. These machines would need a whole new setup and once you get them hooked up and running, you could have your own personal base of operations. With these machines you could surf the net, download music, download movies, watch everything, play games, do work, download programs, and much more. These computers are located in the good old USA and you can definitely get a great deal on them. This auction will be over soon and you need to know that you can still get it. Find out more about this current online auction and about many other government auctions by activating your free trial right now.

Ford 535 Backhoe: Dig A Hole

Ford 535 BackhoeThis Ford 535 Backhoe is currently up for online auction and can be yours soon. If you own a construction company and need some new equipment, then this would be your main attraction. You can ride in this back hoe, scoop up the dirt, move the dirt, race other back hoes, and really get tons of work done without wasting precious manpower. This backhoe would also be a great item if your job is to rent out equipment. This item is located in the continental United States and can definitely come in handy when you need to do some digging in your backyard. This item would also be great if you are a farmer and need to till the land! It would be a great tool to ride around in, and you can even take it on the road with you. It looks like it is in great shape. Find out more about this item and about many other government auctions by activating your free trial right now!

2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse: Call Arms

mustangMitsubishi makes a wide range of cars. If you are looking for one of your own, then you should check out this current online auction for a 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse. This car can provide you with a great way to get around town. You never have to wait for a bus and or cab ever again. Your days or walking are over. Way over. With this car you can experience all of the vehicular things you have always thought about doing. Your dreams will literally become your reality as you hop into the drovers seat of this fine import. You can deck it out any way you choose and can probably modify it to have it ready for the big race. Just don’t let Fonzie catch you in his tool box. That guy has rage issues! Find out more about this car and many other cars by activating your free trial account right now.

Nintendo Wii Video Game System: Get Yours Now!

NintendoWiiSystemNintendo has a habit of making  family friendly video game systems that have entertained and enlightened us for generations. If you haven’t jumped on the Wii bandwagon yet, now is your chance to get your very own Nintendo Wii Video Game System. This revolutionary system comes new in box with console, controller, and one game. The live auction for this item will take place next week in Miami, Florida and you would have your chance to get not only this item, but others as well. You can easily hook up this console to any TV and enjoy many games wirelessly as well as watch movies, download videos, and immerse yourself in the legendary world of Nintendo. With this live auction you could probably score this system lower than its retail price. Find out all about this item by clicking here.

2003 Ford F150 Truck: Rugged Enough For Any Job!

FordF150aIf you are looking for a large truck for you to do some heavy duty work then look no further than this 2003 Ford F150 Truck that is currently up for an online auction in the state of Texas. This large pickup features a 4.6 liter 8 cylinder engine, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, and has about  77,477 miles. You can use this truck for more than construction. Within the confines of this vehicle you could transport your friends and family and create a veritable party wagon. The current bid on this item is only $3,550 with the auction ending on May 13. You can find out all about this vehicle and many other government auctions by activating your free trial here.