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You Can Build And Refurbish Anything With These Abrasive Materials!

5_9_17 Abrasive MaterialsAre you someone that loves to build and refurbish furniture and other items? Are you a builder who is looking to add on to their tools and equipment? Well, listen up because you are going to really like this auction! This auction consists of abrasive materials to include 1 each 3M P60, 60 grit, coars sandpaper, approximate 9″ X 11″ 8 sheets; 1 each 3M P80, 80 grit, coarse sandpaper, approximate 9″ X 11″: 6 sheets; 1 each 3M Pro-Pak, 150 grit (fine) sandpaper, 9″X 11″, 15 sheets; 1 each Norton premium, 80 grit (coarse) sandpaper, 9″X11″, 2 sheets; 1 each Norton premium, 80 grit (coarse) sandpaper, 9″ X 11″, 12 sheets, 1 each Norton Premium, 100 grit (medium) sandpaper, 9″X11″, 28 sheets; 1 each 3M Sandblaster Pro, 400 grit (very fine) sandpaper, 9″X11″, 31 sheets; 1 each 3M Pro-Pak sanding sponges, medium grit, 2 sponges; 1 each Porter cable sanding pad, and 1 Festool sanding pad. If you would like to inspect these abrasive materials in person before deciding whether or not to place a bid, then you must contact the custodian ahead of time to schedule an appointment. This auction is located in Anchorage, Alaska, and the closing time is on May 15 at 8:55 pm central time. At the moment, the starting bid is $7 and there has not been a bidder yet, so make sure to be the first one! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.


Expand your workshop with this super cheap lathe!

The lathe is an integral piece in a workshop and is used to machine a large variety of products. Baseball bats, pens, jewelry, and bowls are all things that can easily be made with a lathe; as you can see, it is quite a useful and versatile tool. Basically, it works along the same principle of many large tools. Rather than bringing the raw material to the tool, you bring the tool to the raw material allowing you to create more symmetrical pieces and create many products that all look exactly the same. This specific model is a gap bed lathe, sometimes referred to as an ‘extension-type’ lathe. This means that for all intents and purposes it is like a normal lathe, but has the added benefit that it can be adjusted to machine larger work pieces. It can be moved horizontally to accommodate longer pieces and vertically to accommodate wider pieces. A similar ‘Goodway’ model GW-1660 lathe, can be found online costing thousands of dollars, from $4,400 and up. By comparison, this lathe is currently bidding at little more than $1,000 dollars! At a 75% discount on the lowest used price that showed up online, this is quite a find! The winning bidder will have to arrange transport from Salt Lake City, UT and place their bid before December 26 at 10:00 AM (CT), but if you can do that head over and place your bid! To find more about, or to bid on this auction click here to subscribe to www.GovernmentAuctions.org and receive your FREE 3 day trial!

The construction staple and toy for your inner child!

loaderThe skid steer loader is the constant companion of every construction site. It is the object of children’s dreams as they gape open mouthed at the machine as it tears down houses, transports immeasurably heavy items and literally moves earth . Not only is it the standard piece of construction equipment, it can be used in any measure of scenarios. Whether to maintain your large outdoor property,  you’re a landscaper who needs the extra power for your bigger jobs, or you’re a full time construction firm that could use some more equipment, this auction is worth a look. This 2002 John Deere 240 Skid Steer is being auctioned with a current bid of $11,102 more than $10,000 below even the normal used price for another example of one of these. With an overall Height and Width (including the bucket attachment) of 10.5 ft. x 5.3 ft. this machine is versatile and agile, and equipped with a 3 cylinder, 53 horsepower, John Deere engine it is up for the jobs sent its way. The auction for this useful tool is out of Laramie, WY and closes at November 12, at 11:13 AM Central Time (CT). It is operable but looks like it may have been sitting for a while so it may have slight aesthetic defects. To look up this auction or to find out about countless other great auctions click here to head to www.GovernmentAuctions.org and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial!

2001 John Deere Dozer, Model 550H: No Dozin’ On the Job!

dozerIf you’re in the market for a dozer and don’t feel like spending an arm and a leg on one, then you’re in luck! Now up for online auction is this 2001 John Deere Dozer, Model 550H (VIN: T0550HX894502). This dozer sports a 4 cylinder engine, 80 horsepower engine, real auxiliary plumbing, single lever control, deluxe vinyl suspended seat, arched limb risers, Rops canopy, front and side screen doors, and approximately 2100 hours of use. The item appears to be in good condition with no stated defects. All potential bidders are encouraged to preview this item before bidding and the winning bidder will be responsible for the item’s removal. The current asking price for it is just 1 day, 23 hours, and 6 minutes, so click here now to find out all about it before it’s gone forever!



1998 New Holland Tractor With Alamo Boom: Get Stuff Done

tractorsHave a look at this next deal for a recently declared surplus 1998 New Holland Tractor with Alamo Boom Ax. If you’re searching for a tractor to help you get those big jobs done in no time, then this is definitely an auction worth checking out right now. This tractor is described to be in fair shape and still functions, however the Alamo box AX mower is non-operational. The mower deck was replaced about 5 years ago and the hydraulic hoses are in need of replacement again. The tractor’s tires also need to be replaced because they are a slow leak and are unable to hold air for long. It is strongly recommended that you preview this item in person before deciding to bid on it. The current asking price for it is at $3,325 with 14 online bids already placed. This auction ends in exactly 1 day, 3 hours, and 22 hours so if you want to learn more then hurry up and activate your free trial now!

Miscellaneous Wrenches, Saws, Hammers: Tools, Tools, and More Tools!

toolzLooking for a great deal on some tools? Well you’ve come to the right place because currently available for online bid through a popular government surplus website is this bulk auction consisting of a lot of miscellaneous tools. Just some of the tools included in the auction include 278 hacksaws, 420 hammers, 118 wooden hand saws, and 827 other assorted tools such as small tool hammers and ouch belts. There are approximately 4 pallets and 1 crate full of tools included in this auction. The current price for this bulk sale is $2,145 with 2 online bids already placed. The winning bidder of this online auction will be responsible for the removal of these items, so keep that in your mind prior to bidding. This deal ends in exactly 11 days, 5 hours, and 5 minutes so hurry up and click here in order to activate your 3 day free trial account right now!

CST Berger SAL-24KIT 24X Automatic Level with Adjustable Leg Tripod: Make Sure It’s Level!

cstAre you in need of an automatic level for your construction business? Well this CST Berger automatic level is definitely the right choice for accuracy, speed, and reliability. With CST Berger products, you get high-end technology and more than 125 years of experience and expertise. They’re a world leader in surveying equipment and accessories and it’s plain to see this in the quality of their products. This particular level handles homebuilding, road work, excavations, and more. It features all-weather, waterproof construction; a penta prism for even bubble viewing; and a top-mounted peep sight. This auction comes complete with everything you need to start leveling. That includes a SAL 24 level, hard carrying case, plumb bob, wrench, and adjusting pin. Want to find out more about this upcoming auction taking place in Pompano, Florida next week? If you do, then be sure to activate your 3 day free trial account first!

Cat Excavator: Dig Up Those Sites.

Cat EscavatorIf you are looking for a big time construction machine then you should check out this current online auction for a Cat Excavator. This excavator would come in handy if you owned a construction company and it was your job to lay the foundation for new buildings! This item is located in Washington state and can be picked up from the auction site. You should probably bring some kind of trailer or vehicle with wheels in order to move this device because you cannot simply take this machine on the road unless you’re like a couple blocks away, then it’s OK, or if your construction site is like RIGHT THERE. Cat is also a company that has made reliable construction equipment forever. The current bid on this item is only 20K with the auction ending very soon. Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by activating your free trial account now.

Dewalt 5 Tool Combo Kit: Super Combo Finisher!

5 Tool ComboThis Dewalt 5 Tool Combo Kit can be yours soon at an upcoming online auction! Dewalt makes an extremely fun and interesting tool kit because they put a love of love into their craft! These tools come new in box and when you assemble them they make one giant tool kind of like Devastator from Transformers or Carson Daily. No, we kid. They are five separate tools that do not attach but can be used in tandem with on another. This set includes a drill, a buzzsaw, another drill, and two other things that we aren’t quite sure what they do. Dewalt sure knows how to shape it up and ship it out. This would be a great set to have in order to do things around the house or if you are a contractor it would come in handy in a big way! You can find out more about this item and about many more government auctions imply by activating your free trial account right now!

1983 Toyota Forklift: You Can Do It!

1983 ForkliftThis 1983 Toyota Forklift can be yours soon at this current online auction. It is a very sweet investment for a lot of reasons. You can use this forklift for many tasks even if you aren’t a contractor or factory worker. It’s on the smaller side and can probably fit right in your backyard with a cover on it. You may have to tune this forklift up if you win the auction because it may need it. Expect to save a few bucks with this auction as well and the forklift does appear to be in good shape. It would allow you to move pallets from one place to another as well as temporarily move things out of thee way. Plus, you would be able to load heavy items into trucks. The current bid is only $5,005 with the auction ending soon. Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by activating your free trial account now!