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Bid on 7 great iPhones for 1 low price!

Apple is the undisputed ruler of the smartphone world and whether you love them or hate them, their iPhone will be around in a big way for a long time to come. One of the downsides to their clout in the industry is they have the power to price their phones how they like; and they sure do. An unlocked iPhone 6s starts at $649, and if you want a bigger screen or a bigger memory card, it quickly gets more expensive usually in multiples of $100! One alternative way to get the usefulness of the iPhone without the wallet-lightening downside is to buy a used, earlier model iPhone. While in the beginning of the smartphone wars, every new model launch came with huge jumps in functionality and usability, such as the iPhone 2 to the iPhone 3, in recent models the changes have gotten less and less pronounced. The “furthest back” iPhone that has the majority of the current iPhone’s basic functionality is probably the iPhone 4S. With a still great camera, Siri capability and Apples simple interface, there are still many people who are still happily using and relying on their 4S. For today auction, you can bid on 7 iPhone 4S’s that come equipped with cases and other accessories. Keep them for you and your family, or sell them for a quick profit of at least $100 each; either way, the current bid of $85 is quite a steal. Check out this auction and place your bid before the 10:30 AM (CT) January 11th end date and cash in on this great find! For more amazing auctions like this, click here to head over to www.GovernmentAuctions.org and receive your FREE 3 day trial!

Apple iPhone 4S: It’s All The Rage!

iPhone4This upcoming online auction is for an Apple iPhone 4S! This phone is a revolutionary piece of technology and brought the world that voice you cannot live without; Siri. This phone comes new in its original box and can be yours when you bid to win. You could probably save a few bucks on this phone especially since the iPhone 5 just made its debut. This phone is not outdated at all and can still be a boon to your existence. This phone can not only take calls and send texts but it can snap phones, let you download and untold number of apps, stream music, movies, download content right to your phone, email, surf the web, plan your day, week, month, and much more. You would never need a map again because this phone has a good built in GPS that will take you anywhere you need to go. You can save some money on this item too. Find out more about this item and about many more auctions by clicking here.