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Save The Day!

Have you ever wondered what to do if you needed to help an elderly loved one at home escape down the stairs from a large fire or medical emergency? Well these Evac Plus chairs are here to extinguish your worries and help save the day! This auction has one lot that consists of seven quality manufactured and handled evacuation chairs. The chairs are in blue color so that they can be easily spotted in the dark. The Evac chair is the perfect solution and simple way to equip an at home escalator. Keep in mind that these chairs could have missing parts and may be in need of repairs, so if you would like to inspect them in person before deciding to place your bid, then you will need to contact the custodian ahead of time to make an appointment. This auction is located in Edwards, California, and the closing time is on February 15 at 4:00 pm central time. Right now the current bid price is $200 and there have been 4 bidders so far, so make sure that you are the very next one and be a hero! For any further information, simply  click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial.


This Auction Can Help You Save A Life!

mannequinAre you a doctor, paramedic, firefighter, nurse, teacher, or medical instructor that is passionate about teaching people how to save lives? Are you always looking for new equipment and supplies to add to your teaching arsenal? Well, look no further because this auction is just what you need! This auction consists of a Resusci Anne Torso mannequin that is perfect for teaching people how to do CPR and how to operate an AED. Whether you are in the medical profession, an emergency first responder, or just an ordinary civilian, you never know when an emergency can occur. If you are trained an prepared, then you may one day end up saving the life of a friend, family member, or stranger and become a hero yourself! This mannequin has some missing parts and needs repairs, so it is encouraged to inspect it before placing your bid. In order to inspect this mannequin, you must contact the custodian to schedule an appointment ahead of time. This auction is located in Perry Point, Maryland, and the closing time is on March 20 at 5:14 pm central time. Right now, the starting bid is only $15, and there have not been any bidders yet. For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial.


Nationwide Sale Unclaimed or Abandoned Merchandise

On Wednesday February 17 at 11am a huge online auction begins. The auction is a huge nationwide sale of merchandise that was unclaimed and/or abandoned at port sites! There are 36 different lots of goods being auctioned off and it is quite and exciting group of deals! From leather jackets, footwear, imitation jewelry, and leather sandals, to Scion hoods and trunks, gasoline drill hammers, aircraft parts and ball pen ink, there is quite an eclectic group of items up for sale! Some neat highlights from the auction are a really nice looking 2007 Mercedes Benz that looks like it was abandoned by its owner starting at just 1 dollar and some expensive medical equipment also starting a a super low $1. These type of abandoned merchandise auctions are a great chance to get great deals on good stuff that was left behind by its owner. Each lot is like another hidden gem filled with great stuff. This auction ends Thursday February 18 at 11am (all times listed are in Eastern Time) and then it is no more. Check out all the other lots up for auction and place your bid by clicking here to head over to and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial!

Large assortment of Lab Equipment, for one low bid!

Online auctions are great opportunities to bid on what I like to call, “grab bag” deals. This means that you can bid on a large assortment of great stuff that are grouped together, and get all of them for one great price! Today’s grab bag auction includes 11 different laboratory equipment and supplies. Specifically;
  • 1 Microscope, Model #1820, Manufactured by ‘Reichert-Jung’
  • 1 Freezing Apparatus Limb (Freezer), Model: 40C-Biocool II, Manufactured by ‘Industrial’
  • 1 Microplate Reader, Model #ELX800, Manufactured by ‘Biotel’
  • 1 Fluorometer, Model: Cytoflour, Manufactured by ‘Hoefner’
  • 1 Analytical Balance, Model: AT-261 Manufactured by ‘Mettler’
  • 1 Stir Plate, Model #1000, Manufactured by ‘Thermolyne’
  • 1 Balance, Model: AE260, Manufactured by ‘Mettle’
  • 1 Nucleic Acid Prep Station, Model #6100, Manufactured by ‘Applied Biosystems’
  • 1 Bacteriological Incubator, Model:Shaker, Manufactured by ‘Labline’
  • 1 Digital Waterbath, Model W22, Manufactured by ‘Anova’
  • 1 Homogenizer, Model: PX 16440A, Manufactured by ‘Daigger’

As you see there is quite an assortment of high quality equipment you can bid on all at once. Not only is this grab bag deal full of great products, the price is ridiculously low for this Baton Rouge, LA based auction! Currently, there are 5 bidders with a highest bid of just 107 dollars! If interested, make sure to place your bid before the December 23rd 6:36 PM Central Time (CT) end time. If you want to get high quality pictures of all the different equipment, or to bid on this auction, click here to subscribe to and receive your FREE 3 day trial!!

Fade or Remove Old Tattoos!

We all make mistakes, but usually we have the chance to change and overcome it. One thing that no matter how much you change always stays with you, is a tattoo. Every tattoo is a story, whether good or bad and sometimes you want to erase that story. Well, if that is the case, then the Candela Laser Tattoo Removal system is for you! Up for auction is the well known and widely used ALEX TriVantage model and currently is over tens of thousands of dollars below normal used prices. This is a 2012 model, but a 2010 model listed online is going for over $17,000 while this newer version starts at just $3,500! Equipped with amazing technologies, it can help fade an old tattoo and in some cases erase it all together! Currently there are no bidders yet so you can be the first to put your bid down on this. It should be noted that there are some service issues and it may need some repair. The auction is based out of Richmond VA and closes on December 15 at 12:00 Noon Central Time (CT). For more information about this auction, or to search thousands of others click here to subscribe to and receive a FREE 3 day trial.

Scooting along in style.

scooterThis Merits S235 mobility scooter is a great little scooter at a great price. Although it has been used, besides for not coming equipped with a power chord which can be easily replaced online, it doesn’t look like it has any issues that some paper towels and a bottle of Lysol can’t fix. The 4 MPH maximum speed limit keeps road rage to a minimum helping the driver stay safe with a manageable top speed. With compact dimensions of 44″ (L) X 23″ (W) X 34.5″ (H) and a surprisingly small 27″ turning radius this mobility scooter is truly mobile and maneuverable and with its 2, built in 12V batteries, it hums along for a long ranged 15 miles before requiring a recharge. If you want a stat that will impress your friends, you can tell them that this scooter is equipped with intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes! Besides for the great stats, it also has a great current bid price of just 100$ more than a thousand dollars below the price for a new one. This Springfield, VA auction ends October 23, at 10:01 AM Central Time (CT) so head over and place your bid before it’s too late. For any more information, you can simply click here to subscribe to which comes with a FREE 3 day trial!

Doctors Office, Doctor not included.

DentalThink fast because this deal is ending soon and it really is a steal! If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own small doctors office, but get a headache just thinking about the equipment start up costs, then this deal may be just what you need to take the next step! Right now the highest bid is just 511$ for these 3 examination tables in good condition, that’s how much 63 boxes of tongue depressors cost, or just 21 boxes per chair. Hey, you decide which you’d rather have! There are some requirements to bid on this great offer that you should keep in mind. They ask that you only bid if you are able to pay before 10/23/15 but at this low price it shouldn’t be an issue. The removal-by date is 11/04/15 from Albuquerque, NM so if you plan on driving down in your old jalopy pickup truck from Maine to pick them up, this may be a deal breaker for you. You are also responsible for the loading, packing and removal of them. As of now, with around 21 hours remaining there are only 4 bidders and the cost is just 511$ so jump on this deal now before bidding closes, tomorrow 10/21 at 10:32 AM CT. For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

Be The Next Hero And Own This 2000 Ford Ambulance!

W1QSCI15186001Does the hospital that you work for need another ambulance? Does your fire department of EMS station need a new piece of apparatus? Well now is the perfect opportunity to acquire this 2000 Ford E450 type III Ambulance! This ambulance comes equipped with 3 speed automatic with overdrive, 4 wheel drive, 8 cylinder, 7.3 liter power stroke turbo diesel, 5 door, air conditioning, 16 inch aluminum rims with lockout hubs for 4X4, all terrain tires, AM/FM radio, anti-lock brakes, crew cab, dual wheels, extended cab, fabric interior, intermittent wipers, power breaks, power steering, power windows, and towing package. There are some minor scratches and visual blemishes, but otherwise it is in very good condition. And with only 57,247 miles on it, you’re sure to get great use out of it on your long journey ahead. The location of this ambulance is in Mount Weather, Virginia. The auction ends in 2 days, 21 hours on August 14 at 2:00pm, Central Time. Three bidders have already turned on their sirens and placed a bid. The current price now stands at $5,150USD. Make sure that you and your team are the next ones to bid and secure your chances at being heroes! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial.


Lot of Medical Equipment: Medical Surplus On The Cheap!

scootCheck out today’s first auction deal of the day consisting of a massive lot of various medical equipment. This auction perfect for anyone looking to flip these items for a profit and is made up of everything from cushions to motorized scooters. Just some of the goods included in the sale are: seven Drive Medical (Active Care) Spitfire Wheel Compact Scooters, Two Drive Medical (Active Care), Spitfire 1410 4-Wheel Scooters, One Guardian Easy Care 2000 wheelchair, One Drive Go Light Bariatric Steel Rollator Wheelchair, Seventy-Nine Drive Medical Adjustable Universal Rear Anti-Tipper, Two Drive Medical Adult Deluxe Folding Walkers, One Drive Medical General Use Back Cushion w/Lumbar Support 18″ x 17″, Two Drive Medical General Use Back Cushion w/Lumbar Support 18″ x 17″, Six Drive Medical Grab Bar, One Drive Offset Handle Aluminum Cane, One First Quality Prevail Fluff Absorbent Underpad 23″ x 36″ (Case of 150) One Gem Care Bath Bench w/out Back, Approximately Seven Gem Care Canes, One Gem Care Plastic Transfer Bench, Five Invacare Heavy Duty Shower Chairs w/Backrest, One Invacare Overnight Underpants, One Invacare Premium Briefs in Medium (80 per case), Approximately Ten Invacare Supply Group Sleep Overs Disposable Pants (15 per package/10 packages), and basically a ton of other medical items that would take a long time to list. For a complete listing and to find out more about this online auction, simply click here to activate your 3 day free trial account. The current asking price for this bulk sale is just $15,353 with just 3 days, 22 hours, and 30 minutes remaining!