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Pro-Form 1200 Elliptical: Get Fit!

pro-form 1200Do you want that ripped beach body, but hate paying an insane amount of money for a gym membership? Do your fees keep getting pumped up, but your muscles don’t? Well, fear not, the answer is here: The Pro-Form 1200 Elliptical. With this outstanding piece of fitness equipment, one could see that gym membership bill vanish from their monthly statement–and in conjunction, shed pounds or tone up your body. This full-body exercise machine has endless amounts of different workouts; so you will never get bored with the same routine. This elliptical is ready to be bid on and taken home at a live auction in the NY metro area on September 1. Get there early and you might come away with that summer body that you’ve always dreamed of. To get more details on this item, click here for you free trial.