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2 Racing Bikes and Lots of Accessories: Start Training For the Tour de France!

bikesThe Tour De France may be over, but now is the perfect time to prepare and get in shape for the next one! Fortunately, this next auction will help you get there. This online surplus auction is for 2 professional sport bikes: a Trek Madone 5.2 and an Ibis Mojo. The Madone is a carbon fiber bike upgraded and including a Campanola Road group set consisting of a crank, derailers, shifters, and brakes. The bikes measures 23″ in length from the base of the seat tube to the top. The Ibis Mojo racing bike also comes with accessories such as a Cycleops fluid bike trainer and a Cycleops aluminum roller trainer. The Ibis measures 21″ in length from the base to the top of the seat tube. Both bikes appear to be in good condition with no visible damage. The current price for this auction is $2,375 with 10 online bids already placed and roughly 9 days left to bid, so hurry up and activate your free trial account now to find out more about it!