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Operating A Bulldozer Efficiently: Get Your Hands On This Caterpillar!

dozerOperating A Bulldozer Efficiently could be a pretty cool side gig if you manage to land one. This current online auction is for a Caterpillar Bulldozer that is located in New Mexico. This giant sized industrial vehicle can seriously aid you in your construction pursuits. You can excavate foundations and do all kinds of crazy work with this machine. This Caterpillar is a larger than life vehicle. It can move over a hundred tons of dirt and clear a path for the rest of your machines to come in. It is located in New Mexico and we are pretty sure that you can’t have it shipped to where you are. You may have to go down there and drive it off the lot. This heavy piece of machinery would be ideal for a construction company that is in the vicinity and needs some new equipment and fast! The current bid on this item is only $2,025 with the auction ending tomorrow. You can find out more by clicking here.