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You’ll Be Safe With This Auction!

Have you been looking to purchase a safe to store away your important belongings at home or at the office? Well then your search just might be over because this lot is featuring a Meilink Thermosafe in mint condition! This dark grey safe is only slightly used and has little to no damages. Another great quality this safe has is that its portable, which allows you to use it wherever needed. This item can also be taken with you on vacation and help keep your personal belongings safe when you’re out traveling.  A new safe can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars but if you bid on this auction today you can get this safe for a steal! If you would like to inspect this safe in person before deciding whether or not to place a bid then you must contact the custodian ahead of time to schedule an appointment. This auction is located in Charleston, West Virginia, and the closing time is on May 31 at 5:03 p.m central time. Right now, the current bid is $50 USD and there have been 4 bidders so far, so make sure that you become the very next one to win this auction! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.



Brinks Fire Safe: Keep It Cool

Brinks SafeIf you have some items that you would like to keep protected in case of an emergency then you should check out this upcoming online auction for a Brinks Fire Safe. This safe would be a great way to keep those precious items out of harms way and in one piece. This fire safe would be a great way to get your deeds, jewelry, small collectibles, and more protected from home invasion, theft, fire, or what have you. This safe is located in the state of New Jersey and can be used for any number of reasons. You could even keep it in your car or actually keep safe a home security device like a gun or taser. When a burglar yells “Don’t taze me bro!” they would have thought twice about  busting in and ruining your night’s sleep. You can probably save a few bucks on this item as well. Find out more about this safe and about many more items by activating your free trial now.