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Bid On Unclaimed Property Including Jewellery!

Government auctions for unclaimed property can be an amazing way to score a great deal. This can include all sorts of items from office furniture to even great vehicles. This can even include collectibles and valuables such as jewelry. This is what this current auction is for, Jewellery. UNCLAIMED PROPERTY INCLUDING: SIZE 8 SILVER COLORED TURQUOIS RING; WHITE STONE RING; GOLD COLORED BRACELET WITH WHITE STONES; WATCH; CRYSTAL NECKLACE; CROSS NECKLACE WITH GRANITE STONE; 1 HOOP EARRING WITH WHITE STONES; 1 EARRING WITH CHOCOLATE STONES AND WHITE STONES; SIZE 9/10 SILVER COLORED BAND RING; CRESCENT MOON WITH DARK AND WHITE STONES; SILVER COLORED NECKLACE WITH WHITE STONES; SILVER COLORED NECKLACE WITH WHITE TONE; SIZE 6/7 RING WITH RED AND WHITE STONES; AND SMALL RING WITH GREEN AND WHITE STONES. Inspection of all items prior to bidding and/or purchasing is of course always highly recommended. This auction is located in Keystone, Sout Dakota and the closing time is on 03/15/2024 04:22 PM CT. Right now, the current bid is $10.00 USD and there has been 1 bidders so far. Act soon as you definitely do not want to miss this amazing deal! Start saving today! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.