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2 3 Wheeled Scooters: Get There.

Three Wheeled ScootersIf you are looking for a great way to get around the streets then you should check out this current online auction for a lot of Two 3-Wheeled Scooters. These scooters look as if they are in great shape and would be a great asset to you if you may have some trouble getting around. These scooters are located in Illinois and can be picked up at the auction site. They would make a great gift for that elderly person in your life or that lazy person in your life that has managed to work their way into your heart. Come on down and bid on these scooters right now. One is red and the other is black. If you get a bunch more with the same color scheme, you could play a crazy game of scooter checkers. The current bid on these machines is $25 with the auction ending next week. You can find out more about this auction and about many more by activating your free trial account right now.