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100 Playstation 3 Games: WOW WOW WOW

Lot of 100 PS3 GamesIf you own a Sony Playstation 3 and love to game then you should indeed check out this upcoming live auction for a huge lot of 100 Playstation 3 Games! The PS3 has a huge library of games and many of them are some of the best games you will ever play in your entire life. This lot of games is located in the Sunshine State of Florida and can be picked up right when you win. You could save yourself a huge wad of cash if you bid on these items like this and save a ton of money especially if you were thinking of buying 100 games separately. This way, you can just sell of what you don’t want and be done with it completely. This would be the greatest present for any gamers birthday because it’s a lot of 100 games! Find out more about this lot and about many more auctions by activating your free trial now.

Sony Playstation 3 For Sale: Game Forever!

Fat PS3This upcoming online auction is for a Sony Playstation 3 For Sale! This is one of those meaty older large fat ones and it has a hard drive of about 40G. This machine may even play PS2 games as some of the PS3 models were backward compatible. This machine is new in box and can be yours extremely soon. This Playstation 3 consoles would allow you play all of your favorite games as well as all the game on PS3′s massive library. You could even download full games online from the Playstation store as well as movies or music. You could even search the web, watch videos, chat with other people, and be fully immersed in a social gaming platform. You can save yourself a pretty penny with this auction and rock and roll forever. Find out more by clicking here.

Playstation 3 Video Game Bundle: Game On!

PS3 BundleThis upcoming online auction is for a Playstation 3 Video Game Bundle! This bundle is located in the state of California and can be picked up or shipped out when the time is right. By time is right we mean when you win this illustrious online auction. This PS3 bundle is actually new in original box and is from a few years ago, which should have no bearing on the system working at all. This may even be one of those PS3s that are backwards compatible and that is cool beans all across the board. This bundle actually comes with the system as well as a blu ray of Click starring Adam Sandler and of Transformers: The Movie starring Optimus Prime. You could probably get a very excellent deal on this bundle and will not be sorry. Find out more here.

Playstation 3: All You Need

PS32This Sony Playstation 3 can be yours when you want to bid on something incredible for your home or office. This machine does it all except make you breakfast. You could use it for video games. The Sony PS3 library is completely massive and stacked with amazing award winning games, exclusive games, and games that will rock your world for hours one end. Not only can you play video games but you can watch your favorite DVDs and Blu Rays. You could even hook up a hard drive full of content to this machine and enjoy even more media. Download games, music, game add-ons, TV shows, and much more with this device. The possibilities for entertainment are limitless and you could soar to new heights of anti-boredom. Find out more about this item and about many more auctions by clicking here to activate your free trial.

Playstation Move PS3 Peripheral Package: Interactive!

Playstation MoveThis upcoming online auction is for a Playstation Move PS3 Peripheral Package. This package includes the Playstation Move which is new in box, a wand, camera, and game. This package has all you need to hook up to your PS3 and start gaming interactively and in style! The Sony Playstation 3 is a great hub for all of your entertainment needs and this modern marvel of a peripheral just adds to the great quality of the product. This device will let you integrate hands on gameplay with a lot of games available in the stunning PS3 library! You will have lots of fun with this device and it would be great for your family and friends. With this auction you could expect to save a lot of money as well plus you would be in good hands with this patented technology! Have no fear THE MOVE is here! Find out more about this item and about many more by activating your free trial now!

Grand Theft Auto 4 For PS3: Hey, It’s Niko!

GTA 4They say that the Grand Theft Auto games promote violence. Sure, they do. They promote awesome unrealistic cartoon violence that is so over the top that it could never cross over into reality. You now have the chance to bid on this new copy of Grand Theft Auto 4 For The PS3. This game follows refugee Niko Bellic as he completes missions and blows stuff up! Remember, it’s not really the video games fault for your kids’ bad attitude. It’s your attitude as a parent. This is not a game for 5 year-olds who cannot distinguish between fact and fiction. It does have a Mature rating so that should clue you in on who should technically be playing this game. However, it is a very fun game and would make a great gift. You could probably save yourself a few bucks by buying this game in this fashion! Find out more about this game and about many other fun items by activating your free trial now!

Sony Playstation 3 Video Game System: Get Your Game On!

Sony Playstation 3This new in box Sony Playstation 3 Video Game System can be yours soon at an online auction! The PS3 would basically be like a super gaming computer for your living room. This is the older version of the system but it still packs the same punch. Some of these older systems are actually backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1 games, so you might get lucky! Not only can you play games, but you can stream content, download games, download movies or TV shows, surf the net, watch blu ray movies, attach a ton of peripherals, and above all have fun! Sony makes an excellent product and this game system can last you for a very long time if you took care of it and maintained it properly. It comes with a controller and everything you need to plug and play out the box. Find out more about this item and many other government auctions by activating your free trial now.

Sony Playstation 3 Slim Model: Get To Gaming!

PS3 Slim SystemThis Sony Playstation 3 will be up for online auction coming up soon. All this gaming glory can be yours and much more when you win this auction. You can not only play their stellar selection of games, but you can also load this baby up with your favorite Blu-Rays and watch some great flicks from the comfort of your own home. Sony makes a ton of great home electronics and when you plug this in to your TV you will see exactly why Sony is a brand you can trust no matter what. You can hook this PS3 up and enjoy streaming content as well as downloading movies, game content, talking to people online, playing games in a community. You can probably get this item at a great deal and it looks like it comes very new as well! Find out more about this auction and about many other items by activating your free trial account right now.

Sony Playstation 3 Game System: Just In Time For Your Days Off!

ps3fatThe Sony Playstation 3 is a tremendous game system. It delivers on more than just a gaming level. It delivers on a complete home entertainment level the likes of which you have never seen! Gaming is a great past time and with this system you will not only be able to game but you could do much much more like play movies, cds, dvds, blu rays, steam content, download games, play more games, watch TV, and so much more. Sony makes a ton of different electronics and this system would come in handy on those snow days, rainy days, sunny days, sad days, happy days, most days, Tuesdays, and birthdays. This is an older version of the PS3, but rest assured knowing that it can handle everything. You will find tons of games that you will love in this massive library. You can find out more about this item and many other items of entertainment by activating your free trial account right now.

Playstation 3: Gaming At Its Finest!

ps3 sportCheck it out people…the holiday season is coming around the corner, and you want to make sure that your kids aren’t left out when they are playing games with their buddies. Owning the latest and greatest video game systems can be a terrible thing for your finances. But not with these seized government auctions. Up for sale is an awesome PlayStation Move Sports Champion: Sony, 320GB system! This bad boy is still in the box and should be good to go right out of the package. Your kid is going to be so damn excited when he or she sees this that their head might explode! Want to place a bid? Check out the online auction that is starting on Nov 15. Want more details–click here for all the extra info!