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Salad Bar: Don’t Forget Your Sneeze Guard

saladbarIf you are in the restaurant business, perhaps a restauranteur, you could surely be able to use this Salad Bar. This metal contraption would be able to store some cold salads or fixins’ at any place that you can think of setting up. This item is located in Puerto Rico and can probably be shipped out to wherever you are. Or you can swim to Puerto Rico, fight some sharks, kiss a mermaid,  then walk up onto land, fend off pirates, pick up the salad bar, use it as a boat, get to shore, fight more pirates, hitch a ride to your restaurant, and start rocking and rolling. This salad bar can be used for many different reasons and if you need it for your new franchise that would just mean you save some hard earned cash. The current bid on this item is only $510 with the auction ending today! You need to get your act together if you want to have an adventure. You need to find out about this item and many other government auctions right here.