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1994 Cadillac Hearse: Post Life Style

Caddy HearseThis 1994 Cadillac Hearse can be yours soon at this upcoming live auction. Cadillac is known as one of the world’s foremost brands of luxury cars. Their cars are roomy and spectacular and it’s no wonder that this vehicle was created to usher someone to their final resting place because it would be done in that inimitable Cadillac style. This hearse is located in the state of Georgia and can be yours when you win. This hearse would probably save you a pretty penny and looks like it is in pretty excellent shape. If you owned a funeral service then this would be a no brainer to pick up at this auction. If you like customizing old and unique cars then this would be a great item for you to buy and tinker with. Find out more by clicking here.

2008 Cadillac Escalade Truck: Four On The Floor For You!

2008 Cadillac Escalade TruckIf you want to look good while hauling around the whole family then you should check out this current online auction for this 2008 Cadillac Escalade Truck. This Escalade looks like it is in great shape and would be a great ride to get you wherever you need to go! It is located in Georgia and can be shipped out to you with no problem at all. Cadillac is known for making very luxurious automobiles and when you set foot in this bad boy then you will feel the baller status over taking your body. This truck would make a great road trip car because of all the room and perks inside. Plus, it looks like it is in pretty excellent shape as well. Also, you can probably save pretty big on this car as well! The current bid on this truck is only 16K with the auction ending next week. Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by activating your free trial account now!