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20 Hot Weather Boots: Use Them Well

hot weather bootsThis current online auction is for 20 Hot Weather Boots. These boots are located in the state of Texas and can be picked up or shipped out right to you when you win. This lot of boots would be a great way to keep your feet breathing in the hot summer weather. It’s almost winter now but it is always better to plan ahead and think about the upcoming seasons because you never know how the weather will affect you and your area. These would also be great inventory for you if you ran a shoe store or clothing store. They are all new in original boxes plus they are all tan in color. These boots would be a great way to keep your feet covered with a breathable rugged exterior that would last you as long as you took care of them. Check out more here.

50 Pairs Of Extreme Cold Weather Boots: Watch Your Step

extreme coldThis lot of 30 Pairs Of Extreme Cold Weather Boots is up for online auction starting now! These boots would protect you from the extreme cold and as you wear them you would be rest assured that you would be able to make it to the top of the mountain. These boots are located in Pennsylvania and can be shipped right to your location once you win the auction. These come in size 9 and 10 and would fit most people smoothly. These are great for some inventory at an Army Navy store and you would definitely please some customers with these. Boots are always a good thing to have in stock once the winter time comes and if you own a store. Even if you don’t own a storefront, you can always resell these online or gift them out to your family and friends. The current bid on this item is only $135 with the auction ending this week. Find out more here.