2002 Harley Davidson: Hop On It!

harley 2002Cruise the country on this hog and view the picturesque wonders that this great nation has to offer. Up for auction today is  beastly 2002 Harley Davidson VRSCA V-ROD. This bike has approximately 7,097 miles on it. The chrome on this motorcycle shines wonderfully in the sun. All you need to do is fill the tank up and then put her into first gear; then hit the road. If you want a chance to bid on this item, you will need to check out the online auction. This auction ends in just under two days and the current bid is only $5,252. Bikes this beautiful don’t come around that often at this type of price. If you want to find out more, click here and activate today.

CB Radio: Turn On And Tune In!

cb radioCB radios can be a great source of information for many professions. Volunteer firefighters, journalists, and meteorologists all use CB radios to gain new information on events that current and events that might happen to future. Even if you want to take it up as a new hobby, it could offer hours of entertainment. This auction contains one Midland CB radio. This radio is perfect for weather tracking. It also comes with charger and microphone. This item comes in its original packaging. If you want an opportunity to check this item out or bid on it, you will have to look at the online auction. The auction ends it six days and the current bid is $15. Want all the details? Head to GovernmentAuctions.org and you will have all the information you need on this item and many more.

Coin Change Machines: Can Anyone Break A Five?

change machinesDo you own an arcade or parking lot? Well, if you do, these items are sure to be something you need to check out. This auction contains three coin changing machines. These are easy to use and can be moved around for optimal usage. One machine is for changing one dollar and five dollar bills, and the others are for ones through twenties. Even if you don’t plan on using these assets, you could easily sell them on the resale market and earn a great profit. These machines are available to bid on through an online auction. The bidding closes on the first of October, and the current bid is only $100. If you want all the extra information on this lot, you will have to click here and activate your free trial account.

Work Station: Your Computer Now Has A Home

computer deskDon’t let your laptop overheat on your lap and burn your thighs. You also don’t want to have your computer tower laying on the floor collecting dust. This auction is answer to both of these problems. Up for your bidding pleasure is a wooden computer work station. This item has plenty of room for your work space. You can place a computer, printer, and lamp in the allotted area. This desk would be great for any situation–work, dorming, or a business. This item is available via online auction. There is just over one day left to make any bids. Don’t miss out on this great offer. Click here and head to GovernmentAuctions.org for your free trial today.

Recorders: Have Everything On File

recordersIf you have a growing business, or have solid company that needs to record important information, this is the auction for you. Tape records have been used for years and years, and are still used in everyday businesses. This auctions contains a lot of four BM246 tape recorders. These recorders have multiple functions and can be extremely useful to any company–especially one that has a lot of notes that need to be taken down. These assets are available through an online auction that ends in two days. The current bid is $113. There are already a few people bidding and watching this item. Throw your hat in the ring and see if you can come away with a great deal. For more info, click here.

2004 Cadillac Escalade: Bigger Is Better!

cadillac escSoar above everyone else on the road. Be the captain of the highway and the sultan of the steering wheel. This item can turn you into every one of those things. Up for auction today is a 2004 Cadillac Escalade. This pearl white beauty is as big as it gets. It comes fully loaded with power everything, CD player/radio, tinted windows, and security system. The mileage on this truck is 80,475. That number leaves you with plenty of life left in the vehicle. The car itself is available through an online auction. The current bid is at $7,500. You could come away with quite a steal here. Want more details? Come and check out GovernmentAuctions.org and find out more.

Multiple Cabinets: Find A Place;Don’t Clutter Up Your Place.

oak cabinetCabinets of all shapes and sizes can be very price at a retail store.If you are in need of one or a few cabinets, this is a perfect auction for you. This oak cabinet is huge! It measurements are 68×35. That is plenty of space for any piece of electronic equipment or a clothing storage area. This lot also comes with multiple filing cabinets for any precious documents you need to store in case of an emergency. There are different sizes for different rooms. This lot is available only through an online auction. The current bid is only at $10! There is only three days left for you to check this deal out. If you want the details on where and when to bid, click here and activate your free trial account.

Diamond Ring: It Doesn’t Get Classier!

gold and ruby ringGold, diamonds, and rubies will always be a lethal combination for a magnificent piece of jewelery. This auction if for a ring that is just that. This ring is 14-karat gold set with 20 round diamonds and 9 baguette rubies. Give your lady this ring, and she will be yours forever. The sheer gratitude that one who receives this item will be so overwhelming that you will have to ask them to stop. This item is available through an online auction. The current bid for this ring is $340. Closing time for this auction will be in just over two weeks. Don’t let this deal pass you by. You will surely regret missing the chance at owning this asset. Head over to GovernmentAuctions.org and check it out.

Glass Sculpture: Art Is Everything And Anything

glass sculptureHave your domain scream culture. If you like to have conversational pieces in your home, then this is the perfect auction for you. This auction contains a contemporary H-Studio multicolored rock table sculpture. This amazing piece of artwork measures 40″ x 12″ [including base]. The base signed by the artist, Haziza. Not many pieces like this come up for auction very often. So you need to hop on this deal while it’s still around. This item is available to bid on via online auction. The current bid is a super-low $25.  There is just over to two weeks left to put a bid down on this asset…so keep it bookmarked. If you want more details or pictures of this item, just click here and activate your free trial account today.

50 Pairs Of Desert Boots: Rugged And Durable

dessert bootsThese shoes? These shoes? Yes, these shoes–and 50 of them. Boots are in right now. Every shoe store in the country has put out a new line of boots. These are no exception. These Deserts Boots have that old school classic feel to them. These assets are hot-weather dessert boots. The color is a rich tan similar to sand. You might be saying to yourself…I really don’t need 50 pairs. Though you might not every pair, you could actually keep a few and sell the rest for a great profit. These items are available through an online auction. The bidding ends in just over three days and the current bid is only $232. Want to make a bid? Click here and you could have these for yourself.