Office Chairs: Please, Take a Seat!

24 chairsStarting a new business can be brutal on the CEO or president. There are hundreds of goals you need to accomplish and you are always going to be stressed. Though, that is why you hire people for help. And when the help gets to your office, they are going to need somewhere to sit. That’s where we come in. Up for sale right now is one lot containing 24 office chairs. These vary in color and look to be in perfect condition. Now, you will never have to worry about purchasing another chair in your office for a very long time. This lot can only be purchased through an online auction that is ending in three days. The current bis is only $10. Wow–what a steal! Want more info–simply click here!

Nikon SLR Camera Body: It’s A Start!

SLRIf you are really into photography and actually taking professional looking pictures, you need to have the right camera for the job. These dinky little 8 megapixel cameras are just not cutting it anymore. Want the real deal? Check out this great Nikon Digital SLR camera body! You will need to purchase a lens that is suitable for the photos that you want to take–but this is a great start. These SLR bodies are normally hundreds–if not thousands of dollars. You might snag this for well under market value. This item can only be won at an online auction that is ending in five days from now. The current bid is only $25! If you want to throw down a bid on this baby you are going to have to check out this link at

Ping Pong Table: You Play to Win The Game!

pingIf you want to have excitement and enjoyment in your home all day long you need to do more than plop down in front of the TV all day. Many people enjoy a great sporting activity to pass the time. With this next auction item you will get all that and more! Up for sale is a nice ping pong table. This item may need repairs, but it looks to be in great condition. Place this bad boy in the center of your basement–or man cave–and you will have countless hours of fun! This item can only be bid through an online auction that is going on right now. The current bis is only $10 and you could come away with a fantastic deal! Want more details? Just click here for more details.

American Eagle Gold Coin: Rich With Pride!

50 goldSome pundits say that if you want to survive this economic downfall then you should invest heavily into gold and silver. This is not a new trend, but in recent years, people have been hording as much of these precious metals as they can. Wanna get your hands on some? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Up for auction right now is one 2010 $50 American Eagle Gold Coin. This looks to be in fantastic condition and could either go into your vast coin collection–or it could be used for monetary backup when things get crazy. Either way, you need to check out this online auction to place a bid. If you want to know more about this item, you need to check out for more info.

Dolce & Gabbana Belt: Hold Up Your Trousers With Style!

D&G beltEver run out of the house and about six blocks down the road you realize that your pants are sagging. Yeah…it’s happened to everyone–so don’t deny it. Everyone needs a belt. But, some need an extra special type of belt. Up for auction right now is this very fashionable Dolce & Gabbana belt. This is a pretty little number that you can own if you just check out the online auction that is going on right now! All you gotta do is throw your bid out there and if you’re the highest bidder when the clock strikes triple zero you will be the winner! After that, you can throw this nice belt around your waist and prevent your pants from scraping the bottom of the sidewalk. Want all the extra info? Simply click here and check it out!

Breitling Watch: Oozing With Swagger!

breitling classThe next time someone asks you about your swagger, all you gotta do is pull your arm sleeve up a bit and show them your super classy Breitling watch. Once they see it, their lips will shut and they will internally explode with jealousy. Now that you’re interested, here are the details. Up for sale is this Gents Breitling Datora Montbrilliant Globa watch. You probably won’t see a sleeker male watch in a long time. This baby is vintage and should be treated as such. You gotta really take care of a beauty like this–and after you own a watch this nice, you will have a whole new respect for watch collectors. Want more details? Well, just click here and check it out.

Gents Rolex: With All The Bells And Whistles!

rolex watchFellas, you know how people say that the watch makes the man. Well, they weren’t lying about that. People can spot a gorgeous watch from miles away. It can be a topic of conversation and it could even help you get that promotion you’ve been waiting for. But…I’m sure you know this all already. So, here is the auction that will change your world. Up for sale is this Gents Rolex Daytona Cosmograph Watch. This 18KY beauty has KY Stationary Bezel, Gold Dial, Dots and Sticks Hour Markings, 38 mm Case, Stainless Steel Oyster Link Bracelet w/ Hollow Ends, Center Folding Clasp. You won’t find a prettier watch if you searched up and down 5th Avenue! You want to details on this hot item? Simply click here to find out much more!

Gold Bracelet: This Thing Is Wild!

crazy braceletYou wanna get you lovely lady something crazy and cool for this holiday season? Stop getting her those silly gift baskets or writing her phony massage coupons. You need to step it up there years with something awesome! Look no further people. Up for auction right now is this 18KY Rhodium Plated Diamond Cut Floral Design Bracelet. This piece looks to be in fantastic condition and any outgoing woman would want this wrapped around her wrist. All her friends will be insanely jealous and she will smile every time she sees it. Do you want to get a piece of that action? If so, you just need to check out for all the details.

Wireless HP Printer: The Future Of Printing!

hp wirelessHave you ever had to write a 20 page paper, then pull an all-nighter, and then finally realize that you don’t have to right cable to connect your laptop to your printer? Real bummer, huh? Well, all that can change in the matter of moments. Right now, you can bid on this awesome HP OfficeJet 450 Wireless Printer. This is the future of all printing. You can be in your bed and finish up an essay and print from the wireless printer in your basement! Think of all the possibilities. If you like what you see here, and want to place a bid on this sealed item, then you need to check out the online auction today! Click here for all the extra details!

Playstation 3: Gaming At Its Finest!

ps3 sportCheck it out people…the holiday season is coming around the corner, and you want to make sure that your kids aren’t left out when they are playing games with their buddies. Owning the latest and greatest video game systems can be a terrible thing for your finances. But not with these seized government auctions. Up for sale is an awesome PlayStation Move Sports Champion: Sony, 320GB system! This bad boy is still in the box and should be good to go right out of the package. Your kid is going to be so damn excited when he or she sees this that their head might explode! Want to place a bid? Check out the online auction that is starting on Nov 15. Want more details–click here for all the extra info!