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1995 Dry Van Trailer: America!

Big American TrailerThis 1995 Dry Van Trailer can be yours after you win it at this current online auction. This trailer can be hooked up to any big rig and can be taken across the country to drop off your precious cargo. This trailer is located in Virginia and can most certainly be a great fit for you and yours. If you ran your own shipping company then this is one item that you should have in stock. It would allow you to transport large items safely and securely. Also, if you had a big property this would be a great way to have some extra storage for your home or office. You could probably even turn this into a mobile office! The current bid on this trailer is only $1,103 with the auction ending very soon. You can find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by activating your free trial account.

American Eagle Gold Coin: Rich With Pride!

50 goldSome pundits say that if you want to survive this economic downfall then you should invest heavily into gold and silver. This is not a new trend, but in recent years, people have been hording as much of these precious metals as they can. Wanna get your hands on some? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Up for auction right now is one 2010 $50 American Eagle Gold Coin. This looks to be in fantastic condition and could either go into your vast coin collection–or it could be used for monetary backup when things get crazy. Either way, you need to check out this online auction to place a bid. If you want to know more about this item, you need to check out GovernmentAuctions.org for more info.

Bushnell America: Check Out These Binoculars!

bushnocWelcome to Bushnell America. This is a place where you can get top quality Bushnell Products at a reasonable price! That is what we would say if we were trying to lead you to this upcoming online auction for a pair of Bushnell Binoculars. Wait. We are trying to lead you to the place where you can bid online on these Bushnell Binoculars! These peepers would let you see things up close but from a distance. They would be great for hunting, peeping, bird watching, and much more. However, we don’t condone at least one of those things. It’s up to you to decide which. You can also save your self some hard earned dough if you bid on this auction, plus you would be getting a carrying case for extra secret peeping, we mean bird watching! These binoculars would make a perfect gift for the survivalist you know as well. Who doesn’t want to see stuff that’s far away but without moving? Click here for more information!

The Personal Handwritten Journals Of The Unabomber: Experience The Madness

unajournalTed Kaczynski was caught in the mid nineties by the authorities for the heinous crimes he committed under the Unabomber moniker. He was a plague to our society and wanted the world to tremble at his presence. Now that he is silenced and locked away for the rest of his life, the government is auctioning off his personal belongings. The proceeds will go to the victims families. Now, the item here that you could possibly bid on are the Unabomber’s personal handwritten journals. They are now up for online auction. These journals are located in Georgia and can be yours soon. This is a hot item that will go for a higher price for those aficionados of the morbid or American true crime stories. Some of these items should be put in a museum. The current bid on this lot of handwritten journals is only $3,325 with the auction ending soon. You can find out about all these items and many more by activating your free trial right here.

Cold Food Truck: Keeping Your Goods Crisp & Cool

cold food truckOwning a business that serves food could be a very profitable means of income. Serving cold food could be a tough task if you don’t have the right equipment. This item will help you serve cold food buffet style. Up for auction today is a lot containing two cold food trucks. These are from the manufacturer Caddy Corp of American. These items were both operable when taken out of service…though repairs might be required. These items are only available through an online auction. There is only one day left to make a bid on these great assets. The current bid on this auction is $125. Make sure you keep an eye on this one. For more info, just click here to activate your free trial account.