Gucci Loafers: Dress For Success

loafersIf you’re a man, sometimes making a good impression using your sense of style can be difficult. For one, you might not have much of a sense of style. You may still be rockin’ those pair of Levi’s from ’98. For those of you lacking style, we’re here to help you out a bit. You can improve your current footwear by checking out these very snazzy pair of Gucci loafers. They go up for live auction in just a few weeks. We know what you’re thinking! Gucci? Loafers?! Yep — we’re serious, these things are hot! Not only will they tell people you’re stylish, but they’ll also say that you just don’t have the luxury or time for lace-ups (you’re a busy guy afterall). Normally retailing for a couple of hundred bucks, expect to pay a fraction of that if you attend this upcoming auction. To find out more about this and other stylish footwear, simply click here to register for your 3 day free trial.