Samsung PL120 Digital Camera: A Ideal Everyday Camera

pl120Next up on the auction block is this Samsung PL120 digital camera. This camera has DualView 14.2 megapixels as well as LCD viewfinders on both the front and rear of the camera, making it easy for anyone to take great self-portraits in addition to setting up other shots clearly. The PL120 shoots HD video too, and its digital image stabilization creates clear, blur-free photos, while its Smart Auto 2.0 technology automatically optimizes settings for pictures and video in any type of lighting. By using its facial detection feature, this camera will detect and adjust the lighting on up to nine different faces at a time. It will automatically take a shot when subjects laugh or smile, and at the same time will prohibit a shot from happening if someone’s eyes are closed. Pretty neat, huh? We thought so too! Anyway, this camera will be going up for live auction at the end of this money in Pompano Beach, Florida so if you’d like to find out more we strongly suggest you click here to activate your 3 day trial account.